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    Besides being an avid detectorist I play the English Concertina and enjoy baking bread.
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    GPX-5000 & 4500, NEXUS MP Mk 2, NEXUS SE, Ultima &Nautilus DMC-IIB. I have a range of coils for the GPX and several in respect of the NEXUS and Nautilus. My preference is for deep seeking detectors.

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  1. As I am a coin and artefact hunter I don't generally use fine gold soil timings. However I do use Sharp and Sensitive Extra, and they work well with this coil. This coil is now my coil of choice with the GPX 5000. Probably the only times I will change is to an Anti Interference in the event of detecting near electric fences or under large power lines or a smaller coil if the site dictates it.
  2. We have been given a provisional date of 26 Apr for travel within Scotland to be permitted. So I'm hopeful, weather permitting, of getting onto my sites to give this coil a chance of showing me what it's capable of. Really looking forward to swinging it! Will keep readers updated.
  3. The manufacturer describes it as a concentric. One coil transmits and the other receives. The weight is not bad for such a large coil, probably due to it being encased in carbon fibre. At 1100g it compares well with the smaller Coiltek 14" Elite Mono (1100g) and Nugget finders closed 15" Round Evolution Spiral Mono (1000g). I also use a bungy, so no need for the weight lifting. LOL
  4. Still not been able to get out in the field because of Covid restrictions. However, I have been out into the back garden and am delighted with it. The most striking point is the ability, at the flick of a switch, to change from a 21" mono to a 21" concentric coil. It will probably be sometime in March before travel restrictions are lifted but as soon as they are, I will be heading to a site or two to see what this coil can turn up for me. The sites have in the past produced medieval hammered coins, but the last few years have been extremely lean.
  5. With the coil control switch on CC, I would have the GPX on DD, with the Coil control switch on M, the GPX will be set to Mono. With the GPX on Cancel, the coil control switch with be on CC. Yes, the original coil switch settings were referred to as "hot ground, or mineralised ground" and "maximum depth". I believe some people found that confusing, so it is now named CC & M. M is mono, and will give max depth, CC is concentric which may be better in highly mineralised soil and also offers the opportunity of discrimination. As mention, I haven't had a chance to use the coil
  6. I have no idea of the scientific principles involved. I am just a very enthusiastic detectorist. This coil is different to any others for my GPX, in that it is concentric and whilst used as a concentric discrimination can be used. Alternatively it can be used as a mono coil for maximum depth without discrimination. As a mono it makes use of the 21" outer coil. As a concentric it is using both the inner oud outer coils. Once I am free from the covid lock down, I will be able to see how it performs in the field. I hunt coins and artifacts in the UK.
  7. My Nexus 21" Concentric coil has arrived, yippee! A whole lot faster than expected. We are in lock down here so I think it will be some weeks before I can get onto a decent site to put it through its paces. However, as soon as the rain stops I will paddle out in the garden to get a feel of it, not ideal I know but I just can't wait to give it a try. Will take a couple of photos and post up as soon as possible.
  8. Reading a recent thread reminded me of the Nautilus and how it was perceived and received by detectorists here in the UK. My detectors of choice are GPX-5000 and Nexus MP/Ultima, with a selection of coils. Prior the Nexus my favoured VLF being the Nautilus DMC-IIB. At the time, relatively few UK detectorist had heard of the Nautilus and of the few who had and went on to purchase, most gave up on it. They couldn't get their heads round the necessary coil balancing or get to grips with the unique way it could ID iron and the way the batteries were exposed on the underside was a to
  9. I am pretty sure you will reject some hammered with 10-11, 13-14 and possibly 18.
  10. If this is the case, what is the advantage in using the Nox over other good machines?
  11. You mention high EMI in that area. EMI can/does affect performance, maybe that's the culprit???
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