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  1. Hey everyone... First off I'd like to say that coming from another popular forum, I find this one to be the most educational, informative and administered. I have followed enough of Steve H's wisdom in this hobby to know that this forum is now at the top of my list for all around metal detecting, no matter which brand. This is my 2nd post on this forum so I hope I'm in the right place with this. My question is with discrimination with the Nox 600. We've mostly been taught that Minelab machines perform at their best when discrimination is at a minimum. Thus, I've been running my Safari with iron only disc'd out. Now with the Nox, I'm reading articles/posts where others say the Nox will handle a significant amount of disc'ing with no notable differences in performance. Do you find this to be true? I only have approx 30 hours on mine and I've run it in all 3 modes and I have played with the disc settings somewhat. The 2 times I have run with high disc I notice the Nox gets faint on the signals almost as if it's having a slight power failure or is struggling to identify targets. I've seen a couple of youtubers running it with more disc than its default settings and it looks to be running smoothly. I hunt some of the trashiest parks in Los Angeles and my ears get a serious pounding with zinc, pull tab, and iron signals. Coming from the Safari and into the Nox is like being under machine gun fire with the signals. I've set my machine to disc out iron up to +11 and 14 - 19. Basically I only want to hear nickels and high conductors (only in super trash parks). When I disc out this way, is when I lose all confidence in the machine due to the change in its operation. Maybe I'm backing off too soon and not giving it a chance to work its way through. Of the modes given, I like field 1, GB 0, sens 22, 50 tones, multi freq, iron bias 0, speed 3. I toggle back and forth between modes and field 1 thus far seems to work best for me but this could change as I get to know my Nox. Anyone have comments or examples to share using high disc is appreciated. As always HH everyone.
  2. Sorry for the late response. In case you didn't find the right small coil for your Safari... Try the Detech SEF Bufferfly 6x8... it's awesome at separating in the trash. I use it on my Safari.
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