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  1. Hi all, just wanna show u this find ,was in a breccia pipe, its not gold but its beautiful too ,cuprite crystal with native copper thanks to the gold monster, regards ?
  2. Kiwi i found gold whit garrett at gold few eyers ago, in my ranch ,there are a lot, alot of gold in patagonia,fine gold , a lot, its a inexproble area, its virgin, if you wanna cone, come
  3. Kiwijñw , master.. steve master., patagoniá is a inexplobe site , there Are. Gold evrery where, there are no cultire about gold,a few lear thanks of you, intresting....we are virgins here. Crazy., we have a lot of gold, a lot, ,not is victoria, whit the super nuggats , but....we dont now wha t we have , becouse there are 3 detectors in all zone!!! In patagonia, its new for us!!!! We have a virgins land, https://es.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esquel_(meteorito) We have fine gold evrerywhere, ,we are 2 , looking for nuggets, we will found some day..australian are our masters ,sorry i dont speak english very well
  4. Thanks for the reply and info steve!! When i can go to the Field i will post my results i have faith in the gold monster , we will see .regards
  5. Hi all, im alex from patagonia argentine, i have a gold monster inbox , i cant use because we have like a 60 cm of snow now, i must wait few days or weeks! I have a few questions about accesories for this detector, i read all the post, excelents alls!!! Im very happy to belong at this forum! Thanks, what do you think about headphones? It possible to use a betters headphones like ur-30 1/4 with adapter off course? Change something? The pro-sonic works in this model? And the lastone , coils. its possible to put anothers coils?? Like a coiltek or anothers minelab coils, for more deep for example. One thing i do was change The tweezers for a 12v car charger, works perfect.
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