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  1. Thanks very much Skullgolddiver, checked online the ACQ 908 delivers 0.12 MPa pressure with 150 L/min. And the ACQ 910 0.12 MPa with 160 L/min. Thanks very much for your info and help!
  2. Skullgolddiver can you tell how many watts the ACQ 910 is using per hr.
  3. I am interested in building my own hookah system for my winter project with the acq 906 or 910 can any tell me how to build one and what materials to buy or may be give drawing/plan to start my project, any help is appreciated.
  4. I have a girlfriend who has a beach house in Ventura California, only one major problem We don't have an AQ ! Life just isn't perfect.
  5. Please don't back off a little Steve, we all want to know what you have to say ! And we are adults and can't be to sensitive. You're a specialist in the detector field with so much experience, we can only dream off and we know you're telling the truth ,and say it the way it is! Go full blast, Go Steve.
  6. I know Steve H. Is a happy camper with his new toy !! Get it Wet Steve!!!! And good luck and Congratulations with your new AQ, we're waiting for your test reviews in anticipation.
  7. Sorry Steve, for the misunderstanding was not talking regarding the limit edition ,and understand that those do not count.
  8. Do you have family living in the USA or maybe know a prospecting body. They could help you out. Send them the funds to buy the AQ in the US and have them send the unit to you this solves the problem ,not only for you but anybody living abroad, you just have to think out of the box. Correction to this posting, this does not count for the limit edition only for the USA, only sold under special rules.
  9. Or maybe use a " jackery Solar Generator" in the field ,has build in inverter and you can charge the Jackery Solar Generator with the Jackery solar panel in the field or plug it in your car cigarette lighter socket. The Solar Generators are used for camping in the field. You can charge the AQ battery also straight from The Jackery Solar Charger since it also has a 110 AC socket, they are also used in boon docking they are very versatile and are available in different power version. Have a two year warranty and a dealer in California, the factory is in China but the Jackery Company opened an o
  10. Well Fisher just had a difficult birth with the AQ, but it's not to late if they follow up Steve H. advice, start with the Wader version, and naturally the Land version, and the last but not least the Dive version which is harder to make and more expensive due to water pressure for diving. But you never know Fisher still can see the light, and change !!! And I hope they will.
  11. Just like buying new shoes, if they are very comfortable you better buy two pairs!!
  12. Easy to solve this problem come and spend a holiday in our beautiful country, and do some detecting with your newly acquired AQ detector and be a a Happy camper.
  13. The way to go Steve, we know you will do an excellent job !! As you always do.
  14. Will there be a reprint for : Follow The Drywashers, want one when in reprint and count me in on the Nuggett Shooters Bible.
  15. Maybe you found a treasure which could be worth millions, the cell phone could store secret spy, or industrial espionage informations. When turning it in make sure that you claim the 10% finders fee incase it's worth something, you never know you could have hit the jackpot.
  16. How did you clean those rings, they look so shiny after all the corrosion. You did a good job.
  17. The way to go Steve H, I also let it go, no AQ for me anymore they lost me as a client, looking into the Aussie detector QED even without service in the US, when having problems I just send the pot in for service to Down under land, only concern I have is it needs certain adjustment/tuning, for use in gold country in the US what I read. Steve H. Can you tell me what adjustment the QED needs to used in our gold country. I would appreciate any information on this, so I can ask the Aussie maker of the QED to make these ajustments. See this as my experiment for 2020 /2021, I also wouldn't mi
  18. Nice video of the AQ, but it's a teaser again holding a carrot in front of us. I want to see the AQ in production and want to swing one, maybe the Defence Production Act just put into power and used for us detectorist make Fisher move faster. 😄
  19. Yes the Corona virus can be a big problem if Fisher waits any longer, there won't be many people left to buy the AQ since many of us older folks who are in the high risk factor will be gone, and are swinging our detectors in heaven.
  20. An advice for Fisher, they should hire Steve Herschbach as a sales and Marketing director on a contract basis for their promotion and sales etc. For the new AQ detector launch. At least we know things will be different and Steve can do some good brooming in the Fisher AQ team. (As they say new broom sweep clean) Wink, wink , to Fisher Company!!! Fisher wake up and get your act together!!!!! PS. And Steve H. Maybe can give a kick back to subscribers of his website in the form of a 15% discount on the new AQ line detectors! ( can't we keep on dreaming a little bit.)
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