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  1. Thnx for you input GB, Valen and Jeff I posted this out of haste I guess mainly in defense of the Nox. My fatherly instincts coming out in me. After I created this post, I took my Nox to the backyard and placed a dime between 2 average size nails and was able to pick up the dime signal in Park 1& 2, rec speed 3 and 0 IB. I then placed the dime between 2 long framing nail sleeves (used in a nail gun) and couldn't pick up the dime signal. I think this is due to the larger size of the iron objects against the size of the dime. The youtube poster used a couple of large iron objects too. If they had been nail size, he most likely would have picked up the signal. Why Beach mode? He states he heard or read others who run with these settings. Honestly though, I'm not a MD techie but I thought this would be an interesting post for comments.
  2. I haven't tried his test. Beach 2 at rec speed 1, 0 I.B.? Your take on this? Read comments below the vid as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZovNhzsowc
  3. Thanx for that Chase. You are probably correct. I live near a couple of missions being in the San Gabriel Valley area. As you know there is a lot of Spanish explorer history here, but I have yet to begin the search. Please educate me on how Reales got to the East Coast and who brought them there.
  4. Awesome find!!!!! Congrats. I'd love to dig one. I have not seen a post yet, of any reales dug here in So Cal.
  5. Congrats on that beautiful Barber!!!! I hope you go back and post some more of your finds there.
  6. Awesome finds... congrats!!!! What are kettle points? I googled and not much on it's history, origins.
  7. You have been killing it out there!!!! Congrats on your first Spanish silver.
  8. FWIW.... I haven't seen a coin like this posted in any MD forum....at least not yet. It was a zinc signal 20-21 about 4-5" deep.
  9. Hey there Glazed Tofu. 600 here also. I run primarily in Park 1, high sens as long as it is stable, 0 IB, 0 disc, 7 threshold, recovery 3, iron volume on 3, 50 tones. I've hunted in all modes but keep going back to Park 1, most likely out of habit. I haven't noticed digging anything better or worse in either mode. I hunt in high trashy parks and lot sites in L.A. & burbs and I love this machine in 50 tones. I have hundreds of hours on this machine and my coin/relic finds have been awesome. I'll have to show off my 2019 collection at years end.
  10. OMG!!!! What a site!!! Congrats!!!! Re a small coil for the Nox.... probably not for me. I used to use one on my FBS machine, but it needed it in trashy sites. But due to the speed of the Nox, it can separate quickly among multiple targets in tight spots. I like it just the way it is
  11. Beautiful old coin!!!! First time I noticed they only spell out half of the word "dollar" (DOL.) on the reverse.
  12. Good video with comparisons between the two. I appreciate these when VDI's and tones are shown. Thanx for posting.
  13. I really enjoyed your video. Deer in the orchard and beautiful scenery. I would imagine that if you keep working it some old coins and relics will show.
  14. You had a successful hunt GB.... congrats on the buff and merc. I have a similar site to yours. I've covered about 1/4 of it and it just keeps producing great coins and relics. Since I've had my Nox, I only run in 50 tones due to my last machine (Safari) which is basically a tone machine. My site is where homes were torn down in the 50's and it seems none of the trash was hauled out of there cuz I'm digging it all up. I don't mind though it's a great learning process for tones/targets and I look forward to each and every target no matter the tone or VDI. Thanks for posting your detailed report.
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