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  1. DetectiveDick

    Rock Tumblers?

    Thanks for the detailed response Steve :) I was thinking that was the case, but wondered if there would be anything interesting that is magnetic/conductive that would look nice after a quick tumble. I am always on the lookout for gems when I go wandering, spent to much time in the arctic seeing all the stuff they would pull out of the soil there to not look for myself. I'm going to take a better look at that tumbler, I think something like that would be perfect.
  2. DetectiveDick

    Rock Tumblers?

    Hey everyone, I have always wanted to get a metal detector and spend a couple hours every week walking around the fields and beaches to see what I find, so I have been finding this place to be a great source of information. Something I have been wondering lately is what kind of rocks/gems people will commonly find? And do you take what you do find and put it in a rock tumbler to see how it really looks. I am sure that some of you must use a tumbler as you would inevitably get something out of it after cleaning all your finds. To any of you that do use rock tumblers, what ones do you use? I remember having a really cheap one years ago that I would use on the gravel in front of our house and it did not last very long so I assume I need to spend more than $30 if I want a good one! I might not be getting one right away but I do find a lot of cool rocks around so it is something I have been considering. Thanks in advance for all the tips! I took a look at both Lortone and Harbor Freight and I found some great rock tumblers but being the frugal guy I am I went looking for some deals. I did find some used rock tumblers on http://www.used.forsale/rock-tumbler and found the same tumbler for a lot cheaper and it was barely used. I figured I would pull the trigger on this one, then if I end up using it a lot I could spend more money next time. Thanks for the suggestions guys, happy hunting :)
  3. DetectiveDick

    Video - XP DEUS Elliptical HF Coil

    Really nice video. I am just starting to get into metal detecting so I will be watching more videos on your channel. Thanks :)