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  1. I have a MX Sport I'd like to sale for $500. Used very little, like new and in good shape. Water proof to ten foot and comes with extra 6" coil, Manuel and original box.
  2. O no sir, I'm not unhappy with the 7" coil at all and there's no need to apologize Steve. Your recommendation was 110%. Pin pointing was right on the money. I spent eight hours in the lake and most targets were retrieved with one scoop, except for two house hold fuses that were about 11" down in the clay took a little longer. The coil works better then expected, glides through the water and any resistant I feel is more in the shaft then the coil. I have a shoulder strap on the MX Sport and when I let go of it, the whole machines floats where with the stock coil it didn't and If I cant handle a 7" floating coil maybe it's time I hang up my machine and pick up a set of darning needles. I'm not unhappy what so ever with the 7" coil and your recommendation was up par Steve, Thank You. GL&HH Sod.
  3. The 7" coil floats too. GL&HH Sod
  4. Thanks Onearmwilly I came in from the parks this afternoon and the 7" coil was at the door. I'll be playing in the water first thing in the morning. If I wasn't so whipped, Id head back out. The 6X10 looks like a nice coil to Willy. I would be using it in water and I already have to tie four lbs of weight to my feet to keep my butt from floating. Thanks. Sod.
  5. Ridge Runner: You say other coils too ? You wouldn't happen to have run a 6" x 10" and if so what are your thoughts? Thanks Chuck. Sod
  6. I didn't know about the 9.5 being filled with foam. I think the 7" will be the way to go. Thanks Chuck & Steve.
  7. Been thinking about picking up a 7" or 9.5" coil for the MXS. I've seen one review on YT on the 9.5 but nothing on the 7" They said the 9.5 looses very little depth over the stock 10" and pin points better. How much depth loss would the 7" have over the 10" and how well does the pin pointing work with the 7"? I've been detecting the fresh water lakes with a lot of trash and cant seem to hone in on my pin pointing. Thanks in advance. Sod.
  8. See if you can find any metal detecting clubs in your area? They would be more they willing to help.
  9. Thank you Steve and Chuck. This place is on the edge of the map that time forgot and EMI was the first thing that came to mind but to the best of my knowledge I do think the place has ever seen electricity unless it was struck by lightning. Today I'll take her to the lake and if she can talk me into the water we'll see if this glitch reoccurs. Good luck with your new girl Chuck Thanks again guy's
  10. Sure could use some help on this one. This is NOT a post to bash my new found family member. She is very sensitive and goes deeper then I care to dig (all day) My first Sport didn't take to the water all that well so I called that sweet lady at Whites and she had a new machine out that day. ( God Bless Her ) When the new machine arrived I was a little under the weather and wasn't able to unbox her and run but that gave me time to do a some research on an old overgrow park. The first four hours she was finding coins, jewelry, Junk and of cores my favorite pull tabs like you wouldn't believe when all of a sudden she went bonkers and every target I hit sounded like someone ripping cloth over the PA system in all modes. I wanted to do a restore but the manual was sitting at home so I got the Safari outta the truck and followed the trail in the sand where I was dragging my butt and was back to finding pull tabs? This morning I did a restore and she's back? What did I do wrong to cause my girl to act this way so I can avoid it? It was a sunny 71* day. She rode over to the park in the front seat of the truck with my hat pulled over her face so's not to over heat? Battery's fully charged. Coil wire wrapped snug but not to tight. Ground read 64. No overhead power lines and from the looks of the park I don't think anything was buried and I did clean the sand outta the coil cover.? This will be one sweet baby as soon as I learn how to burp her. Thanks in advance. Sod
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