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  1. Geez $7499 US is $9600 Australian! the GPZ 7000 here is $9500 so there going to be very similar in price by the sounds of that!, I was hoping that I could sell both the 4500 and SDC and buy the 6000 but it looks like that’s very wishful thinking sadly!!.
  2. So what’s the go with using a booster then on the 6000? Do anyone know if you can use them on it?.
  3. Hi All I've been hearing rumours of a new gold machine in the works ? Is there any truth in this and if so what are some of the rumours or truths about it. Cheers
  4. Hi All I’m just wondering if there’s anyway to tell the difference between gold rings/ jewellery and trash eg pull tabs as it all seams to come in around the same numbers!. I’ve dug many many targets between 10 and 15 and all have been trash I spent a few weeks at the beach and dug hundreds or targets between them numbers in the hope that one of them might have been a gold target but without luck!, I don’t usually dig much between them numbers as a rule but being the beach I didn’t want to miss the chance of it being something good. Anyway I just thought I’d ask the question if there was anyway of being able to see / telling the difference between a good target and trash between them numbers??, I know there’s Guys / Girls that would do a Lot more Detecting then myself and might’ve found a way or know some tell tale signs between trash and good targets between them numbers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  5. Hi All Just interested in knowing about how everyone is going with the 15 inch coil??. Just having some trouble with pinpoint on the beach it’s quite hard, but as it is also my first time using it on the beach!, I also think it was made harder as there was obviously a LOT of trash!, and it being more conducive the holes I were digging ended up being very big to find the actual target. So are the good targets on the beach a clearer/ crisp sound? and also sound off closer to the actual coil compared to eg an aluminium or junk targets?. So I’m very interested in seeing how everyone is going with it and what adjustments users have had to make??. Cheers Minelab Equinox 800 with 15" x 12" DD search coil
  6. Hi Everyone Just interested to see if anyone has done a comparison of TID Numbers between the 6 inch coil and the 11 coil? I’ve personally never used the 6 inch on coins before only gold, but would like to use it at a few spots that are full of junk as there’s to many targets seeing the coil at once, so hard to distinguish a good target from bad one and then due to this it’s very hard to get a clear TID due to a junk target mixing TID Numbers up. So if anyone has made a list/ chart of the comparison I’m sure plenty on here would also be interested to see the difference. Cheers
  7. Hi Everyone Just wondering how many people on here have reverted back to the original version 1.5 ??. I’ve seen and heard that a lot of Equinox users have reverted back due to not being happy with the new update that’s just come out!. So just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are about the update?? Cheers
  8. Bhogg

    Upload Videos

    Thanks Steve I Appreciate your time and help
  9. Hi Everyone Just wondering if you could help me out I’ve never uploaded a video before and was wondering how I go about doing so??. I’ve tried many times but I just won’t let me keeps saying my videos to big! I’ve tried compressing it to below the 63mb but still won’t work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  10. I was out today had the Nox and the SDC and after getting a 2.56 gram nugget with the SDC I decided to run the Nox over it to see what number it was ringing up and to my surprise it wouldn’t pick it up on Gold mode 1 but would on Gold mode 2, but even more unusual was it would pickup a .04 nugget on mode 1 and not the 2.56 nugget. I found this a bit strange anyone have an explanation for this?. I tried to load a video I took of me running the Nox over both nuggets but it said it was over the size limit allowed so not sure if there’s another way to load it up on here? The video only goes for a minute and twelve seconds. Cheers
  11. Hi MikeM All I can say is read plenty of information and watch plenty of videos, I’d also suggest to join the Facebook groups to the particular detector’s your looking at as then you can see real results and ask questions and talk to people who actually use them! The Facebook groups are fantastic for this reason alone!. I’d perhaps just hold off a little and see some results from the Whites GM24K as from everything I’m reading and watching it looks like it may be quite a good detector!. And most of all ask if there are any known problems or issues with each detector I can’t Stress this enough!!. There are lots of detector’s out there and they all have there Pro’s and Con’s so please find out what they are before buying one as some may have known Issues with them!!, I’ve owned a few and have personally seen this and are known but most of the users who know detector’s and how they should operate correctly, and this isn’t just my personal experience but many. If you’d like more information on that point alone feel free to PM me. Good luck with the search.
  12. Hi Everyone I’ve been waiting to see or read a heap of stories about it’s gold capability’s but I’ve seen very little about it so far!. So just wondering how everyone that’s purchased one and using it to hunt Gold are actually going with it??. I couldn’t imagine it’d be as good on tiny gold like the Gold Monster is, and I guess the Equinox being an all rounder detector compared to the Monster being a dedicated gold machine you wouldn’t expect it to be quite as good either. So what’s the go guys and girls how does it perform on the tiny stuff?. Cheers
  13. Yer I’m not sure MXT, but if you haven’t done yet please send Mars an email about making a coil and the issues with the Gold Monster coils as we need everyone getting on board and letting them know that there are plenty of us that want and need a coil that doesn’t have the bump/touch sensitivity issues and it needs to be super sensitive on tiny gold.. If you send me a message I can give you her personal email so she gets it direct. Cheers
  14. I’ve been talking now with Mars for the past 6 weeks about a coil for the Gold Monster! To start with they weren’t overly interested but I’ve reached out to as many people as I can to contact them about making one for it and have explained the problems with the factory coil and how there’s potentially thousands of people interested in buying one if one was produced, they hadn’t even seen the Gold Monster at that stage but now due to other’s contacting them as well I spoke again with her last week and they have gone out and brought a Gold Monster now to see if it’s possible to make one for it so that in itself was promising especially when they’ve gone to that effort as she said they had to buy it from Russia as it wasn’t available in there country!. So I’d suggest others to also contact Mars to really push the fact that there’s plenty of others out there wanting a coil due to the bump/touch sensitivity issues with the stock one. As I said to her who ever makes one will have the Gold Monster Coil market all to themselves. So everyone need to send them an email!!, as everyone else I contacted gave me a flat out no they weren’t interested in making one for it. Cheers
  15. That speci in the scoop look Awesome!. But I’m guessing myself as well as others want to know if this detector can find that tiny gold that a lot of the higher frequency detectors can find?, And what makes this new detector from Whites stand out , different or a lot better improvements wise compared to the GMT or other White’s detector’s as let’s face it it’s been a fair while since they’ve released a VLF Gold orientated Detector. I guess with the talk that there might have been a dual frequency type detector that they might have been releasing some of us have had high hopes of a detector that might be a game changer like the Minelab Equinox has been hailed as. Please keep us all updated with your finds and thoughts.
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