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  1. Pretty cool technology for sure. I've seen several programs with Josh Hodgets on the Travel Channel using this technology to penetrate through jungles and other overgrown areas, and it's incredible what it's able to uncover. Unfortunately California and Nevada don't seem to be making use, or at least sharing any lidar data they may have.
  2. Dan you landed a great permission, congrats, love that pile of silver with the walker in the center !!
  3. Called my usual dealer, Backwoods, and no eta at all on when he'll get them. Anyone know any dealers to check with? TIA! Cal
  4. Cal_Cobra

    Anyone Know Where I Can Get The 6" Coil?

    Thanks guys, I'll start checking those dealers. Hoping I might be able to get one before the end of the month to test out at the Tonopah dumps....perfect place to try it out 🙂
  5. Cal_Cobra

    My First Roman Silver With The Nox

    Nice dig! Love Field2 !!
  6. Cal_Cobra

    Question Related To Pairing Nox With Iphone

    Yes all good, but that was the question asked.
  7. Cal_Cobra

    Question Related To Pairing Nox With Iphone

    Sure, but have you ever paired your phone to your EQ600, not the headphones/hearing aids?
  8. Cal_Cobra

    Some Manta Tidbits

    He's a beta field tester for Fisher. He's based in France, where the detector was developed and has been testing it since it's original inception if I'm not mistaking.
  9. Hey there Andy! There's a chap in the UK that makes a detecting GPS app, aren't those detecting GPS apps better then a stand-alone Garmin handheld GPS? HH, Cal
  10. Cal_Cobra

    Amazing Find!

    Nice hunting! I take it that was a fresh water beach? GL&HH, Cal
  11. Cal_Cobra

    Rock Hound Books Give Away

    I wonder if my grandmother didn't have any articles in one of those magazines. She was an avid rock hound, it was her life really, and she was the president of the Boulder Busters rock hound group out of Sonoma, CA. She published a newsletter with the club, and I'm sure she likely submitted articles to the various periodicals.
  12. Cal_Cobra

    Who Digs All The Signals With Nox ?

    Depends on the site for me. Most relic sites I try to dig it all, but if I'm at a site that has a high number of small arms shells, at some point during the day I may start cherry picking. Will be interesting to see how the EQ800 does at some of my good relic sites this fall.
  13. Cal_Cobra

    Software Update Under Progress

    Great if they do, but still detects well either way.
  14. Cal_Cobra

    3 Rings On The Beach With 6 Inch Coil!

    Nice report and congrats on the finds!! Once nice thing about the small coil is you can crank up the sensitivity, so for a small coil it'll likely do OK in the depth dept.
  15. I generally stick to September (even that can be iffy) thru May. Sometimes you can luck out with ok weather during the usually hot months, but we've always got the 108+ degree stuff when we've done July -August trips.
  16. Cal_Cobra

    1st Specimen With White's 24K

    That nug is a thing of beauty, congrats !!
  17. I've detected in Nevada (both northern and southern) during July and August and, it sucks. Damn near gave me heat stroke once. Don't know why, but about every five years I have to give it another go, and surprise, surprise, it still sucks!! haha
  18. So the 13+ signals are typically hot rocks in the desert?
  19. A buddy of mine dug an 1829 gold sovereign at an site that we researched in California. Many old coins from the early 1800's to the early 1900's were found there, great place to detect, but drying up. I cannot wait to take the Equinox there, should be able to sniff out something good IMO.
  20. Cal_Cobra

    Pistol Dig & Help ID

    That's interesting. I guess I should've researched them better, I've always been under the impression (mostly from other detectorists) that the rimfires we find at the relic sites we hit were indicative of mid 1800's or older sites. I think the "Henry's" rimfires we find are old, but I haven't really researched it much.
  21. Cal_Cobra

    Pistol Dig & Help ID

    I should of specified in larger calibers, but yeah the peashooters are still rimfires.
  22. Cal_Cobra

    Pistol Dig & Help ID

    Glad you were able to ID the pistol, that's cool. I have to say though, I'm surprised that rimfires were still being made/sold in the 1880's, always figured they were a bit older.
  23. Cal_Cobra

    Pistol Dig & Help ID

    Cool find !! I've dug gun parts, but not a whole gun yet. GL&HH, Cal
  24. Cal_Cobra

    Equinox 6" Coil

    Yep I don't care about it until fall/winter, most of my sites are grassed in or too damn hot to detect until then.