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  1. Well done mate! Looks like you are certainly onto a good spot, you'll have to start looking at other parks and ovals in your area. I didn't see any follow up on the item you said you had no idea about. looks to me to be a riding crop and stirrup pin/ brooch? Best of luck on your next outing! Mark
  2. It's not hard to do the right thing. I'll be up that way next month and have my 40e's, permissions and will be letting the pastoralist know when and where I'll be camped. Some people seem to go out of their way to do the wrong thing and stuff it up for others 😞
  3. I was looking for a user friendly youtube name when I set up my channel. My name is Mark and I live on the west coast of Australia so I tried westcoastmark and it was available! So I've stuck with that name since.
  4. Doesn't sound right at all. The coil sounds like it is touch sensitive if it is reacting to wet grass. I'd be contacting Minelab or a dealer to have it looked at.
  5. I too am eager to see this detector released. I've always hunted in the water with VLF but am really keen to try PI to have a bit of an edge and this unit sounds pretty good.
  6. Steve, I don't post on here much but visit often. Having been on quite a few forums, this is the only one for me now. Things can get a little heated but I find 99% of the time people are civil and there's a wealth of information shared. Thanks for the great forum ? Mark
  7. As Phonix pointed out you will get better depth with the 14" round. Having said that I know the the 17" x 11" will punch down deep as well having helped dig out a 5oz piece from cap rock at a measured 25 inches. For its size the 14" is very sensitive on small sub gram bits having seen the results of someone using one. I've used the NF 12" Evo and can attest to its ability to pick up small bits and have dug a 2g specimen from about a foot here in Western Australia. Mark ?
  8. See if you can get some geology maps for your area and you will see if the structures (reefs) are connected. Or you can get an app like the one by trilobite solutions. You can get geo maps for vic on your phone and it will show you where you are on the ground when out there. I use it here in WA for finding promising spots. Finding new areas to find gold can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Knowing the underlying geology will at least show you where the haystack is.
  9. Yeah I got my handle form bunnings. Sometimes they have shovels on special and you can get one cheap, then I cut the head off and use the handle. The little handle on the side is for turning a Maglite into a batton. They are getting pricy so I made my own on my new scoop. Takes a lot of strain off your wrist when you are digging in wet sand. 28mm handle should be fine, my shovel handle is 32mm. Cheers, Mark
  10. I use fibreglass shovel handles on my scoops, they come to about shoulder height on me. I'm 5'8". The only thing I would be concerned with with yours is that a thin handle could snap under load.
  11. Like Phrunt says, In the box with a GPX 5000 both coils look the same, with one marked Commander mono and the other Commander DD. However in a GPX 4500 box the mono is the same as the GPX5000 mono but the DD has the blue label like yours.
  12. Lots of interesting info on that site. Thanks for sharing it ?
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