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  1. Congrats on the V Snohom !!!! I have dug 3 V's since using the Nox......a couple of buffs, 2 war nickels and over 400 Jeffersons. The Nox hits hard on the niks. A couple of times hit on small cache and didn't think there were other coins in the hole since the nik was dominant. I remember digging wheats like crazy in trash sites with a 6" coil on my Safari. I should get serious about getting one for my Nox since my wheat count is way down this year. My silver count is also way off but then I've cut back on the hours I hunt. Is the 6" that much better in iron & trash than the standard coil? I've read where some say "Yes" and others say "No".
  2. Thanks for the pics. Georgeous area to hunt. I would love to camp there a couple of days. Seems a lot of good coins and relics coming from No California area. Congrats on your super finds!!!!!!
  3. Wow, how exciting.... 3 seated's in one hunt and I have yet to dig my first. Congrats!!!!!!
  4. Your story moved me Gerry. You can't (I don't) put monetary value on something like this. The true value is in the experience and emotions that you were immersed in. Great find and great story.
  5. Here are a couple that will confuse you. My first ever war nik was high reading of 23-25. The few after that were solid 13-14. The one on the left is 13-14 and the one on the right is 23-25....both are '43 S. I read somewhere that it was at the discretion of the mint to ever so slightly bump up the silver content. I believe I read it this way but I could be wrong or forgot the details of what I read.
  6. For me.... it's about tone memory. Learned that from my ML Safari. With the Nox, I've dug enough targets now that I know when I'm over a nickel based on tone, then reference it by looking at its TID #. High conductors such as dimes vs quarters... there's no mistaking these 2 objects by tone. Other high conductors, I'll look at TID and most likely dig if I'm in a relic site, if in a park site, maybe not. But to answer your question, I think everyone hones in on their targets in a different way. I prefer tones over TID but the TID is also important for the learning process.
  7. Wow!!! crazy looking permission and nice silver haul. Thanx for sharing this.
  8. Well Tim... I guess I'll have to poke around in another hornet's nest in another thread...LOL. I highlighted in red your response re "target shape based on tone". This is something I'm hearing for the first time. I more or less know the size of my targets through coil manipulation and pinpoint, but the shape of the target based on tone? I'm not there yet with the Nox. I need to know more about this technique. Thank you for mentioning it.
  9. I think your statement that I highlighted in red text about sums it up. My Safari compliments my Nox quite well and that's why these two machines will stay with me. In time when my off & on tendonitis allows, I will be swinging the Safari as well...it is a heavy machine.
  10. This conversation is getting interesting and technically above my understanding of what the Nox is all about. I'll have to accept the fact that the Nox is not a FBS machine and those deep little silver or copper squeaks that I'm use to will not be heard with the Nox. I look forward to hearing a deep silver or wheat (with the Nox) exceeding 7" so I can place the tone in my memory. The upside to owning this machine are the numerous angles/combinations/modes in which to hunt in. I mode hop quite a bit but then I don't notice a difference in whether one mode finds more of something over another mode. I'll keep running it as usual and I'll learn more about these modes, settings and tones with time. Thank the Lord we have this forum.
  11. Yes, Chase... this is the way I understand it. Park 1 is weighted towards the higher conductors, ie; silver. So, when I am searching for silver among the trash, I use the "1" modes. If my game plan on another hunt are for the relics, then I go into the "2" modes. It seems that my settings are closely in line with what most of you are using. I also updated immediately when it became available, since it was asked. It could be that I haven't put my coil over a deep silver yet with the Nox so I started thinking too much after I read the posts that prompted me to start this conversation. I dug quite a bit of silver last year, but only about 50% of what I dug with my Safari the previous year. It's been an interesting transition going from FBS to Multil IQ and I guess it's just another learning curve. I'll continue to run my Nox with no changes and just see how it works out in time. Thank you for your support everyone.
  12. Thanks for your feedback everyone. Here are pieces out of a thread from another forum post that made me think about my settings and prompted me to post this. “I found that there isn't a real need to turn up the sensitivity to a high setting to get good depth. To a large part, the sensitivity just amplifies the audio response. The difference in depth between say 18 and 22 sensitivity settings is not noticeable if you're using good headphones. Also, I prefer using 50 tones so the need for tone breaks etc. on the 800 would be a big waste for me” “Drop the sense to even 13 to try to proportional audibly get an idea of whats going on down in the dirt and how deep everything is...If I was running full bore sens, I couldnt tell audibly if this is a Q at 3 or a Q at 8...or a Q at 12....sure, the whole raise coil and whatnot dealie, it was a bit frustrating for me..trying to figure out a balanced set up that would allow the Proportional Audio to kick in accurate and still get me the depth and ID masked valuables” “Yep, you got that right about the proportional audio response being diminished at high sensitivity settings. If a guy is smart, he'd bury a coin at 6 inches deep, set up the detector with the headphones that he's going to use and play around with the sensitivity and volume settings until he gets it all figured out. By raising the search coil over the 6-inch buried target you can figure out what are the best settings for your ears to get the most depth and still have the proportional audio response. I like to hear a whisper on really deep targets” I hunt in all modes but I tend to stay more in Park 1, 50 tones, 0 IB, NC, GB, 3 recovery, 22-23 sens, 0 disc 80% of the time. It's an interesting subject and debateable unless I'm totally reading into this incorrectly.
  13. Hey everyone… I’ve been tussling with something the past few days after reading a post regarding sens settings to bring out the deep squeakers (mainly silver and wheats). I’m not hearing the deep squeakers with my Nox the way I do with my Safari, or my buddies Etrac and Explorer. I don’t have confidence in the air tests nor freshly buried coins so my test results are inconclusive. Are you hearing deep squeakers at a lower sens of say, 16 or 18 without losing noticeable depth? I’m running my Nox at 22-23 and I hear mostly loud shallow signals…even the coppers are loud at 5-6”. Would the high sens setting be drowning out the deep coins? I haven’t dug a deep silver yet with the Nox. I appreciate your feedback
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