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  1. I own 3 out of 5 the Gold Bug Pro, Gold Monster and the Makro Gold Kruzer.
  2. Thanks Steve H, Hoped that you would chime in, and you did.! Thanks very much for your links, I will research it.
  3. Is their gold to be found in the area of Clear Alaska and if so, what type of gold is their to be found. I have a friend who has a homestead in this area and want to visit them next year summer. Would appreciate any information of forum members who know the area and did gold prospecting over there.
  4. It's just what it reads " New Toy" stay with your traditional gold pan and pocket your money!
  5. Yes that's the little Island in the north Atlantic, where they have the" Brexit" problem and they can't make up their minds, if they want to stay with mother Europe or not!
  6. Very interested project you are working on " Phrunt " I am watching it closely and keep up the good work in testing the QED, we all can learn of your testing project . Want to thank you for all the work you put into it!
  7. That's the way to go, just an on/off button can't be simpler. Or a robotic gold detector like on of those robotic vacuum cleaners. Have the robo detector snlff up the gold, while sitting in a chair sipping a cold beer!
  8. Now we need to have Dilek only make a Nokta/Makro "Simplex" Gold detector than we are in business! Dilek, please make us a "Simplex" high freq.Gold detector!!!!!
  9. The way it screams on gold I like it! Hope they will market a nugget detector to, I would love it when it would scream on a nugget in high mineralised ground! Just let that baby scream and I will be a happy man!
  10. We have to learn to speak Russian now, it's the new International language, English is finished. They even overtake our country and our detector Vid's on U-Tube!
  11. Thanks very much for your advice Simon, will order the Nel Snake coil for my unit!
  12. Check out " detect man " on UTube he is a French man testing out the Equinox Nox 800 and the Gold Monster for nugget hunting in the African jungle, and see how many gold nuggets he finds with the NOx and 11 inch coil! Detect man has many vids on his UTube channel, look for the one of his African gold expedition.
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