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  1. Beauty thanks Steve! I'll give it another whirl on the weekend and pay close attention the sounds. I really appreciate your time in replying, thank you ?
  2. Thanks Rob great tip! ?? Perhaps that's what I need to do. I was at the beach so maybe this is why the ground phase number was going crazy?! As a novice to the whole ground balancing thing I really feel like I need to know if my detector is working as it should be or if it's operator error ?Haha!
  3. Hiya Steve! i was secretly hoping you'd reply being a Gold Bug Guru ?! And thanks for the fast reply. Okay so I need to clarify what "little or no response when coil is raised and lowered to the ground" is please? So sorry about the noob questions. Sound? numbers? When I'm pumping the coil up & down both numbers jump around a bit & then they even out, this is when I press the GG button. As soon as I release it & start sweeping, the ground phase no is totally different- eg: let's say I ground balanced at 42, my ground balance number will still display 42 but the g
  4. Hi, hoping one of the Gold Bug Pro brains trust could give me their opinion please?I'm new to detecting & was wondering about the ground balance number and the ground phase number in the middle of the screen. In order to ground balance I'm pumping the coil up and down whilst pushing the GG button and most often the ground phase number and ground balance number match closely pretty quickly, however.....once I get started sweeping again the ground phase number (in the screen centre) jumps all over the place. Is this normal? Or should after I've ground balanced, the phase number pretty much r
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