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  1. Very Nice ! Thank you for sharing ..
  2. Splitting hairs dude. The 8" commander mono is an exceptional coil...No need for another one of nearly the exact size.
  3. Between the Elite, and the Commander Mono, I would think there may be a pretty good weight difference.
  4. How does all this info help me find gold?
  5. Well, I certainly enjoyed looking that nugget ! Thanks for posting it
  6. Great Specimen!! Thanks for sharing?
  7. Yeah I dont see a problem here. The video mimics a typical weekend for me ... ?
  8. Can you provide a link to the exact model please.
  9. Based on the terrain you seem to hunt and the size of the gold available, I would think the GPZ would be complete overkill. A good VLF like the GM1000 or Gold Bug II would be wiser, and you would likely find more gold to.
  10. More likely weathering and erosion are the reason.
  11. Because he knows you do not need a 8,000 dollar detector, and another 500.00 in accessories to find gold. ?
  12. You do not need to be buying or making more stuff. You are just not getting the 4800 over detectable gold.
  13. You really think it will make that big of a difference.??? You`ve got to be kidding me!
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