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  1. Curious to hear everyone's thoughts about the "upgraded" shaft/rod system on the Manticore.
  2. Mouser has them in stock too: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Nordic-Semiconductor/NRF5340-DK?qs=T94vaHKWudSvpk%2Fi5MmNkA%3D%3D We used to have tons of electronics shops in Silicon Valley, but most are gone now. They were good for parts like this, and all the random stuff they acquired to sell. It was fun scavenging through Silicon Valleys scraps 🙂
  3. Did a small detecting excursion to the desert a few weeks ago and it was already approaching 100F. The ML105 wireless headphones were not the best headphones from a comfort perspective to wear in the heat, the ML85 wireless headphones would've been much cooler to wear. I'm not really an earbud enthusiast, so it'll be interesting to see what other options are out there for warmer weather detecting.
  4. Nice finds, like the gilt Navy button! The religious medallion marked 1830 would likely be the date sainthood was given versus the date the medallion was made.
  5. Nice job on the shiny! As an Eagle Scout, I think the scouting button is pretty cool, and definitely looks old.
  6. I haven't seen many used EQX800's for sale at all since they were released, so I guess people are [for the time being] holding on to them. Mine's not going anywhere anytime soon 🙂
  7. Stellar hunt, congrats on the gold coin! What a site you guys have!
  8. It's interesting in that our colonial era history just barely touches yours. We get gilt flat buttons, but never seen anyone dig a shoe buckle. Awesome finds, you guys saved some nice history!
  9. I sure hope so Tom! Need some new detecting ground in NV haha
  10. That's the most similar hit that came up when I tried to find it too, not sure if it's accurate as I don't think I found one exactly the same, but close. They were really lost if it's German 🙂
  11. It is a bit of a conundrum, but a welcome find! We're still kicking, just haven't had an overly exciting hunts for a while. Hope you're getting out El 👍
  12. Not this time, trying to figure out the Manticore 🤔
  13. Thanks for your excellent review and videos. I'm learning my Manticore and so far no "ah ha" moments, but I have a lot to learn. I do like the ATLC better than the ATHC so far.
  14. And all I got was this buckle! Okay there's other finds, mostly rim-fires and the usual common relicky finds. Interesting site, unfortunately a couple of our hunts where shorter than anticipated due to equipment issues or other desert challenges haha Hopefully @Tom_in_CA will share his finds too, he made some epic token finds 🐍
  15. Looks like a good place to dig a gold coin 👍
  16. Way ahead of it's time IMHO. I forgot about the Deep Hunter module you could add to the CoinTrax module, brilliant design.
  17. Very cool. I could've brought home several scopes from a startup I worked at a few years ago that basically went belly up (fire sale acquisition). Did you print the case too? Nice little setup!
  18. Always wanted to play with one of these. There used to be a good site dedicated to these. What was the difference between their CoinTrax module and the GoldTrax module?
  19. You could look at it that way for just the Kruzer but the Multi Kruzer was more like the Impact. I had the Impact too, and loved it, but the MMK had all the modes I used on the Impact in a waterproof, lightweight, ergonomic S-rod format with a few easter eggs the Impact doesn't have.
  20. That's turned out to be my recipe as well for gilt buttons. Still experimenting on other objects.
  21. I haul my clad to the casino in Tonopah when we go, and use that as my seed money for their [tiny] casino for our stay. I'll wash off the dirt, but I don't tumble it (I've seen mixed results from tumbling). It usually keeps me away from the ATM 🙂 I know others that roll and deposit their annual clad harvest.
  22. Could be a button front, or maybe a Victorian era front to a broach, hat pin, or something stamped out. IMHO it's not mission period, I think Western era or later. Maybe @Tom_in_CA will take a peek.
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