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  1. There is an area of a park that I hunt that I have gone over many times with my CTX, Deus, and EQ 800. I have studiously tried to learn how to use the many features of each detector to know good targets from questionable ones. Recently friends have expressed an interest in trying metal detecting so I bought a Quest Q20 to loan them because it is simpler than my other machines while still having minimally useful features. Took it out to the area of the park mentioned above to check it out and....you guessed it....found my best find of the past year, a heavy gold plated silver ring. Which got me to thinking.......(always dangerous). Its been discussed before of course but I wonder how many of us use all the info and adjustments of our machines to find the good stuff but only end up using all that info almost as a reason NOT to dig. Is that why a new detector always seems to "bring hunted out sites back to life"? Is that why, in the face of increasing technology, beep and dig machines are still out there doing well? Knowing your machine(s) is necessary for sure and it's fun tweaking them to get their best. But just what is their best? We've all seen a good strong signal turn out to be something other than what was indicated. Still, there are a few people who can tell an awful lot about a target before digging it and digging every beep is hardly a viable option. Plus you can't sweep every square inch of a site. BUT....... I'll bet most of us just outsmart ourselves more often than not. Or is that just me?
  2. I did the same thing with the same result.
  3. Detectors don't know silver from dirt but they do know metal response which they translate to numbers on a screen. So.......any high conductor should be found deeper with Beach 2, right? I ask what may be a dumb question because sometimes what seems an obvious answer.......ain't.
  4. Good info. I'm awful smart but cherry picking low conductors has never even occurred to me. LOL. How easy it is to get in a rut.
  5. MineBlab

    Loose Rods, Wobbly Rods, Rod Flex

    I wonder how many have a loose arm cuff screw and think it's the shaft.
  6. MineBlab

    Can I Be Critical Of The Equinox Here?

    Correct as usual, here is the square tab at 4 directions around coil: (800)
  7. MineBlab

    Can I Be Critical Of The Equinox Here?

    Same test, CTX 3030: Enough difference to hear.
  8. MineBlab

    Can I Be Critical Of The Equinox Here?

    You have same luck as me.......50/50 chance and you lost. LOL.
  9. MineBlab

    Can I Be Critical Of The Equinox Here?

    OK, here is a sound analysis of an air test of a nickel and a square tab (the blue screen at the lower part of the image). Both were swiped at the same speed and same distance from the coil. You tell me which is which. Not trying to argue here, just demonstrating. Also watch (and listen) to this: Same soil as mine. Just talking about sound here, not VDI jumping.
  10. MineBlab

    Can I Be Critical Of The Equinox Here?

    Well you're right about the Deus. Maybe I'll get it figured out soon. Good advice.
  11. MineBlab

    Can I Be Critical Of The Equinox Here?

    First let me say that I do not hunt salt water or in mineralized ground, I hunt in fairly non-mineralized trashy parks. Second I only have a total of 12.75 hours on my 800. I also have been detecting for 15 years and I know a little about adjusting a detector. In my sites I find the 800 to almost be a dig everything machine, easily matched by most any other mid level machine. In a park infested with aluminum trash it is (so far) impossible to separate trash from targets that have similar low to mid range VDI numbers - the VDI resolution of the 800 is just not fine enough and the tone "voice" does not return enough nuance. I have tried about every variation of settings and detecting technique the machine and I are capable of. With my other two high level machines separation can be done frequently (not always) either by VDI or tone quality but of course I paid for that ability with purchase price. I will say that when set up properly the 800 is a deep machine rivaling my CTX in my mild soil. However, I have begun experimenting with Gold 1 and there just might be a solution there. But as everyone knows, the 600/800 machines have other advantages. I'm just not located in a place where I can take advantage of them.
  12. Brand new, never used, perfect......$265 shipped CONUS, PP F&F
  13. MineBlab

    Rye Patch ?

    Be ready for 2" of powder dust on the way in. Can also get pretty windy.
  14. MineBlab

    Another Tool In The Tesoro Tool Box

    Either a PI or water machine?
  15. There you go with that logic and intelligence thing again. There's no place for such things on detector loyalty threads.
  16. MineBlab

    Convert Equinox To S Shaft?

    Well one thing is for sure.......from the very first nobody ever tried to hide the fact that the Eq shaft is straight.
  17. LOL. Unfortunately that includes bullets. I certainly did my share of making Arizona lead free by detecting them.
  18. Once in a while you have to let the smoke out or it clogs things up.
  19. MineBlab

    When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    It's the same answer that has applied to 95% of Eq comments since last Sept. "We'll just have to wait and see."
  20. MineBlab

    What Kind Of Videos Do You Want To See?

    Direct comparisons with another machine on the same undug targets. Include settings.
  21. MineBlab

    The Advantage Of No Tester Videos

    2 or 3 threads here make me think that Minelab must have hired some new marketing folks over the last year. They seem much more aggressive. Maybe I'm thinking that just because of all the accompanying hype by potential owners tho.
  22. MineBlab

    New Minelab Tagline - Performance Is Everything

    Yeah, that's what she said. Nice video though.
  23. MineBlab

    Kennedy Half Near Mint

    GUYS !!!.......it's a joke........a run of the mill Kennedy Half near to a breath MINT. (But your nice comments are appreciated) (And I think maybe you all need a vacation.......LOL).