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  1. i want one, i had the gmt but sold it now i just have a gpx5k and need another vlf since i have the pi covered, which one should i get and why? Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Information page White's Goldmaster 24K Information page Minelab Gold Monster 1000 versus White's Goldmaster 24K
  2. That does look like a tailing pile where the pile of rocks are and damning it to make it deep enough to dredge looks like its a newer spot than from the 70's
  3. im looking with an online map for an area that an old known miner from the 70s would go. he would get droped off by dog sled in spring than walk back in fall. does this look like a dam for a sluice or a dam to catch fish????
  4. That there my friend is an Maule m4 with 210 hp engine alot of horse power needed to get to those hard to reach places. That's my friends plane.he can bring 800 pounds of gear with 2 people
  5. gpx5k and my gmt both mine lend the gmt to my buddy we had fun we made it a quater way up the cat trail befor we had to turn back no color we needed more time maybe next weekend as we only were there for 2 hours. yes that is a pistol on my hip .
  6. Had fun flown 38 minutes out of bethel alaska and detected for 2 hours
  7. Sorry. I dident know a box cost 20 bucks. I would of got it but taking a month to get here was not my plan got this from wyoming i belive 3 days all for 480
  8. the rocker would of cost me 1200 to get it to bethel alaska so i got the micro high banker and pump for 600 so my plan is to have my partner pump as i add dirt or bring a car battery but i need to save on waight as the bush plane only allows 800 pounds the pump pushes out 28 gallons a minute the bilge battery operated pushes out 22 i hope it works
  9. Check out my new setup for those remote areas where gas powered engins aint allowed
  10. Hers a better pic to bring out image 212460171322_409_106_copyImage.bmp
  11. i talked to rob he said its normal, it shows you your batery level, up and down arrows and some weird signal bars.
  12. Is it normal to see bareley visable symbals at the top of the lcd screen looks like cell and battery markings??
  13. make sure your armed i know i always am, being in alaska and the opioid epidemic going on, lots of crime daily here
  14. Thanks for the tips too, i did not take the halo affect into consideration.
  15. This site is the best, to bad there ant a pay to play pay to be a member id pay
  16. Steve your right it has to be the nugget and a low battery. I swaped out the battery and put a nickel 15 inches deep and it screams i belive i would be able to ping it 2 feet down, but i had to end the test due to permerfrost reasons
  17. The nugget seems to be porus as it has a few cavities im starting to think thats may be it
  18. I can hear a nickel 12 13 inches down its not screaming nor is it quiet its almost on the edge of quiet. Keep in mind all targets are buried
  19. Super stable i mean i let it purr. I can g Hear a nickle 12 13 inches down just fine
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