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  1. Thanks for posting that Steve. Good explanation of the coils but I was waiting for him to cover the other types of coils he showed 🙂
  2. Likewise mate 🙂 I'll make sure it's earlier in the season and stay longer next time.
  3. Stunning location madtuna! Hopefully I'll get back out there next year 🙂
  4. Doing some research on the shotgun cartridge and looks like the date range in 1898-1918. It's been sitting out there for awhile.
  5. Thanks Alaskaseeker, It was literally sitting on the surface. When I heard it i gave the spot a scrap with my boot as I do and seeing it moved I crouched down expecting to see a bullet and low and behold I could see the gold shining in the sun!
  6. I managed to get away a couple of weeks back for five days to chase some gold. Headed north of Kalgoorlie Western Australia to a spot I've been to before but could only manage a couple of little ones and a specie that was on the surface. Oh and 22 cents! Despite the good stuff being scarce it was great to get out bush. The two nuggets come in at just over a gram, all found with a GPZ 7000.
  7. Perhaps take it to a natural history museum to see if someone can identify it for you.
  8. CSIRO looked into this back in 2013. https://blog.csiro.au/gum-leaves-rich-in-lil-gold-nuggets/
  9. Hope you get your stuff back mate. As someone who has been broken into a couple of times, I know how it feels 😞
  10. I see the base model will search for stones. Could be handy if looking for Mick Jagger and the band 🙂
  11. Well done mate! Looks like you are certainly onto a good spot, you'll have to start looking at other parks and ovals in your area. I didn't see any follow up on the item you said you had no idea about. looks to me to be a riding crop and stirrup pin/ brooch? Best of luck on your next outing! Mark
  12. It's not hard to do the right thing. I'll be up that way next month and have my 40e's, permissions and will be letting the pastoralist know when and where I'll be camped. Some people seem to go out of their way to do the wrong thing and stuff it up for others 😞
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