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  1. Dear Fellow Prospector, First of all, I want to thank you for the response you provided to our recent Action Alert! We received some very good feedback from the mining community and believe we have also received some additional positive traction carried forth by those through Face Book. We apologize for such short notice but the Solicitor General’s brief came out late Wednesday night and there was concern that it would be part of the Supreme Court’s review process that Friday. The good news is it was not reviewed at that time and is currently scheduled for review on January 5th, 2018. This allows us time for a chance for additional action. The review process, called a conference, is when the justices consider whether to grant cert on certain petitions. When a petition is conferenced, the justices can (1) deny the petition, (2) grant the petition, or (3) relist the petition (which means they don’t take action and mark it to be considered at another conference). We have been advised, with the exception of the long conference after the summer break, the Court does not usually grant a cert unless a petition has been relisted. A relisted petition is one that has been scheduled for two consecutive conferences. The really good news is that only four of the nine Justices are needed to vote in favor to grant the case to move forward. What we are asking for is that each of you send in one letter to each of those justices likely to rule in favor to grant the Rinehart case on the basis of the facts of the case, the intent of congress, mining law and the actual question before the court. We only need to send in one letter but need to do it in a manner which ensures it arrives in time to have an effect before the conference. Here is our sample letter that you can copy and paste, add your name and address and print out to mail in: http://www.goldgold.com/sample-ltr-scotus.html We are also recommending that you print out and enclose the formal letter that has been sent to Donald Trump by our attorney: http://www.goldgold.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Letter-to-President-Trump-12-8-17.pdf You can also create your own letter from these talking points, from what you already know, and just ask the court for the case to be heard. Like I said earlier the federal government certainly gets in our way in some places, some states are determined to stop mineral development on the federal lands. This is especially true in California, Oregon and Washington. We must create such a large commotion over this that the court will grant the Rinehart writ to be heard. We are reaching out to all of the other mining organizations to develop a concentrated effort in this last big push. For as long as we have been fighting to recover our mining rights, there has never been a more important time to make our voices heard. Our future, and to a large degree, America's future, hangs in the balance which very well might swing our way if we all make a lot of noise right now! Thanks for all you can do, Dave Mack The New 49'er Legal Fund
  2. I hear we are getting good traction on Face Book. Please share this there if you have the ability and keep those letters coming. ratled
  3. THANKS everyone for the continued support!!!! We are getting good feed back on this and I ma trying to expand it further. Keep those letters coming! ratled
  4. We are getting some good feedback on this, THANKS everyone for your support! A new day, a new letter, let's all send a one in every day ratled
  5. We have several things in the hopper in light of the SG brief in the Rinehart case. One of the things that you can do is this from Dave Mack. It worked well for us in the 3rd Court of Appeals and is worth a try here. At least the cost is low ratled http://bb.bbboy.net/thenew49ers-viewthread?forum=2&thread=1562
  6. Tvan here you go, an unused picture from that article. Photo credit to the author Ron Kliewer. ratled
  7. I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dave's books and DVDS... One simple way to anchor when there are no tie offs for a smaller dredge is tie to a milk crate and fill it with rocks. Once you have an idea of where gold should be punch a small hole, see whats in the box. No gold move on, some gold clean the box move a little and repeat. Keep doping so until you have ground worth your time. ratled
  8. They are back up. There were server issues with the host ratled
  9. Don't be fooled, they keep the fine to. We use an 8" (back when) on the Klamath and have a 4" for sampling and back country work. ratled