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  1. I have been thinking of that idea. Finding the most logically (gravity) wash and removing overburden. I do have an Anfibio Multi and have been surprised at the depth but perhaps this "Minelab GPX 5000 machine with Coiltek 22" would be the way to go. Any other recommends appreciated.
  2. https://www.kellycodetectors.com/okm-exp-6000-professional-plus-metal-detector Yikes!!! And still there are 30,000 reviews of buyers
  3. Sevatras: Thanks for the post ... got a good laugh there. Appreciate the replies ...what a knowledge base here!! I will report back on this project as we move forward. .....good luck out there
  4. Thanks Neb. That is good advice. I have been using an Anfibio Multi over the years with good success but not for something this deep. The difficulty with your suggestion is there is simply too many wash trap sites to make that practical. If nothing can detect that deep even for large target then we will have to find some aspect of your advice that may work for us. Thanks again.
  5. Fall is arriving on Vancouver Island Canada with cooler weather and some rain. The forests are increasingly resistant to fire and safe to enter. Our mining claim is at the 4000-5000 foot level on the side of a heavily forested mountain. After testing several washes with a long prob we were finding depth to be in the vicinity of 1 m / 3 feet. I do have an Anfibio Multi which is not suited. Looking for advice on buying a detector for this depth. The washes we surmise hold decent cache of placer and we also suspect a small vein is nearby. So, the washes to be investigated would contain decent sized targets not pickers or flour gold. I have heard "Minelab GPX 5000 machine with Coiltek 22" DD Goldstalker coil" and "JW Pulse 8x" would be suitable. I would appreciate your comments. I also am aware of the Minelab 7000. Although the price is high and we do not seek overkill or other uses except for this project the 7000 would have to be considered. Good luck out there and thanks in advance for posting if you do.
  6. I just read "phrunt's" post.: December 23, 2018 in Minelab Equinox Fan Club ...about black sands. I did post on another forum about this and I hope I am not violating an etiquette but the topic is recent here and comments helpful. I am newly using the Anfibio Multi but beginning to realize perhaps this detector was not the best choice and perhaps a PI better. I liveaboard my boat on Vancouver Island pretty much year round voyaging the entire coast Vancouver to Alaska including islands. Today, first time using on the beach the AM could not settle down over regular looking sand interspersed with layers of black sand. Since most all of my detecting will be coastal coves, harbours and their beaches most all with black sands I am wondering what detector would be more suited. This was said by poster "phrunt" which was interesting with regard to making the "right" choice for my hunting grounds. "I find the fine coatings of black sand to be the most difficult no matter if I use a multi frequency or a PI." Thank you
  7. https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=20924&p=9 Not getting such great reviews in Oz. This youtube Oz review not so good either: https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=20924&p=9 .... Out again tomorrow on a copper claim Vancouver Island reportedly gold in the copper deposits.
  8. Thanks..... I had a multi unit plug into main plug which I removed and went direct charger to wall outlet... works fine.
  9. Testing phase of this new machine. Tomorrow I will be going out to a copper claim on Vancouver Island. Geology reports that some of the rock may contain gold. I have not charged the battery since purchase. Today I plugged the lithium ion battery into the wall charger in prep for tomorrow but did not see any light. When I first un-boxed the unit I plugged the battery in and a red light came on. The next day the light was green (fully charged). This time no light. Does this mean the battery is still at a high enough charge? Does this battery require a full discharge before re-charge or should it be plugged in after every use even if just a few hours? Many thanks for this...seems like not a very important question but I did not find any reference on ML site "search" function. As far as the unit itself for my wee spot of the globe ... too early to tell. It did find a few old coins in my lady's flower bed first go round. Looking forward to testing it out tomorrow on this very large copper claim in the Port Alberni area.
  10. Thank you Chuck. My concern was related to the "construction" of the detector which looks flimsy particularly the battery "lid" compartment. The only other detector I have used for the past 5 yrs or so has been a TDI Pro by Whites which is rugged to a fault in comparison. I believe the guts of the 1000 are solid ML tech.
  11. Just received my GM 1000: (As posted on another forum) First outing today for 2 hrs in a trashy garden. Picked up two 50 yr old Canadian coins (quarter and a penny) in deep all metal mode showing non ferrous.... ok so far. On the other hand this detector has a flimsy, cheap feel to it despite not expecting heavy duty at that price. The "lid" for the battery compartment I believe would embarrass even "made in China". However, time will tell. My previous detector was a Whites TDI... very tank like. Had I not had such a good offer ..would have kept it. My bro has a Fisher Gold Bug 2 and the GB pro. I am sensing a bit of regret I did not go the same way.
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