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  1. Sourdoughmoe

    The Winner For The Rock Book Is

    Thanks for the opportunity this book is go to help and will educate me thanks.
  2. Sourdoughmoe

    Gold Monster 1000 Vs Whites Gmt24k

    I’d like to thank everyone on this post all the information was great.i am very appreciated for all the response
  3. 15" Nugget Finder Evolution Mono Coil for Minelab gpx metal detector, used one time look new selling for $350 obo
  4. Sourdoughmoe

    Zip Zip By Larry Sallee

    I have one for sale
  5. Sourdoughmoe

    Gold Monster 1000 Vs Whites Gmt24k

    I was hoping to hear more from 24 k users as there’s a lot of gm1000 owners
  6. i want one, i had the gmt but sold it now i just have a gpx5k and need another vlf since i have the pi covered, which one should i get and why? Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Information page White's Goldmaster 24K Information page Minelab Gold Monster 1000 versus White's Goldmaster 24K
  7. Sourdoughmoe

    Location To Hunt? Near Las Vegas

    Thanks for all the replies.
  8. I will be in Vegas next week selling all three for 300 or best offer all like new 15x12 mono 11 inch dd 10x5 did all three for 300 obo
  9. Selling like new make me an offer my phone is+19075457787 I seen this book on Amazon for 1998.00 sell mine for 200 obo I’ll be in Vegas next week
  10. Sourdoughmoe

    Location To Hunt? Near Las Vegas

    Chris, near pahrump is this a public use spot like the basin
  11. Sourdoughmoe

    What Detector Did You Buy In 2018 And Why?

    GPX 5k, because i could not afford the zed. but i am very happy with it even though i haven't had the chance to hunt with it yet.
  12. Hello all, i will be in Las Vegas next week, i plan on bringing my metal detector. i wanted to know if there is any place near Vegas that is legal to detect nuggets or do i have to go to rye patch? thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  13. Sourdoughmoe

    Determining Where To Prospect For Gold Nuggets?

    I like the new thumbs up
  14. Sourdoughmoe

    The Chisana Story

    i have the same xt17000