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  1. Interesting, its always been stated that DD coils worked "best in mineralized ground" but that is good to know. Although the iron check wont work on the mono coil and that is something I want when in a Civil War camp. Lots of nails.
  2. I am planning to get the Axiom package with the 13"DD and 11" Mono. I dont really have a use for a Mono coil so if anyone wants to trade straight up a brand new 11" DD for a brand new 11" Mono, I will be happy to do so.
  3. I am going to get the package with the wireless headphones 13" DD and 11" mono. I wish I could get the 11"DD instead of the mono as the places I relic hunt have mineralized soil. But, maybe someone that gets the other package will be willing to trade even an 11" DD for an 11" mono. I do want the 13" DD and the wireless headphones for sure.
  4. Why make a video on a Detector youve never touched, designed for totally different types of hunting than what you do? Seems silly to me. He is a tot lot/park/curb strip hunter that needs to stay in his lane. It would have been suicide for Garrett to brought out a coin/relic machine a few months after the Deus 2 and Legend were released. The timing was perfect for a new pi, and let the new wear off those general purpose machines before Garrett releases the AT version of smf which I am sure they will at some point. That guy owes Garrett an apology for running down a detector he knows nothing about. He probably just needed click bait views for his Youtube income.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I sometimes attene group relic hunts and people wander through the area you are working with their detector. We learned on the GPX's to just manual tune to a clear channel as its faster than autotune. Hopefully this is something Garrett can add in a software update. 🙏
  6. Thanks for these! I am very interested in this detector to replace my aging Gpx 4800. One question, do you know if the operating channel or frequency can be manually changed? The auto scan is nice if you are out hunting alone amd do it once or twice during the hunt, but if you are doing a large group hunt, as people wander through your area its nice to be able to change it manually like on the gpx. Waiting on that full scan multiple times a day gets old fast.
  7. Yes indeed, the form factor, weight, balance, wireless headphones, waterproof coils, rain proof out of the box, carbon fiber shaft etc., all of those are what Ive been wanting in a Relic Pi machine for years, now if the depth will be comparible to the GPX, it will be a no brainer for me. I will sell the 4800 and the coils and accessories i have for it and buy this machine. But I will need to see the proof before making such an extreme decision. The heavy, unbalanced, wired headphone, non-water resistant package the GPX comes in are all worth the hassle for the performance it provides. I really hope Garret has at least matched Minelabs older GPX line in performance, they have definetely surpassed it in form factor.
  8. I am excited about this new Axiom, but for a different purpose than most of you. Im looking at it as a Relic Hunting machine. I dont have any natural gold near me to search for, but in recent years (15 or so) typically a good pi gold detector is also a good relic hunting machine for mineralized soils. I have a Minelab GPX 4800, and while it is awesome for relic hunting in performance, it is a dinosaur in ergonomics and general form factor. I would love to have the Axiom with its telescoping carbon fiber shaft, rechargeable lithium ion battery, wireless headphones and being rain proof. It checks alot of boxes on what my GPX is lacking, the 1 unknown, how will it handle the toughest of mineralized soils? If it has good depth in tough soil, it will be a game changer for me!
  9. I did enjoy your video and I like your little dog, he's cool! Nice digs by the way, watch out for those bores, they can be pretty mean!
  10. Well I agree when it comes to the Pi market and with "gold detectors", and the CTX before that, ML definitely doesn't mind to have outrageous price points. But, that said, they really changed the landscape of the pricing models for top of the line "coin and relic" detectors. The Equinox 800 at less that $900 USD was just amazing. XP Wants to keep that pricetag up around $1.5K for good equipment. I hope ML spanks them for it with the Equinox successor.
  11. NM and XP have both released their smf detectors that seem to be "catching up" to the Equinox. Minelab I expect has been working on the next big thing since the Equinox released....given that the CTX released in 2012 and the Equinox was announced in 2017, can we expect an announcement this year about the next ML detector?? I am sure it will raise the bar, thats one thing about ML, they dont just rehash the same machine with a couple of tweaks and call it new, when they release a machine, its usually got some revolutionary technological advances inside. So if the "other guys" are finally "caught up" to the Equinox, then ML comes out with something even better, what a gut punch that would be to the competition. I am very happy and satisfied with my Equinox 800. I got it Feb 13 2018 and I have made most of my best detecting finds of 20 years in these last 4 years with it. And I know it well and am confident with it, I dont even know what else I would want to be honest, possibly a better pinpointing system and even lighter, more robust telescopic stem. Mayne a control pod thats easily removable for travel. Some new tech that I cant even imagine that maybe would id the shape of a target somehow in ground, thus leaving even more junk in the ground and picking out symetrical items, which the audio clues are there now to do this for the most part, but a "little more" would be awesome! I just am expecting Minelab to "zag" now that everyone else has "zigged". I am putting some $$ back waiting to preorder, as I am pretty sure I will want one as long as its based on the Equinox and its tech. What else do you think we can expect from the next big innovation from ML and when do you expect it?
  12. I am awaiting arrival of my 3rd Xp Deus. I have bought and sold used ones 2 times before, and this will be my 3rd one. Im getting the ws4 (i still have my quest headphones that the puck slides into which is as good as having the ws5's to me), Remote, 11" x35 and Eliptical HF coil. The same setup I had with my 2nd one. I have been an Equinox user since day one with its release, and still will be using it, I know that machine really well and have made many amazing finds with it, even made it into Andy Sabisch's revised Equinox book with one of them (over 150 Confederate bullets from a Ford). But, back to the Deus, I really do like the platform and the detector. Have nothing at all bad to say about it. I do love the little hf coil for super iron infested sites, and the x35 coil is an awesome all rounder. I have and use many different machines in additon to my Equinox. I like to flog a productive site until nothing else can be found with many different machines and coil combinations. I just felt now was a good time to revisit the Deus as I have seen many good deals with the announcement of the Deus 2. So I will be loading up Calabash Diggers relic Pitch program and a couple more cutom programs I like, and back in the Deus saddle again soon. The Deus is a fantastic machine and I look forward to having it at my disposal again, I have had some good finds with it in the past. Happy hunting!
  13. I hope they replace the GPX with something in the form factor of the GPZ, waterproof, more ergonomic and not costing a war pension to buy it. And maybe a ctx/equinox hybrid with a color screen and maybe target trace option or something similar, and they need a GOOD pinpointer, that will integrate wirelessly with wireless headphones, like Nokta Makro has done with the pulse dive and their headphones, that setup is such a pleasure to use.
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