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  1. Sounds like you are new to the gold nugget detecting hobby. You are detecting the wrong spots if you are in black sands i.e (magnetite, ironstone, manganese, hematite etc.) that are a foot deep. Move on, and prospect different areas.
  2. Whenever I have driven through there, I never really considered it a gold " looking " area..... It was worth a shot though , check that one off the list
  3. A 2 grammer is a very nice nugget ! Well done , and Congrats !
  4. "Fine gold" in rye patch? I always thought is was super quiet ground there ? Nice job on the nuggets!
  5. Splitting hairs dude. The 8" commander mono is an exceptional coil...No need for another one of nearly the exact size.
  6. Between the Elite, and the Commander Mono, I would think there may be a pretty good weight difference.
  7. Well, I certainly enjoyed looking that nugget ! Thanks for posting it
  8. More likely weathering and erosion are the reason.
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