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  1. With the exception of educational tips and tricks type videos to better learn the settings and the new graph and whatnot, I've decided not to watch any further Manticore versus the D2 (or anything else for that matter) "test" videos as the proof will be in the pudding, and out here Minelab SMF machines have an excellent proven track record going back to the Explorers, and the D1 ended up being popular with some relic hunters as well.

    I have my Manticore order in, and when it comes out I'll test it myself, at my sites in my dirt.  Like dogodog said most of us have multiple machines, and for good reason.  I've always been of the opinion that all machines do things different, even coils, and as such they will all find things other machines may not.

    My hunt partner see things differently, he's of the opinion that a single machine can do it all.  He's been using his Explorer2 since it was new and is do dialed into it that he just sticks with it at 99% of the sites we hunt, although he finally broke down and bought a Deus1 (sadly not too long before the D2 came out, doh!).  He does fine with his Exp2, but I like to try different machines. 

    At a particular western frontier site I've enjoyed over the years that I started hunting with the F75 LTD which did okay in the beginning but it petered out.  Then I started taking the Makro Racer/Racer2/Multi Kruzer there and it really opened up, but after a few years started to die out again to the point that my hunt partner wouldn't even go with me anymore. 

    The Equinox completely opened the site up for me landing a very rare $1 US gold coin, a seated dime & half dime cache (19 coins total), several semi-key date seated dimes that weren't part of the seated dime cache, Phoenix buttons, early military and civilian buttons, trade silver, and other period relics.   We'll see what the Manticore brings to the table at a "hunted out" site.  I look forward to it's increased depth as I've located several silver coins that were at the fringe depth of what the machines were capable of (and missed by Tom's Explorer2 🙂  So no doubt there are a few stragglers that my current detectors simply cannot locate, and there's no shortage of iron of all sorts and other stuff.  Nice thing about this particular site is that the ground is pretty tame as far as mineralization goes, no EMI, so it could be the perfect recipe for the Manticores extra depth capabilities. 

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  2. On 9/26/2022 at 2:59 PM, Steve Herschbach said:

    I remember events going down differently than Tom does as regards that subject. He generally seems to forget he is just one small cog in a very large machine, and about the last person Minelab is going to consult with as regards gold nugget prospecting modes. Sure, he noted that Multi was stronger on gold than single frequency, but he sure was not the only one saying that, as he seems to assume.

    I also disagree with Tom's comments on the Equinox default modes, which are based on his use in low mineral ground, whereas the defaults are set for Australian and western U.S. conditions. It’s a fairly nice swipe at Nox users that nobody has been able to figure it out yet without his help…. but oh gosh because of that he is now going to help us poor rubes with Manticore.

    Unfortunately, Toms settings and depth commentary have always been at complete odds with my experiences in the west, with my depths running 2/3 to half what he gets. There are similar disconnects in his various observations about detectors over the years that don’t jive with my results, so frankly, I don’t think his commentary is extremely useful, unless you are a Florida beach hunter. Just my opinion though. Some people almost worship the guy as some kind of everywhere, all the time, detector guru, so maybe I’m missing something about it all. Just a kid with a high school degree myself, nowhere near being a NASA engineer. :smile: I defer to beach hunters when it come to beach hunting, relic hunters when it comes to relic hunting, and Aussies when it comes to what detectors do in their ground. Context and ground conditions are everything when it comes to detecting. Now doubt though that Tom is a guru in his ground, on his targets.

    Now, DanielTN has posted a lot on Tom’s, and that guy knows what detectors do in bad ground. It’s worth tracking down and reading his older stuff, as he was absent for quite some time, busy with other interests.

    Difficult at best for most of us to comment on most of what you've stated as we simply weren't involved in the behind the scenes stuff.

    I learned long ago that his inert Florida soil is akin to doing an air test for the most part, and as you stated has no translation into real world usage for those of us in areas with unlike soil conditions.  This was a realization I came to after using the F75 for many years, which is a great detector in the right conditions, but throw in ground mineralization and/or rust flakes which are common in most relic environs out west, and you have one handicapped detector.

    Personally I don't think he's trying to mislead anyone.  His heart's in the right place, his detecting experience and passion are almost second to none.  Steve, you and Tom D. hunt very different types of sites for the most part.  When you were sharing your test experiences with the Equinox, I followed you closely because many of the western sites I detect have very similar ground conditions to what you were dealing with, so for me it's a much more apples to apples comparison.  That said, I don't discount what he shares, but after two decades of reading his information, one certainly learns where to draw the line.

