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  1. My dodgy phone camera added the aura Simon 🙂 The 26" CC coil is only 25 grams or so heavier than the 22" CC so no big deal. Quite happy swinging it but no deep gold today, only deep steel so far-
  2. Gerry: Overlap essential with CC coils. For all its size it's in realty only a 13" coil. I'm only using it for hunting deep ground where big gold has previously been found.
  3. Jim Stewart and I found some good gold with the mighty "Bismarck" (pictured) including a 30 oz piece. Hopefully the big CC will hit on something big it couldn't hear-
  4. VL: The coil definitely stays on top of the ground! 🙂 Any pinpointing required will be done with something else-
  5. Just fitted the test 26" CC X Coil. Let the fun begin!
  6. Geof: I'm going down the big coil path again (with the new 26"CC) as I usually do. Admittedly, It's all or nothing- and often nothing! OTOH, Financially, I only need to hear one faint broad signal-
  7. Same all over the bloody continent this winter. Freezing cold as well here in the SE! Have fun!
  8. Here's some fresh Aussie colours just to boost your enthusiasm Paul, not that it ever needs boosting! Not mine either, but found in Vic, deep down with the 22" CC X coil:
  9. Broke and Jeff: After going out of our way to assist the QED and its inventor to achieve market success as testers, Reg and I are now both persona non grata, banned from all official QED websites and FB pages. The level of public hatred and vindictiveness directed against Reg (in particular) by both individuals involved is something I have not previously experienced. Very sad!
  10. Already planning it Simon. Just have to remember all those deep spots over the last 40 odd years where I wished I had had a bigger coil! 🙂
  11. Some more nice colours from (name withheld!) Must be bl00dy cold working at night lately though!! 😏
  12. Yep, Don't do it, far too risky- :) Understatement Jasong!!! Not mine but flogged ground: Mine, 8 oz. (also flogged ground:) Draw your own conclusions -
  13. NE: Saw a lovely 4.5 oz deep colour on the X Coils FB page today found with a 22"CC but not mine unfortunately 😢
  14. Hi GC: It certainly does. Bear in mind that those settings are applicable for the 22"CC. I have no idea how they would work with other coils. Volume setting about half way but also bear in mind I use a Sennheiser RS160 cordless headphone system (with two separate volume controls in addition to the Z internal volume control) and run with the built in "Z" WM12 transmitter turned off.
  15. Yep! That was the mantra when I started in the late 80's Yes. Beloved (but exhausted) patches are near impossible to ignore. Jim Stewart once described them as "gazing upon the familiar face of a dear old friend" Yes Indeed. Looks like my 7000 with X Coil CC's will be my companion for a while yet-
  16. The 22" CC with some of its deep prey (8 ozs) 😉 Best deep gold setting used (found by testing on undisturbed gold in situ) Xtra Deep/normal/full gain/very low threshold/smoothing off. This setting eliminates all targets under a gram or so, so useless for chasing flyshite but perfect for eliminating surface shot. However it can clearly hear very deep .22 calibre bullets (and gold of that size) better than most other settings. It is also an EMI stable setting even under power lines:
  17. Luis: Had one on my 5000. Runs iron reject like a DD so useful for relics in that respect. Very stable coil with good depth as Aureous has stated.
  18. Agree Klunker, Mine had gone beyond that to "free will" rotation :)
  19. Simon: 26"CC is possibly built into that same casing, not sure. Is any coil heavier than the "Dog" lol? 😂
  20. Yeah Rick, no doubt about those X Coils revolutionising the Z and other detectors, especially the CC's. Probably part of my wear problem is down to swinging the big 22" CC. If that's the case I'll be really testing the locks with the arrival of my 26" CC test coil in a few weeks lol! 😉
  21. -or cheap and nasty, if you prefer. 1: Remove steel pins and remove lock lever 2: Separate brake pads from lock lever 3: Carefully apply a smooth layer of epoxy resin to the tops only of the brake pads, allow time to set hard and file excess off if necessary. 4: Reassemble, then go find a colour- :)
  22. RE: broken shaft: Anyone else thinking "Easy one! Hammer in a hardwood dowel with epoxy resin" and carry on??
  23. Steve: Nah! You're still far too young to fade yet. Get back up to Alaska and find some decent colours- Reg and I have been training a young, keen and gifted (anonymous) apprentice who will inherit all our knowledge. He has already produced astonishing results, some of them somewhat embarrassing (how TF did we miss that?? 🙂 I urge all the old pro's here to do the same. Don't let the knowledge fade with you! There's now a proud detecting tradition to maintain-
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