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  1. Are these MarsMD coils any good? My Impact stock coil cable failed on me this week which is very disappointing when the cable is protected in the shaft. I think it's been like that for a while because the machine would go silent and then come back. It's still a brilliant machine and I wouldn't swap it for anything but I need the coil replacing.
  2. This is what I was told by someone who I met at Detectival when we were discussing the new Equinox. He said that he was a witness to a accident not far from Detecival and the Whites rep got out of her taxi to help because she was also a trained doctor. She left the prototype machine in a bag near to where she was helping treat the accident victims and the bag got stolen. It was all go at Detectival but not a great deal of finds to the amount of detectorist there, which was quite a disappointing.
  3. Hi JW and thank you. I have been here for a short time but Steve's site is my go to for information. My God haven't Minelab just gone and done that! I couldn't stand Minelab or their machines but after Saturday has come and gone this might of changed my opinion? Well on their machines and maybe the 10 or so free body warmers, caps and other free stuff ? Still not a fan of the company. A friend a problem with his Minelab and they didn't want to know. So my opinion on customer service hasn't changed. Whites metal detecting were going to launch a similar machine at Detectival but it got lost or stolen in transit. Good luck to you also and Happy Hunting Jeremy
  4. WoW what a machine! Im at Detectival in the UK where Minelab launched the Equinox. This is my friend Harrys YouTube channel IDETECT. Hes a massive Garrett fan but after the few jokes about the equinox, he was extremely impressed and told me so off camera. I've tried out the Minelab Equinox myself at Detectival, which is just a prototype and not the finished article yet. To me it looks like Minelab has out done everyone and even if it does look like the Quest machines, it's just looks only. The Quest is a toy compared to the Equinox and looks is all that it has. I can see that brand loyalty maybe put to aside with this machine and even the hardcore Garrett guys and girls might be questioning themselves, do I want this incredible detector? I know it will be a big fat 'YES' to the thoughts! I personally love my Nokta Impact but this is a major step up and now I'm thinking, will my Impact be a backup machine? I feel sick by saying that! I know you have to walk over it to find it but this Equinox machine will find it. Anyway I'm glad the parachute opened!
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