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  1. mlgdave

    California Gold - SD2300 Finds

    I own and operate a mine in California. I live here full time. :-) Mlgdave
  2. All from 1 pocket actually 140 feet underground Mlgdave
  3. mlgdave

    Extension Cable Gpz

    And if you look at the cable ends it looks like a proprietary connector, 4 fat pins, 3 skinny pins. However I still wanna give it a go, I am in some stopes that are only about 30" wide and to use the GPZ as its designed is pretty tough and all of a sudden taking its toll on my left shoulder (rotator cuff), I am detecting the old mine workings and a lot of its overhead. Its for sure giving us an advantage and we are finding gold that was missed and am willing to do a bench test (well actually its a REAL test) as I have left some gold in place in the mine with a cable extension mlgdave
  4. I'm just curious if anyone has created an extension cable for the GPZ 7000 coil. I am working in some narrow spots inside my gold mine and I would love to have the control unit in a backpack on my back and just use the coil without the bulk of the detector. Mlgdave
  5. mlgdave

    Gpz7000 Lost Audio

    I'l have them in Monroe this weekend
  6. mlgdave

    Gpz7000 Lost Audio

    Nope. The GPZ was in the shop when we drilled and blasted and used the SDC :-)
  7. mlgdave

    Gpz7000 Lost Audio

    Thanks lunk. Very easily the most stunning gold I have ever found and pictures do not begin to do justice to how beautiful they are in person. It's still going to take a while to prepare the big specimen and we also want up getting about 50 smaller chunks and a few other nice pieces that I haven't photographed yet
  8. mlgdave

    Gpz7000 Lost Audio

    I agree on both accounts Steve it was very exemplary customer service. And yes this piece will fetch a very good premium. We are probably going to stockpile everything we get until the Denver show in September.
  9. mlgdave

    Gpz7000 Lost Audio

    I posted about 6 weeks ago that my GPZ 7000 lost its threshold I sent it in and they replace the control box and that didn't fix it so I sent it back in and they replace the whole thing now. In the meantime I thought why don't I use the SDC 2300 and I found some gold with the backup
  10. Yea its going back, its the machine itself since headphones do not work either mlgdave
  11. well dang, then the slightest "bump" and its off. I hope that reset to original firmware fixes it if I can do that? mlgdave
  12. And then I thought ok, lets see....so I started scrolling through the settings and when I got to "more" the sound came back on....... mlgdave
  13. and then I turn it on today and NFG. Is there a way to revert back to the firmaware update before the july update and see if that helps? Or "original factory settings"? mlgdave
  14. Turned it on this AM and its working 100% normal.........I guess thats how good this forum is! :-) mlgdave ps..........now to go find some stuff for you all to look at!