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  1. Just to be different - Baling lucerne hay tomorrow afternoon after a damp cold week. Christmas down under is like that sometimes! :) Merry Christmas everyone!
  2. Well said Jonathan. It's hard to appreciate just how much more stability and sensitivity the concentric coils bring to the 7000 (especially when running my preferred very hot settings) until one experiences it personally. I'm now very much looking forward to a head to head contest (on gold ground) between my 7000 CC set up (pictured) and Reg's 6000. Something to look forward to in the new year!
  3. Lucky: That does it!! I'm heading your way next Thanksgiving :) No need for directions, I'll just follow my nose from Australia!!!!!
  4. Well said Steve. However, I wish I still had the same young body that swung those early detectors. Technology now is brilliant and plenty of potentially rich new ground just begging to be walked -
  5. Gerry: Reg and his nice little colour :) Reg reported not super deep and an easy target: Ah yes! Pieter and Debbie Heydelaar: Bad boys and girl in WA (early 1990's) L to R: Me, Jim Stewart, Debbie, Reg Wilson, Pieter, John Hider Smith: Pieter with fuel tank from Soyuz spacecraft. Gwalia, WA. Pieter, Me (with video camera) and Jim Stewart. Early 1990's:
  6. You'll find something decent sooner or later Simon. Gotta be more than flys#it in Kiwi land somewhere? :) The 22"CC certainly has the depth advantage over standard coils. I only wish I was allowed to go and use it -
  7. Nice specimen, lovely gravels. "Johnno" loves his expletives! :)
  8. MN: The advantage of "Bogenes" settings is that the operator can choose the degree of tolerable background "chatter" simply by fine tuning the threshold. Personally I prefer some background "noise" as faint signals will be missed with a near silent threshold. The critical key to success is to keep the RX gain at maximum. The ability of the trained human ear to isolate repeatable targets from background noise is the key to utilising such settings. This is also applicable to the earlier Minelab detectors -
  9. Reg is having a break from freezing Victoria for a month or so. On a road trip with partner Jannine to sunny QLD and the NT while Covid allows. Detectors verboten, only expert photographer Jannine's cameras! ☺️
  10. The other reason Reg has spent less time in the paddock. Another orphan lamb rescue:
  11. Norvic: Early impressions (just an hour in his back yard) are most favourable :)
  12. As of yesterday, Reg Wilson now has one. Looking forward to his assessment πŸ‘
  13. OK. In that case you probably need to get the detector checked out.
  14. If two chips have failed then it could be a coil problem. My two bob's worth anyway -
  15. - Or high volume speaker coil inductance affecting the detectors high gain receive electronics?
  16. Nice wings! When my pick point wore out I cold cut a Cat D4 grouser plate to shape, cut the old blunt tip off and stick welded the replacement on using low hydrogen rods. Note the chevron shaped cut for maximum strength. That was some years ago and the point still remains sharp many hundreds of holes later :)
  17. I've just been informed that the 26" GPZ Concentric I ordered will now be a 30" The designers believe this will be the ultimate manifestation of the ZVT CC and it should have some serious depth. I replied that I will now have to grow a right arm like a lobster. Oh well! what the heck! Exciting times! Could be like the old "Bismarck" days all over again?
  18. I'm urging them to do it Aureous. Apparently its in the development pipeline - Edit: Bugger me! I've turned into a gold member. Do I now present myself at the White House for a gong?? :)
  19. Jeff and Steve: As a former QED enthusiast, it has given me no joy to witness the disintegration of the relationship between my friend (and former QED agent) Reg Wilson and Howard Rocky, the QED creator. What has amazed me is how long the relationship actually lasted - given that both these strong personalities are in reality chalk and cheese. I'm not going into boring gory detail, but suffice it to say that the casualty list of former QED supporters is now both lengthy and distinguished. Despite this, The QED remains a popular entry level PI detector. I have never maintained it is anything other than an excellent lightweight first assault prospecting detector, certainly not a world beater as some have incorrectly maintained. It has certainly added dozens of ozs to my collection over the years: https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/4255-gold-found-with-qed/?tab=comments#comment-45878 To X Coils: I met X Coils Ilya Yalanzhi online through our common interest in detecting and ancient coins. It turned out we both had a rare gold stater of King Kotys 11 of the Bosporan Kingdom (124-133AD) Ilya is lucky enough to live in Kerch, where that kingdom was located and frequently sends me images of other ancient coins he finds as part of earning his living. We have been able to use that coin as a common test object for comparing different coils. To date he has sent me one 22" GPZ concentric gratis, I have purchased a 17" spiral DOD and have ordered a 26" GPZ Concentric which I will also pay for. He expects nothing in return except honest feedback and that I have given. I made my own adaptor. To me, it was an easy project since I have been soldering electronic circuits since they were powered by valves in the early 1960's With both QED and X coil connections I'm apparently in the eye of the storm. If certain people wish to maintain their agendas and conspiracy theories, hissy fits, whatever, that's up to them. To me, the weather is clear and sunny. Steve: I trust you have no problem with my posting on either topic. If you do, I'm sure you'll inform me.
  20. The X Coil Concentrics are seemingly unstoppable with their reopening of old patches in Aus πŸ˜„ https://www.facebook.com/groups/3553656301344280 Acting on Ilya's advice, I'm now expecting a 26" CC instead of a DOD. There's a considerable weight difference and the 26" will have a larger diameter centre winding than the 22". This should give much greater depth -
  21. Somehow a metal plate found its way into my EGR a while back, I've no idea how that happened- :)
  22. Yep. Easy one. Once the big gold ran low in the 90's, John sold his gold and specialised equipment, took the money and ran - :) Acting upon advice from friend Jim Stewart, he wisely invested it in tourist parks along Victoria's "Shipwreck coast" I haven't seen him for a couple of years but looking forward to catching up with him eventually -
  23. And that demonstrates why air tests are useless. Goldfield soils block signals.
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