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    Biloxi Mississippi
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    Blues Harleys pan And Shovels Diving bottle digging rebuild old German Tube Radio’s dredging gold recapping old fender amps Guitars Electronics etc.
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    Barracuda Nox 8 gold sword Excalibur ATX Infinium GoldScan 6 Aqua Star 4 inch Dredge Garret VLF/TR 500 Dmc2b Gpx5000 Joe Sink Hooka 2 modified Excals Original Soverighn2 Golden Mask Yamaha TW

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    James E. Pugh Sr.

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Retired Everyday Saturday 

all my3 Children are grown and happily married. Have two grandkids  like research and verification . Have been metal detecting 40 plus years ran three companies Anchor Appliance Anchor Electronics and Anchor Metal Detectors....like To grill and  cook ..... gold mine in the Carolinas And relic hunt all over the South East ...... Closest I ever got to Heaven was being Born and Bred  in the Great State of Texas ....my mother and Grandmother are Texan Born as well....Go long Horns...

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