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  1. On 4/8/2023 at 9:02 PM, SwiftSword said:

    On old copper I prefer a mechanical approach. I let them dry slowly to prevent the top layers from separating, and the I prep them the same way I prep fossils: with tiny tungsten needles and scrapers, under a microscope. It's very laborious, but I don't find that much old copper and I like doing it. The results speak gor themselves, I think.

    I guess it's the same effect as Andre Le Crayons, but on a more micro level eh?  It looks great compared to the before condition 😲

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  2. On 1/11/2023 at 2:21 AM, strick said:

    Yep at least with the 800 I knew when I got a 13 it was either a nickel or an ax head 🤣


    You could tell the difference, nickles (or gold rings) sounds sweet, the ax heads have a dull, dead sound to them.  I still dig them all though 😅

  3. Nice finds!  

    TomCA and I converted an electric weed eater to a bush whacker by swapping in a brush blade, looks like a big saw blade.  It works great!  We found a lost c. 1860'ish stage stop in the middle of the desert.  80% was under heavy sage brush growth, so we returned and cleared out small areas, and it paid off with a rare seated quarter, a rare 1829 English silver coin, and ultimately I found my first gold coin there, although it was on a deer trail.  That place is wall to wall sage brush, so there's tons more to detect if you can clear it out.  I keep hoping a wildfire will roll through there as there's absolutely nothing out there, but what a blessing that would be!

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  4. 39 minutes ago, phrunt said:

    I know a guy that bought an Invenio Pro, the detector its based off is very lacking and the technology is not even remotely valid for the price they're asking.


    In saying that, I applaud them for coming out with something different, albeit very over priced.  I don't think they should stop development, but perhaps not release another model until it's ready or dramatically lower the price.  Hopefully the imaging turns into something we all want to use someday and becomes a standard feature on detectors.


    I agree.  For me it's more of a curiosity with potential w/further development.  I like that they took the initiative to try something innovative.

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  5. On 6/17/2023 at 5:30 AM, Digalicious said:

    Invenio Pro - Nokta Detectors

    Invenio Metal Table

    The third image shows a coin about the diameter of a quarter. Is that enough resolution to distinguish between gold jewelry and aluminum trash? Or all trash for that matter?

    This is their second or maybe even third generation GPR like imaging machine, and while the price is becoming within reach (not much more than some high end PI detectors), it's just not there yet for me.  I would love to see what the Invenio Pro's screen looks like at a trashy park 🤠  Or better yet some of the stage stops or ghost town type sites we enjoy visiting.   Given the price differentiation between the Invenio Pro and their last model, I suspect the next generation model (if there is one, and I hope there is) will drop the price into a more affordable zone, maybe the price of a 3030, and it'll be better at imaging as well as a more condensed package (maybe the collector will be built into the detector by then?).

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  6. On 5/13/2023 at 10:45 AM, Chase Goldman said:

    Not out of the question, but you are probably better off just purchasing a Nordic nrf5340 Dev Kit for about 50 bucks (Google it) then adding power, headphone jack and charge input, then fashioning a purpose built homebrew case for that, rather than cannibalizing your $150 Headphones and hoping the electronics/power/battery fit and can be wired up to the WM-08 jack similar to the Wi-Stream board.  But that's just me.

    Mouser has them in stock too:  https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Nordic-Semiconductor/NRF5340-DK?qs=T94vaHKWudSvpk%2Fi5MmNkA%3D%3D

    We used to have tons of electronics shops in Silicon Valley, but most are gone now.   They were good for parts like this, and all the random stuff they acquired to sell.  It was fun scavenging through Silicon Valleys scraps 🙂

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  7. Did a small detecting excursion to the desert a few weeks ago and it was already approaching 100F. The ML105 wireless headphones were not the best headphones from a comfort perspective to wear in the heat, the ML85 wireless headphones would've been much cooler to wear.  I'm not really an earbud enthusiast, so it'll be interesting to see what other options are out there for warmer weather detecting.

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  8. On 5/13/2023 at 11:11 AM, EL NINO77 said:

    Rutus produces detectors that have excellent detection properties, and can unmask and detect new targets even in heavily pre-detected areas...-as an Atrex tester, I have experienced this many times.. ...and this detector found me other good targets..

      ..This detector can also provide correct VDI targets and a plot of the signal on the hodograph graph, which is very helpful in correctly identifying the target ... and Dual mode/mix mode/ works very well when eminating unsolicited targets such as various large iron or aluminum foil because you have a very good idea of the size of the target and the strength of the signal....and the detector will not be fooled by larger ferous targets...like a detector with only one dynamic channel...

    The advantage of the Rutus is that the detector screen can provide enough information to detect and identify the target... and not just a simple VDI number of the target as in the case of other detectors... and I use THAT very often in my practical detection... and I often prefer this one detector before others...

    ATREX -12cm CC coil.jpg

    Nice to see Monte's nail board test 👍

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  9. On 4/27/2023 at 8:42 AM, jasong said:

    I was just looking for a used 800 for cheap and actually I'm pretty surprised there doesn't seem to be much out there. Did all the 800's sell quick, or did a lot of people keep theirs?

    The only used ones I can find, I can get for about the same price new with a discount. 

    I haven't seen many used EQX800's for sale at all since they were released, so I guess people are [for the time being] holding on to them.  Mine's not going anywhere anytime soon 🙂

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