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  1. Just got my notice and tracking number as well. He must have been behind in production or had that many orders.
  2. I had the same problem in my yard. Totally quiet in the woods! Turn your sensitivity down a little at a time until you can live with the noise, then save it to your program. That fixed my chatter.
  3. I had purchased one of these centering support units when I first acquired my Deus 2, $20, free shipping. The lower Deus rod fit fine and it worked well. However when I got the Anderson rod I had the issue with fitment. Instead of having to modify the Anderson lower rod I put the centering unit on my grinding wheel and hollowed it out until I had the proper clearance for the rod. An inexpensive way to solve the problem.
  4. Same here- ordered my locking shoe almost 3 weeks ago and still waiting-
  5. The seller on EBay offers no questions asked returns for 30 days, and since I purchased it on EBay using PayPal I’m able to return it no questions asked that way as well. I was of course just hoping it was something I was doing wrong to avoid all that. I’m going to call the seller tomorrow and see if they will send me a replacement coil. If not I’ll just return the whole unit. Thanks again Jeff.
  6. Jeff- I’ve made sure the clip is securely connected, and attempted to charge the coil at least a half dozen times. Sometimes the charging light will come on, then goes off shortly. Also, I only get the standby blinking light for a short time and it quits. In addition to that I get a pop up on my screen asking for the coil serial number. I truly think the coil is defective. I appreciate your input.
  7. I think I’ve got a defective coil- right after I’ve charged it for several hours the light will blink every 3 seconds or so and then quit within a few minutes. I’m going to return the unit. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks for the reply Chase- here’s a pic of the serial number- I assumed it was 4044F2, could that 0 digit possibly be a “D” ?
  9. I thought the coil would already be paired- No idea what I’m doing wrong. Tried entering serial number process, still not pairing. Coil is fully charged, but because it’s not linking up it shows empty battery on the screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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