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  1. Thats the problem no competition, they locked it all up with Patents
  2. Love the pics!! Opals and gold look great together too.
  3. You make me want to get out more, you get out in some fantastic looking areas. Just cant believe how small some of those targets are. Amazing stuff!!
  4. I generally run a minelab GPZ and love it. Lately I have started using a VLF and I have to say I really like the XP Deus with a HF elliptical coil. The weight and the ability to unmask and sift through trash at high speed is awesome!! Cant hurt that it pulled a 7 gram nugget out of a trash zone it's 1st trip out.?
  5. I think the key to success with a GPX series is hitting ground the GPZ has not seen. The Gpz is a great detector to bring out once you have found gold. It is not my preferred detector for hunting unproven ground. Even a 22cal on a Gpz is almost an overload signal, plus the weight of the Z is tuff to handle for hunting multiple days in a row.
  6. Happy new year to all fellow detectorist . A great place here to learn, share, and grow as a detectorist, very happy to be apart of this great community.
  7. Great character to those nuggets, very nice looking. Way to call those deep ones out and dig those whispers. Fantastic way to end the year!! Big nuggets to you all in the new year!!
  8. We all invested in a minelab machine, its all I can afford..lol But on the upside we find our physical gold instead of purchasing. Just joking, kinda, I am sure plenty on here invest.
  9. I celebrate by cleaning my detector, removing coil cover and other protective covers and wiping it all down. Followed by the same treatment to the user..lol
  10. Success feels good doesn't it Much more success to you in the future!!
  11. I have always heard good things from people I meet about Gerry's sales and service. I have not personally had any dealings with Gerry. I have been out in the field prospecting for over 10 years now. So many people think a detector does not have a learning curve. It beeps when it's over metal, how much more to it could there be?...haha after 3 PI machines and running a few VLF's besides the one I own, I can tell you there is much to learn about running a detector, let alone looking for gold with one. If you can attend a class or get out with a experienced nugget shooter, your going to be more successful!!
  12. Very impressive haul of nuggets, good size too!!
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