    His constant passion for moving the ball forward is seemingly focused mainly on EMI mitigation, better iron unmasking and of course increased depth.  I can't fault him for trying to move the ball forward in the detecting world.

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  3. 28 minutes ago, phrunt said:

    I don't know much about Tom D, is he a prospector?

    I wonder why they'd consider going back to a single frequency gold mode, most use multi for their gold hunting only dropping back to single when they have to usually due to EMI.  I find multi better for sure but I do use 40 or even 20 in high EMI areas especially under power lines.    If I could change anything in gold mode it'd be fixing up it's ability to handle hot rocks to be on par with the 24k which really balances them out well. it can cruise over hot rocks the Nox constantly reacts on and also I would try make it a bit less knock sensitive in high gain again, the 24k has no knock sensitivity at all where as the Nox is quite bump sensitive when cranked right up, not quite as bad as the GM though.  I doubt they can improve sensitivity, it's already fantastic but I'd never be upset if they did 🙂

    I'm sure they're saving the best of multi-IQ for the Gold Monster 2000 though possibly incorporating higher frequencies.  I don't think they expected the Nox to be as good as it is for prospecting and it quickly made the GM redundant for most people, not their usual tactic of keeping detectors far enough apart we want both 🙂  I just don't use my GM anymore, just as a pin pointer sometimes as I converted it to a tinyGM ®️ but other than that it spends its life in the cupboard as I can't think of any reason I'd use it over my Nox when looking for gold.

    My understanding is that originally they were going to release the Equinox with single freq gold modes, and Tom D. was able to get the SMF gold modes working to satisfaction.   While I don't think that Tom D. is as plugged into prospecting as say Steve H., he seems to be pretty well grounded in all aspects of metal detecting, and design. 

  4. I honestly thought Sun Ray went under years ago, but they're back with an announcement of a new Sun Ray inline probe for the Equinox.

    Code Name: Nexus
    We are proud to announce the unveiling of the Equinox NX-1.
    This is a resigned from the ground up in-line pin-pointer. This product is weatherproof( not waterproof), with a carbon fiber probe assembly.
    Retail price is 249.00



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  5. On 9/23/2022 at 7:32 AM, Jeff McClendon said:

    Apart from Steve's work on the Equinox, the Equinox was not aimed at gold prospectors either from the way it was introduced,  initially marketed and is still marketed today. This is why so many people still come to this forum just to ask or find out if the Gold Monster 1000 is the best VLF option of gold prospecting compared to other detectors. Most, don't even know about the Equinox unless they spend some time here.  

    My understanding is that Tom D. also had a big hand in the prospecting mode on the Equinox and his gold mode change was what delayed the release by several months.  If I recall correctly I think they were going to have a single freq gold mode, and he got them over the finish line with a SMF gold mode (two actually). 

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  6. 10 hours ago, phrunt said:

    I think it all comes down to junk levels, I can walk for 20 minutes on a beach and not find a target at all so using big coils makes sense there, same goes for my other grass locations, target density is the deciding factor, If I was getting multiple targets under the coil I'd prefer smaller coils but in general I can get away with using bigger coils fine with a target every few minutes of swinging and get the extra ground coverage and depth they provide.  My default Nox coil for park/beach was the 15x12" and my default CTX coil is the 17x13" for the same places. 

    I certainly understand people with high trash levels using smaller coils, I would be too.  After using the 17x13" a lot putting on the 11" feels tiny and you look at the wide open parkland and down at the little 11" coil and it's intimidating 🙂

    It's good they're releasing a 15x12" for the Mandible like the Nox but the fact they haven't released the 17x13" size for it has me hoping a new CTX is coming some day with the 17x13" size again.

    Totally understand.  Psychologically it's tough running the 6" coil on the EQX, feels like you're painting a 747 with a Q-tip, yet it works well for the right application.  

    At one of our old stage stop sites there's a sea of nails area that's been the most productive area, and as such, also the most heavily hit.  It was to the point where I'd stuck out on old coins for a couple of hunts, and I decided to try the 15" x 12" coil on the EQX800 and ended up digging three seated silver dimes in one hunt right in the sea of nails.  There were square nails in every hole I dug. 

    Counter intuitive to say the least.  

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  7. 11 hours ago, palzynski said:

    I agree . By far the mostly used coil in Europe ( or at least in France ) for inland hunting is the 9" coil ( or equivalent 10X8) , just because of this "ocean of iron" . The 11" is rather used in cleaner areas ( forrests etc ) .. Nobody uses bigger coils over here except beach hunters ..

    Pretty much the same story here in the U.S.  Maybe some field hunters on the east coast and beach hunters use giant coils, but even the Hoover Boys field hunting are using the stock coils on their machines (11" coils). 

