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  1. Yes, historicaerials is my go to site. I also use the USGS topo maps combined with Maprika for accuracy on older sites. The wood sites though, I haven't worked with it... I'm not sure how to research. It seems to me that the trees would be in the way of aerials pics so I wouldn't be able to see structures. Am I correct?
  2. This 18k gold ring came in at 13 and so did the gold buddha pendant.
  3. Congrats on that V nik !!!! Before I got my Nox, I strictly focused on silver and there were more than a few times where I got skunked because I couldn't get my coil over the silver. However, honing in on the Nox 12/13 TID range, I've dug several V's, Buffalo's and Gold. Those TID ranges really kicked it up a notch and added to the excitement of this hobby.
  4. Wow!!! You went from land hunting to scuba. It's a lot of prep work to get into this. I take my hat off to you. Congrats on those awesome bottles.
  5. Hey everyone I dug this 1923s SLQ yesterday. It has a nik on the edge, came out of the ground this way....bummer. This is the second '23s I've dug in 2 years. This coin is one of the lowest of all mintages for this quarter. This first one I dug, I sold it to a friend for $200 to complete his SLQ collection. Thanks for stopping in.
  6. Great idea !! I have hunted on & off with a guy who has a Lesche with a T handle welded onto it. It serves him well. I will buy one once it hits the distributor. I most likely would only use it during the wet months. Good luck !!
  7. I do the same. I have a bright orange mesh vest that I wear in high visibility areas (Harbor Freight $6). People think you are a worker and belong there. Other than this, I won't hunt at nicely manicured parks anymore. Too much damage to the grass and does not justify for what I am digging. I stick to lot sites and sections of the parks that are not maintained and looks like a cow pasture.
  8. I uploaded the update to my 600 two days ago when I received it from ML. I read the first few threads of the 1st post on the update and headed out to my fav relic/coin site knowing very little of what I was supposed to do to test the new FE2 feature. My site is heavily polluted with iron, aluminum, tin, rusty nails, pull tabs, screw caps, etc. Homes were demolished here in the 50's and they pretty much bulldozed the small stuff into the soil. Update was easy. Took 1 minute. The 2 backlight settings work perfectly. FE and FE2 work perfectly. I ran Park 1, 23 sens, iron vol 3, 50 tones multi, horseshoe on, rec spd 2, FE2, nc & gb. Since I know this site like the back of my hand, I noticed an immediate difference in FE2-2 (6 on the 800). The signals were choppy and sputtering. It seemed the Nox was having difficulties hanging onto targets. I'm assuming separation was under performing due to high concentration of iron/trash. It did however, hit pretty hard on shallow zinc'rs and screw/bottle caps. I was uncomfortable with how it was performing so I scaled it up to FE2-3 (9 on the 800). Again choppy and sputtery signals and I felt I was not going to lock onto deeper targets. Targets at the top though, no problem, it hit them pretty hard. I then reverted back to FE1-0 and went into my comfort zone. Immediately dug a 1919 S Wheat and a couple of clad quarters. Now that I've read a significant number of FE2 comments on various forums, I will have a different or more detailed approach going into my site the 2nd time around, ie; watch for the changes in positive/negative iron TDI's and whatever hints or tricks I can gain as the new FE feature is worked out by everyone.
  9. For 600 users.... My interpretation from reading the updated manual is IB on FE is still the equivalency scale 600/800; 1/2, 2/4, 3/6 FE2 is independent and is 1/3, 2/6, 3/9 Big added difference here.
  10. Thnx for you input GB, Valen and Jeff I posted this out of haste I guess mainly in defense of the Nox. My fatherly instincts coming out in me. After I created this post, I took my Nox to the backyard and placed a dime between 2 average size nails and was able to pick up the dime signal in Park 1& 2, rec speed 3 and 0 IB. I then placed the dime between 2 long framing nail sleeves (used in a nail gun) and couldn't pick up the dime signal. I think this is due to the larger size of the iron objects against the size of the dime. The youtube poster used a couple of large iron objects too. If they had been nail size, he most likely would have picked up the signal. Why Beach mode? He states he heard or read others who run with these settings. Honestly though, I'm not a MD techie but I thought this would be an interesting post for comments.
  11. I haven't tried his test. Beach 2 at rec speed 1, 0 I.B.? Your take on this? Read comments below the vid as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZovNhzsowc
  12. Thanx for that Chase. You are probably correct. I live near a couple of missions being in the San Gabriel Valley area. As you know there is a lot of Spanish explorer history here, but I have yet to begin the search. Please educate me on how Reales got to the East Coast and who brought them there.
  13. Awesome find!!!!! Congrats. I'd love to dig one. I have not seen a post yet, of any reales dug here in So Cal.
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