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  1. Love the 6k but if I was not an experienced detectorist already I would hate it. I get phantom target sounds, bad emi, cant tilt the coil to detect slopes, and had a bad aftermarket coil. On the plus side if I take it out at night the EMI is greatly reduced and I don't need sunscreen..lol So I am hopeful some of these issues will get resolved.......eventually...lol
  2. Left my boots by the door, wore my crocs with socks on, was planning to change into the boots with socks. Socks and open toes with stickers is a no go, must remove socks. Remembered my snake chaps but looked really odd with no socks crocs and snake gaurdz on...haha It happens, better than forgetting the battery🙃
  3. No clumps today but I did get a lump of gold to show up in my nugget scoop. 1.3 gram nugget and super excited as today is one of the hottest days of the year here in the CA foothills. I got up early and headed strait out to detect a dry creek bed 7:30 was on scene and out by 10:30 Olight Baton 3 flashlight, one of my favorite lil lights and my Kershaw Leek pocket knife in the pics.
  4. Gotta be the last nugget I found today. Always feel super blessed to find a pc of detectable gold. Going to be a great day!! Wishing you all more nuggets than bullets;))
  5. Hope you are all out digging on this holiday weekend!! Often times when detecting for gold nuggets in dry placer conditions I get clumps of clay or dirt containing gold. What sort of clumps or lumps does your pay layer produce? This lump came from a layer of decomposing bedrock hard pack layer above a stream bed high on a flat no longer part of the current creeks flow.
  6. Had a great time out with a good friend and great prospector yesterday. 1st target was a pc of bird shot with Minelab Gpx 6k and stock mono coil. 2nd target was a 2.3 gram jelly bean nugget;)) Then came the onslaught of fencing and wire plus more bird shot. Second pc of gold was in a clod of hard pack mud and rock. The 1st glint of gold was a pc of slate rock that did not signal over the coil but had visible gold, in the scoop was also a small nugget that rang out over the coil. I think the 2 pcs were smashed together for a very long time and the gold imprinted onto the rock. What do you all think of this, any ideas, ever seen this before?
  7. I wanted to do some testing and have a few options for connecting and using the 20$ speaker. The speaker can be plugged in directly with headphone jack to a Tron APTX 2 in 1 Tx Rx device and paired that way. The 2 in 1 wireless device can be plugged into my non bluetooth detector and then pair the 6000's wireless headphones. If I like the tron wireless device I may get a 2nd one so I can pair an external speaker to my GpZ, with one on the Z and one wireless on me plugged into a speaker. So many options with these lil bluetooth 2 in 1 devices.
  8. Hopefully Blutooth 5.0 is much faster than 4.2 and should have a latency very similar to APTX LL if not the same. I have read that APTX LL is around 35 and Bluetooth 5.0 latency around 20-40 milliseconds. Fingers crossed, should get out to test this evening.
  9. I was looking for an external speaker to put closer to my ears. I see the 6k uses bluetooth and picked up a LEZII BT525 wireless waterproof speaker with volume control. The speaker works and pairs up with the GPX6000. Anybody else doing this, and what speakers are known to work? https://www.amazon.com/Shower-Speaker-Bluetooth-Waterproof-Portable/dp/B07JVHGN54/ref=asc_df_B07JVHGN54/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312099670269&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=8403305686597357607&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9051682&hvtargid=pla-588401982372&psc=1
  10. Thanks Strick, I may have to try a more accurate scale. Mine has been playing tricks on me, the other night my poke was 9.4 gram and had a 2 gram day added to it and only had 10.9 grams..lol That don't add up right, so I changed the batteries
  11. So I went out last night for evening/night hunt/test with the GPZ 7000. This is my 2nd 7000, sold the 1st to get a 6000. So out at my spot and got a mellow shallow target, started digging and it went deeper and started singing. 1st ever target with this machine came out to be a point 7 gram nugget!! Thought I had a magic wand till the 2nd-5th targets all trash..lol Ended up with about 4 grams of nice nuggets. Good luck and get that gold!!
  12. Yes I unscrewed the pressure valve and it's not air its the shape of the bottom of the coil, got a bump in the middle higher than the rest of the coil bottom. The coil is in new condition along with the rest of the detector. The coil and machine do function. This coil is just quite a bit deformed and all of my other coils Minelab or aftermarket have nice strait flat bottoms. Thanks for the suggestions....debating whether to send in for warranty on the coil.
  13. About to head out will see what happens. Have to roll heavy as I am just testing the Z, if it has issues I will stop right away and send it back. Yep new carpet or new detector..lol you see the choice I had to make..lol More horse shoes than soda cans to you all!!
  14. This is with no skid plate on. Just the raw coil in the pics. Thanks , I thought same too.
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