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  1. I agree @JDIGGS. I found gold with my Lobo. I got to know it so well I could guess the target almost spot on every time. The switches broke and I got a Racer.. part of me wants a Lobo again!!! I even found a piece of gold less than a 10th of a gram in the middle of the woods! Fun times.
  2. Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply. I just got back from two hour hunt and it stayed pretty stable, only freaked twice! So maybe the lower sensitivity will work. The area I am searching was not burned. The burn was about 300 feet away. The firefighters had turned the soil to create breaks. The earth has lots of broken up rocks all over though and very fine dust. I will keep clearing the area and I am sure I will find a clue to what makes it go crazy every so often. Maybe some burned material was mixed into the dozer lines. The target ID was very accurate overall. Goal is PI but until then I am happy working area with a VLF. I actually found half a staple !
  3. Hi Steve, I googled the Makro Gold Racer for hints and settings advice and came across your review and this forum. I just purchased the large coil and when I first put it on it went crazy flashing numbers like it was possessed. It was unstable. The manufacturer said to bump the sensitivity down a notch. I did and it seemed to help, but it still freaks out every so often. On one hot day I couldn't get it to settle at all. Have you come across this and if so, what is your solution? I am searching in mineralized red dirt that has been turned by dozers due to recent fire. Settings: Sensitivity 30, Threshold 25, ISAT 10 Thanks for advice, I know this is an old thread... Katherine
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