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  1. Nice finds Dan. I love turquoise. You're right about the weirdness that goes with this hobby. Often times I pause in wonder after an historical/vintage find. That's what's so cool about this hobby.
  2. Excellent...congrats!!!! Those coins are in great condition. Lately I have been wanting to ask the forum if anyone has found a keeper on a 39 signal. You beat me to it with these coins....Thanx for posting. I've been digging quite a few 39's only to come up with deep rusty nails. These signals are not a constant 39 though...the TID moves on a range of high 20's to mid 30's and then bounces around the 38/39 area. As of late, I simply walk upon seeing the 39. If the 39 does not show, then I dig. I have a site where the potential for 1800's coins exist. Got my first Walker there and I think it was in the 34-35 range. Could I have walked away from a silver dollar? Have to rethink how I hunt this place now.
  3. Nice as always Calabash...congrats!! I appreciate the work you put into your videos.
  4. Great hunt Dan....congrats!! I like your silver to wheat ratio..... 3/1
  5. Nice hunt Dan. You sure went through the garbage for those necklaces. All keepers makes it worth the effort. Do you hunt primarily in 2 tones? What is your tone pitch set at? I've never hunted in or near the water although I'm surrounded by it.
  6. I appreciate it when a poster shows their junk/trash digs. It makes me take notice that one of the reasons I don't have as many good finds like I used to is because I have been too overly selective with what signals I should be digging. I really have to start digging more. Congrats on your silver Dan !!!!!!
  7. Wow, amazing and congrats !!!!! This reminds me of a Jacques Cousteau documentary. This is above & beyond anything I could imagine myself doing in this hobby. You have taken it to another level. I'm sure we'd all like to see your homemade metal detector some day. Anxiously looking forward to seeing your next amazing find on your CW site.
  8. Wow!!! I enjoyed reading your post. You are a committed detectorist for sure. Congrats on your success !!!! What were your settings, if you don't mind?
  9. Did you write this awesome poem? If you did, you need to copyright it. Put it on t-shirts or mugs, etc. Haha!!! Happy New Year to all !!!!!!
  10. I have both units and have hundreds of hours on the 600. I hunt em both 50 tones (default tone pitch of 20) and I haven't seen any difference in depth/performance, etc. I'm pretty much using them at like-for-like settings since I don't care for the customization of the tone bins. But glad I have the 800 just in case I NEED A LITTLE MORE from the settings....but so far that has not been the case.
  11. Unreal !!!!! Only in my wildest dreams. Between your and Phrunt's success with large digs on silver.... I have seen nothing like it. Congrats !!!!!!!!!
  12. Good research Chase.... thank you You got a good one there Mark. Check it out on wikipedia. Virginia & Tennessee Railroad.
  13. I love badges and had to take a spin through google but couldn't find anything on it.
  14. Congrats on that gold ring Mitchel !!! I live an hour away from the ocean and 1/2 hour from the mountains where the gold is.... and I've never hunted either. Since day 1, I've only hunted parks & lots and permissions here and there. I dug a couple of nice gold jewelry pieces but would I have a much larger gold collection if I would have spent some time at the ocean? Just way too many MD opportunities out here, not to mention the great weather.
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