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  1. The way to go Steve H, I also let it go, no AQ for me anymore they lost me as a client, looking into the Aussie detector QED even without service in the US, when having problems I just send the pot in for service to Down under land, only concern I have is it needs certain adjustment/tuning, for use in gold country in the US what I read. Steve H. Can you tell me what adjustment the QED needs to used in our gold country. I would appreciate any information on this, so I can ask the Aussie maker of the QED to make these ajustments. See this as my experiment for 2020 /2021, I also wouldn't mind to lend my QED as a test machine to you or any other experienced nuggett hunter for experiment testing. Just want to tell you that I am not a dealer or interested in selling any detectors to prevent any misunderstandings, wanted to do this pet project for a few years. Better do it now and don't want to postpone any pet projects, life is short and I don't know if the COVID19 virus gets me this year or next year! No waiting for me anymore, it' now or never!
  2. Nice video of the AQ, but it's a teaser again holding a carrot in front of us. I want to see the AQ in production and want to swing one, maybe the Defence Production Act just put into power and used for us detectorist make Fisher move faster. 😄
  3. Yes the Corona virus can be a big problem if Fisher waits any longer, there won't be many people left to buy the AQ since many of us older folks who are in the high risk factor will be gone, and are swinging our detectors in heaven.
  4. An advice for Fisher, they should hire Steve Herschbach as a sales and Marketing director on a contract basis for their promotion and sales etc. For the new AQ detector launch. At least we know things will be different and Steve can do some good brooming in the Fisher AQ team. (As they say new broom sweep clean) Wink, wink , to Fisher Company!!! Fisher wake up and get your act together!!!!! PS. And Steve H. Maybe can give a kick back to subscribers of his website in the form of a 15% discount on the new AQ line detectors! ( can't we keep on dreaming a little bit.)
  5. I agree with you, and the problem is with Fisher personally I think they should hire a professional PR guy, who can handle this, instead of people who can't handle their public relation and promotion of their products. I think for such a big company as Fisher their must be something wrong in the management! Nothing personal to you or any others, but I prefer you all to direct the storm to Fisher and and not to Rick, who is just trying to help us .
  6. Guys, give Rick a break. He is the only person who gives us information . The one to blame is Fisher!! Just write or call Fisher and complain or boycott them and don't buy their ffffff.........new detector if it ever comes on the market.
  7. Maybe it was just a dream and it evaporated into thin air !!
  8. Thanks very much Tony for testing the unit, you saved me money and I will not by the TDIBH. ( Buyer Beware )
  9. You guys are such great help and Tony I will be waiting for your test results . Thanks everybody for your input!
  10. Whites quoted on their website that the TDI beach hunter can also be used as a nuggett hunting detector in the gold fields. Was wondering if their was somebody who tried it and what their experience is and what the sensitivity on small gold is?
  11. Let's hope that the "AQ" will be out in June 2020 want to get one to, but up till now it's all dead, not even a whimper. Looks more like it will come out in June 2021! Very disappointed in Fisher.
  12. Maybe Fisher made an error and instead of 2020 for the launch date they mend 2021, looks that we are heading that way!
  13. I find it very depressing to, checking into detectorprospector every couple of days to see if there is new information, but like you said NADA. Fisher please shape up, and show us if you are still alive !
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