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  8. 25 minutes ago, phrunt said:

    One thing they'll do is restrict coils, they'll do the 17x13" again for the next CTX version and stop the Mantiscone at 15x12".

    They use that technique with prospecting machines.  That might give the next gen CTX an edge over the Marrowbone on depth.

    Not sure I'd want to swing a 17x13" or I even could at most of the sites I hunt, but good point on the coils.  That would definitely factor into them controlling the coils. 

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  9. 18 minutes ago, phrunt said:

    Yup, it's a big wait and see, the gap between the Equinox and CTX is quite large on silver coins in mild soils, especially the very small silver coins.  It's also based upon the assumption they can't improve FBS2 to be FBS3 fixing up where FBS2 is lacking which appears to be recovery speed and difficult soils, neither are of a concern to me though.   In very mild soils the CTX is significantly better than the Equinox on silver I think. 

    Different soils definitely play a big part in what works for some and not others.  TomCA has tested the CTX vs the Exp2 and didn't see any difference in depth and the CTX looses the silver tinkle sound the Explorer/Etrac guys love.  At a particular remote site that TomCA and I hunt, he's hit it hard with his Exp2, and I've dug some deep silvers in areas I know he's covered with the Exp2, and when we've compared signals the Exp2 has never been deeper.   

    Maybe FBS3 will be a thing.  Minelab could always software throttle the next MIQ if they needed too to keep it underneath the next gen CTX. 

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  10. 3 hours ago, midalake said:

    The pod resting on your hand gets old because it is not comfortable like this.



    Hmmm...that's interesting.   How does it balance with the second handle?  I've seen a foam disc slipped in under the control pod too that seemed to work okay. 

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  11. 10 minutes ago, phrunt said:

    I'm sure there will be a new CTX at some point, Minelab are in the business of making metal detectors, if they stop with the CTX where are they going to go? Another Mandible replacement already? They hold back technology for new models, its very clearly obvious with the GPZ and it's lack of coils when those with aftermarket non-approved coils know exactly how much they''re holding it back for the GPZ 8000 release.    The release of the Manicure just means the new CTX will be another year or two away yet. 


    I don't know if it makes sense to continue with two product lines with the way the Manticore closed the perceived gap between the Equinox and the CTX.

    It reminds me of the days when auto manufacturers made similar cars under different brands, like Ford & Mercury.  That model was only sustainable for so long before it blew up.  We shall see. 

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  12. 15 hours ago, palzynski said:

    At 2:50 , Lawrie answers to the depth question : "2 or 3 cms more depth for a target at 30cm depth" . 

    --> This means a 7 to 10% depth improvement . At least Lawrie is honest , there wont be a 50% improvement as implied by the ML marketing hype ...  He is an engineer , and an engineer is not a dreamer ..

    Minelab never stated 50% more depth, people are jumping to conclusions.  

    That logic would be synonymous with saying that by adding 50% more horsepower to you cars engine, it would double your top speed 🙄


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  13. 15 hours ago, NAGANT said:

     Never really had a nox balance problem but my hand sliding up against the pod gets old.

    That's pretty much where I am with the Equinox.  I don't find the balance to be an issue, but the pod resting on my hand gets old.  Seems to be a common straight shaft issue.  This was a big issue on the Nokta Impact too, and some people came up with DIY remedies, but realistically we should not have to do hacks to remedy basic ergonomic issues like that.

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  14. 5 hours ago, deathray said:

    Mark Dayton and Ron Swenson would disagree. Both use ctx, and all our sites are loaded with iron. Now Ron did switch to Deus, but not Mark...even though he has a D1 and D2. 

    I stand corrected, you're right they do, but I'd say they're more the exception then the norm.  I know they're hard core hunters,  I used to hunt with Mark when we lived in the east bay.  Most folks I hunt with or run into relic hunting the desert sites and other early relic sites (admittedly not GR sites) are Equinox, Deus, Nokta/Makro of some sort, even the occasional White's whatever, but rarely a CTX 🙂   There's still holdouts on the Explorer's too, you know who you are @TomCA 🙂

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  15. 2 hours ago, Shelton said:

    The CTX 3030 can't handle iron. Here in Europe we have a sea of iron filled with modern trash. Therefore, for me, better separation and identification of iron is an opportunity. It convinces me.

    You don't see any serious relic hunters out west using a CTX in heavy iron either.  The EQX800 was far superior in iron vs the CTX.  The 2D disc on the Manticore is a game changer for relic hunters, going to be fun testing it out and see what it sniffs out. 🤠🐍🌵

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