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  1. My opinion is that if you are successful in the Bradshaws then just stick with that area. Though I realise you are trying to find somewhere closer to you. Do not expect people to be free information. The book "placer gold deposits of arizona" has hundreds of areas to detect.
  2. All I hear is a whole lot of whining. Judging from your bio, you have like 50 other detectors you can use in the meantime. Things happen , get over it
  3. Actually I do. Its is beat up but I kept it because it still works. Had to repair the part that the shaft connects to. Id let it go dirt cheap . You can email me at arizonagoldrush@gmail.com if interested Adam
  4. Thank you so much ! I used an minelab 8" round mono on my 2200V2 for many years. It is a great coil.
  5. I hope you got those machines dirt cheap, because it sounds like you are putting alot of money into them.
  6. Gold has no "Halo effect" You just need more time pinpointing with the 6000, and experience with your recovery method. Chances are the nuggets were shallower, and when disturbed they dropped deeper. The shape of the nugget plays a huge role as well. Lose the pinpointer, you dont need it. If I have never neeeded one then dont let dealers talk you into buying it. Always good practice to use a "shake down" method in the scoop. This can make a world of difference on tiny nuggets. Also the type of scoop you have can play a role in the process of recovery. Take your time, breath, relax, find the nugget, and enjoy your day.
  7. Is it gold? ...NO ! Throw it in the trash can and keep looking...Geezzz
  8. That wont be easy, just buy a new handle and dont let it happen again.
  9. Man, you guys sure are passionate about your pick axes
  10. I dont know where this is but im sure the rancher that owns the cattle would want this problem " taken care of "
  11. Get yourself a natural gold nugget to practice with the Gold Bug 2 . One that weighs around 2 tenths of a gram. If your going to Rye Patch you`ll want to be practicing with gold nuggets , not coins. The Gold Bug 2 is awesome at finding gold out there.
  12. Lots to love regarding the Fisher Gold Bug 2 ..... The GM1K is for little kids, and beginners. 😁 Benefits of the Fisher Gold Bug 2 ; *Ergonomic design *Better on Specimen gold *Does not fall over continuously *Has a narrow sexy elliptical mono coil, not a hockey puck fat ugly clumsy coil. *Manual ground balance only, so no confusion *Batteries last forever and can run on one battery if needed *1/4 inch headphone jack *Excellent Iron Disk mode, contrary to what a novice tried to convey * Shaft does not get all loose and twisty * Costs 100.00 less
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