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  1. Happa54

    1906 Barber Beauty With My 800

    That is one beautiful Barber. Congrats!!!!
  2. I clearly remember digging a V on a 13/14 signal and a buff on a 11/12 signal. Several modern niks came in at these numbers as well but not many. In my area, any nik signal that is bouncing around within these 4 numbers but occasionally throwing off a 10 or 15 is a non-digger for me... but I will dig all numbers 11,12,13,14. Since honing in on these signals it has added to the excitement of just going after high conductors (silver, etc). More finds and satisfaction. It has been a game changer.
  3. Wow... this post still has legs on it. So, 9 months after I posted this; I'm quite proficient at the nickel finds now as time goes by. I dig all signals at 11,12,13,14. Below and above that I walk away. 12/13 seems to be the hot TID but they also bounce around at 11 and 14. Dig em all. In case I didn't post this here.... over 300 nickels and V's, buffs and a war nickel in the past several months. The ratio is pretty good. Not to mention I dug a nice 18k gold ring and a gold buddha pendant off nickel signals.
  4. Happa54

    When To Use Single Frequency?

    This is interesting and good to know. My relic/coin site has tall Edison power lines overhead so I'll just work in single a little more and see how it works for me in the long run at this site.
  5. Happa54

    When To Use Single Frequency?

    Thanks for your responses everyone. The 2 statements that really stuck out for me... Mark Gillespie: "I've yet to find a single frequency to outperform the multi-frequency programs." Alluminati: "If there is a specific target you are looking for, you pick the single frequency that excites the targets the best." I have used single freq (10khz) just a tad bit in my trashy relic/coin site. Still looking for my big barber quarter, half or dollar under all this trash and hopefully a single freq will make the difference. When I want to place more emphasis on the V's, buffs, niks, relics and hopefully, another gold ring, I"ll just move over to Field 2. Onward with my testing....
  6. Happa54

    A Bucket Lister With The Nox 800!!

    Wow!!!! There's is only one place in my town where I can dig 1800 coins but I dare not hunt there unless I want my gear to be taken from me at gunpoint. Congrats on that fabulous coin!!!!
  7. Hey everyone... I've had my Nox for approx 10 months now and have approx 200 hours on it. I'm getting more comfortable with its various modes and have fallen into a good groove with the machine. I've done well with it in great finds. The area that I'm weak on is single frequencies because I have not given them a chance to prove whether it is even worth it to hunt in those modes. My questions are... When do you use 5kz or 10kz? Trashy or moderate trash sites? Do you use single just to cross reference a signal against multi frequency? Has anyone dug anything significantly better in single vs multi? Has anyone been impressed at what single frequency can do vs multi? Note: For the most part I hunt trashy sites with relic/jewelry/coin mix. At the parks I simply put it on Park 1 or 2 and do not think about single frequency. But when in lot sites, and I'm running into lots of trash, I wonder how the single frequencies will work for me. Or better yet... what should it be doing for me that's better than multi? Any feedback is appreciated.
  8. Wow... awesome Gold Coin...Congrats!!! I may not have dug that based on the signals you mentioned because so much trash (bottle caps at 20-21) mixed in with iron throw off those numbers but it would have been my loss if it were me on your site.
  9. This takes my breath away....great finds. Congrats!!!!
  10. Yes GB.... this is why I focus on the range of 11 to 14. The niks can come anywhere between those numbers both deep and shallow. If I have a deep 14 or 11 signal, I'm digging. 12/13 signals show up the most but you have to work in that 11 to 14 range nonetheless. By the way, I get a lot of old spoons too in that range. Yesterday, I dug a large One Shilling at a bouncy 14. This TID range has given me some good finds aside from the silvers and wheats.
  11. Happa54

    Don't Often Post About Finds, But...

    Congrats on a successful beach hunt. I really have to try the beaches... I'm not that far from it.
  12. My nickels come in a range of 11 - 14 with 12/13 the dominant number. Out of all those nickels, maybe a few came in at 11/12 or 13/14, but the majority toggled back and forth within those 4 numbers but 12/13 was the steady and consistent numbers.
  13. I primarily use 3 modes all site dependent or just to switch it around a bit. I like Park/Field 2 the most with settings at 20-22 sens, 0 IB, 3 recovery, multi freq and mostly in AM. I disc out 1-10 and 15-17 if extremely trashy site. I always leave iron open.
  14. Yep.... I get those too. But not any more than usual.
  15. Hey Everyone... Several months ago, I started honing in on nickel signals (Nox600 - 11,12,13,14) in addition to my high conductors and glad I did. I am digging more good finds at the mid tones. Check this out...Here are 307 nickels that I dug over past several months. I read somewhere that the averages are approx 200-250 nickels dug for each buff. Didn't mention V's or gold...only buffs.I guess I beat the averages... 307 nickels = 3 buffs, 3 v's, 1 war nickel, 1 18k gold ring and 1 gold buddha pendant... not bad huh? I didn't dig as much silver this year, cuz I only spent half the amount of time in the field from last year. Overall, adding nickel signals to my goals really kicked it up a notch. Merry Christmas everyone !!!