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  1. Everything looks good so far. I should be able to get out hunting by the end of june. I'll post when that happens.
  2. I'll be heading back down next month permanently. I'm picking up a Z on my way out to supplement my gb2 and my AT pro. I'll let you know how it goes. Probably late June or July I'll start posting from the Southern Andes. Been researching Ecuador for 2 years and I am pretty confidant in my findings. The good thing is that most gold producing areas have never seen a detector and the villagers and herders are friendly and welcoming in my area of focus. My jump off point has only been visited by 3 gringos in the past several years and none of them had a machine like mine, a gb2. Many ask me why Ecuador? 1...I am tired of pinhead nuggets and trash. 2...I found more gold in one month down there than any year or two combined in the USA. 3...The USA has become a place I no longer enjoy living. 4...I fell in love with the rural people and their culture. Off to another adventure. Teddy
  3. Hey Frank, are you still in Ecuador. I'm moving down in the next few months. Teddy
  4. I like your strategy. Saves back work of digging. That's my new setup for Ecuador
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