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  1. Good info FH, and thanx for comments everyone. I knew the vid was far fetched but I didn't say what I really feel about it....but, it's typical of a lot of things originating from the Philippines. If and when their Covid lockdown is cancelled (and that could be another year), I'll head there and check out post WW11 bases and battlegrounds for relics and coins...not interested in the gold stories. I'll definately setup a YT channel to vid my finds.
  2. Hey Everyone; I just don't know what to do think about this video. I will be in the Philippines for several months when the travel ban is lifted. Taking my Nox with me. Found several youtube channels on metal detecting there and here is one that blows my mind. I know nada about metal detecting for gold, but based on my coin & relic experience, something about this video motivates me to post this for comments. From the user's coil control, depth of the nuggets, soil conditions....I pray it could be this easy. Watch this and please give me your thoughts.
  3. Oh no.... so sad. 2Valen always had nice and encouraging things to say. I'm gonna miss the picture of him and his little yorkie on the water. R.I.P. friend....
  4. Didn't I tell you this was gonna happen Dan? Tom found you.... It's all good though. LOL
  5. Impressive hunting Dan. Congrats on all that silver, relics and wheats !!!!! I rarely see so many good finds posted from a road trip.
  6. Good call on that seated Calabash!!! From the sounds of that signal, even without numbers, I would have dug too but I most likely would have given up before I reached it. It was deep!!!!
  7. Thanks for your comments Phrunt, GB and Chase. The technical aspects, nuances and theories of these machines are way beyond my comprehension. So I'll just leave it alone. The successes with my buddies is mind blowing as I watch them take in high numbers of silver, wheats, indians, jewelry and relics each and every time I hunt with them. When I hunt solo, I don't give it a thought because I'm inside my own head. When I hunt with them, I get somewhat intimidated because I trail so far behind them on good finds. These guys are just that good and extremely tuned into their respective ma
  8. Hey Everyone… I had to dig this one up and bring it up for discussion…again. I have hundreds more hours on the Nox since I started this post over a year ago. Out this evening with my Etrac and Explorer buddies who I refer to as the “Silver Slayers”. I was not swinging my Nox due to a bad back but I tagged along to get out for fresh air and to see if I could find things on the surface at the dirt field. For some reason, the subject of high vs low sensitivity came up. They both told me that they run their sens slightly above the halfway point on the meter. Their machines
  9. Great looking Niks. You are taking turd brown niks and making them look like this? Can you share your cleaning process? I have a few V's and Buffs that I'd like to clean up other than using lemon juice. Thank you!!!
  10. I am glad this post has resurfaced. Wish I would have paid attention to it then. I have been into the Nox's for the last 2 years and am still going round-n-round with settings. There is an interesting in-depth post in another forum on the subject of recovery speed and iron bias. The moderator there is advocating running rec speed at 3 with max sens because this is where the Nox shows it's best performance as he calls it "maximum tuned". Any deviation below or above this gets the Nox "out of electronic tune." I've taken bucket listers and other good finds from high setting
  11. This is an interesting subject and I'd like to hear from others on this. Do you think T Dankowski's settings detunes the Nox? I run his slow recovery, high sens, 0 IB settings, etc, etc
  12. Congrats on that gold coin Tom and all the others. I sure would love to dig one of those but I'm sure you would not let me cross over the Santa Barbara County line....would you?
  13. I've been using Nox since it first came out in 2018. I have hundreds of hours on the Nox's but more hours on the 600. Honestly, for the way I hunt, I didn't need the 800. I just bought it because of the xtra settings and gold modes, of which I don't use. I hunt 50 tones, AM, 0 iron bias, rec speed 3-4, 23-25 gain. So, what difference is there between the two when I am running them this way? These will be my last machines. I don't want to put in the time to learn a new one. I hope the Nox will keep up with future technology.
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