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  1. I would highly recommend Doc’s Gold Screamer Power Pack, Li-Ion Battery System for Minelab PI’s, Although they are pricey, its worth it. https://www.robsdetectors.com/docs-gold-screamer-power-pack/
  2. Steve, its my opinion the GP3500 is an exceptional machine and I have found more gold with it on patches that the 5000 has hammered, and in my opinion is easier to configure the settings. A lot of it is just pure persistence.
  3. To find the item on Cabelas go to google and search Minelab Equinox cabelas. Searching the on the Cabelas website the item is not indexed yet.
  4. Personally, the weight does not bother me, in fact I would accept more weight for greater depth. But I think some of the reason why its so heavy is for the purpose of durability. Lighter could mean more susceptibility to breaking. I like that the Z is built well and will last many years. I would even pay a higher price for more depth, even if it means more weight. Minelab could provide features like disc through software, as long as the circuitry will support it. I can hardly wait to see what Minelab has in mind for the next flagship gold detector.
  5. What do you suppose Minelabs next flagship gold detector will be, and how long will it be until Minelab releases it. I just want to make a comment on the GPZ 7000, in my opinion Minelab hit a home run, more depth, more stability, more everything and over all better settings and digital presentation, its truly a modern technological marvel... Where could Minelab possibly improve on the GPZ ?
  6. One question, to obtain greater depth with the GPZ, doesn't that require more current to the coil windings? Bigger battery? I would carry 5 more pounds of weight to achieve greater depth. On another note, it sure would be nice to achieve GPZ depth and have a display the target on the screen, Matrix scanning, basically mapping the magnetic field, like too expensive to R&D for image processing.
  7. As a person that has developed a new product and prototyped it and brought it to market, I can see 10 million or more is likely. And I am very happy Minelab continues to impress with innovation, their design team continually successfully delivered great cutting edge technology. I'm willing to pay a higher price for that. You never know when Minelab could make a technology breakthrough (GPZ) that will revolutionize the goals they have set. Thank you Minelab for the new GPZ 19, I receive mine in the mail tomorrow. Well worth it for me. Keep up the innovation. maybe some day it will be
  8. I've hunted ground covered heavily by 4500s and 5000s, and I came in with my GP3500 and found a lot of gold they missed, and then the GPZ was released, and I found even more gold than the 3500 on the same ground. That just tells me its more of skill, luck and persistence.
  9. The GPZ 14 is a real producer, and the areas I hunt are getting tough and the deeper targets are still there to investigate but the targets are marginal and iffy, the GPZ 19 will provide some semblance to ring in those deeper targets from iffy to yes its a deep target. The GPZ does respond to deeper targets but the sound is more of a warble and those are the targets I'm now after. I too am in the black on the GPZ, and hope to extend that with the 19. In fact I'm very certain the 19 will produce in the areas I hunt.
  10. Nice!!! thanks Rob. Johnno481 I like new tech, and the GPZ 19 is new tech.
  11. Where o where is the GPZ 19 coil for USA, I heard its on its way, I would just like to say to Minelab PLEASE expedite the delivery to your dealers. Show us you are working hard to get us product. We are loyal to the Minelab brand and experts in the use of your product line, at least give us a status. Regards Scott www.bucketdigger.com
  12. Thanks for posting, Nice dig man congrats. Wish you filmed a video on the target. Soon the GPZ 19 will hit the shores in the USA. MINELAB speed it up over here. I have one on order, been working out to handle the extra weight. Regards www.bucketdigger.com
  13. JP, feel lucky you hunt areas that produce such great finds, wish I could hunt down there, but I'm in California, gold is decent, my patches are fair, needing that GX 19 here in the US, if there is anything you can do to speed things up to get it to the states would be much appreciated, regards Scott www.bucketdigger.com
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