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  1. OK, guys I got some boots bought. I found a pair of 13M's in a Royer 6" metal free for $47.69, all up. They'll do. I appreciate all the advice, and help. I've got a copper prospect to investigate down in CA this winter, and these boots will get a workout. I'm going to be doing both 2-box with the data-logger work, and doing some ground resistivity work. Chris and I found a blow hole along a heavy quartz seam down there 2 winters back. The ground was littered with oxydized copper of green and blue. Last winter I dug down along the extrusion about 5' deep. Kept digging up more specimens, but never got to any native copper. I'll use the two-box along the extrusion, looking for native copper, and the resistivity will show any highly-mineralized zones below the blow hole. I've got enough wire to "see" about 100' deep at the hole. It's going to be interesting, but a lot of work, too. The data logger, and the resistivity device both give an image to study, and save. That's the fun part...LOL Jim
  2. Ya know, Lunk, Chris (wife) and I have been talking about that. Might be the only way to get what I want. I'm going to start in-person shopping while carrying my MD-20 to check for metal. Removing eyelets wouldn't be difficult with single-layer boots. Great minds think alike...LOL
  3. The problem is searching out boots that don't have metal eyelets. You do a search and everybody says "metal free", but what they mean is no metal safety toe. Take a close look and they have metal eyelets. The Nortiv 8 boots I wear don't have any metal except the eyelets, but my detectors see them easily with every step. Very difficult to find lace-up boots without some metal, without paying a small fortune. Jim
  4. Oh Boy...I absolutely hate slip-ons of any kind, Jason. I really like my boots tight on my feet. Jim
  5. Aah heck, Bill, my deal with Doc fell through...he's out of 13's, and can't get any more. I'm back to shopping again. Jim
  6. Thanks, Mike! I ordered a pair of the no-metal desert boots. Should work fine. I can use my regular boots for the bulk of my detecting, but those Discovery two-box units are super sensitive. The reason is that you're enveloped in the magnetic field....it's much larger than the field from a regular search coil. So the eyelets in my boots set it off with every step. I have to take extra care to remove all the metal on my body.... including my hard head....LOL Jim
  7. Sorry guys, but I just bought those two 2-box detectors and paid $200 for the two of them. $200 for boots, for a guy that has been frugal all his life, is difficult...LOL I've been looking, and few companies make non-metal boots, it seems. For what I do, and where I do it, I don't need either waterproof, or insulated. You'd think, with all our modern materials, there'd be a moderately-priced product that would get the job done. Maybe I need some old "Keds" LOL Jim
  8. LOL....Good Lord! $200 for those woven boots. No wonder they last...they better, Ha! Jim
  9. Since I got interested in two-box detectors, and the use of a data-logger, and purchasing Both a 900 and 1200 from Treasure Baron in the Discovery models, my lack of non-metal boots is becoming a problem. Ever step is making a noise. can't have that. Can anybody give me a brand, and model of boot that has zero metal? All help appreciated. Lug soles would also be nice. Jim
  10. Different machines. Only similar circuits, not identical, Mods on original TDI are not the same mods on TDI SL. Jim
  11. Maybe they'll get to the point they only build them to order, Steve. I could easily see that happening in the US auto industry. Something has to give in all this stuff. Somewhere "affordability" has to enter the picture. Going to be interesting to see what happens. Jim
  12. Not much chance of that, Mark. You, and the rest of the guys, are like my extended family. Having 'net access is an absolute, wherever we go. And please stop calling me "sir"....I work for a living, or did...LOL Jim
  13. LOL....yeah....about 30 years ago, in a spare few days, one of my employees took it upon himself to clean and neaten the shop. Took me 3 months to find my tools when I wanted one. Jim
  14. LOL..."into the tropics"??? Do you honestly think I'd leave the Rockies, Jason? Not much chance of that. And I'm not the kind of person to sit on the porch with a drink in my hand, either. We haven't decided what we're going to do. We're thinking about the Challis, Idaho area. They brag on having 300+ days of sunshine/year. And the temps in the winter are about like Blackfoot. Also, land is dirt cheap. Downside is not much medical care, and only one grocery store. But the Salmon River runs right through there, and Hiway 93, and it's 40 miles closer to Boise, where our grandkids and family are located. And mountains all around, with gold/silver mines, etc., and good access to all my old mountain haunts. So that's a good possibility. But farther from Wyoming, my second-favorite state. I could stay near Blackfoot, too, if we could find the right place. Right now we are getting everything outside cleaned up, and then start work on the inside. My basement man cave is a disaster area. I'm like a mad scientist into electronics, mechanics, machining, equipment design, gem faceting, etc. Add to that a "slob" about neatness, and 37 years of accumulation, and you can imagine what my laboratory looks like...LOL. So, most of my current projects are now on indefinite hold until we get this deal sorted out....life sucks, and then you die...Ha! Jim
  15. Thanks, Bob. The good thing about this is I'm nearing 75, and we've been talking for several years about my getting too old to care for this 3 acre place. This is making us get off our backsides, and get the downsizing done, at last. We'd have had to do it at some point anyway. Better now, when we have the energy. Jim
  16. We just discovered progress is about to run us over, so we're going to sell the place we've called home for 35 years. Because of that, I'm going to get rid of some items at ridiculous prices. My '99 Polaris 325 Magnum 4x4 in great condition. Mostly used to spray weeds around the place. Really nice machine, and all original, and it all works. Also, my wife's 2001 Honda 250 recon 2x4. I need them gone, so both for $2500. Also the Coot 4x4, articulated, amphibious ATV I put 400 hours into last winter. First $5,000 takes that. Almost everything on it is new. That $5000 is exactly what I have in it...none of my labor. Located near Blackfoot, in southeastern Idaho. Jim
  17. Yup, we should never stop learning. Take books, and the 'net away from me, you might as well throw dirt on me...LOL. You did good recognizing that, in any case. Jim
  18. I understand, Jeff. I'm curious what the actual voltage was. Also, I wasn't criticizing the test. And I agree air tests don't mean much. But my SL has often targeted a 1 grain gold bar at 3", in the ground. But, I have no experience with Arizona, or Colorado soil. Jim
  19. My only question is why run the TDI at 14.4v? The nominal is 14.8, and the max is 16.8. I'd bet my SL would give a response to that .1 gram nugget, since it gives a response to a 1 grain piece. Granted, it's not a 6000, or Axiom, but it didn't cost me thousands, either. Jim
  20. The newer models, made sometime in 2015 and later, included a modification suggested by Reg Sniff.That mod has been done, by several people, to the earlier machines. It increases the sensitivity. Other than that, they're all the same. Jim
  21. If y Rick, if you can find an Arc-Geologger on the used market, you might be surprised how useful that detector may be. I just bought one, and it opened a whole, new endeavor into my prospecting/cache hunting. I'll be posting some stuff once the weather closes my season. Jim
  22. I appreciate the video, but I don't speak much Spanish...LOL Jim
  23. I remember hiking in and staying overnight on Piru Ck. We lived in Simi Valley at the time. I remember my dad talking about the gold there. Hard for me to believe, but that was 65 years ago! Jim
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