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  1. Gravelwasher

    Lost Sound On Gpz 7000

    Always good test to plug strait into the machine GPZ 7000 with your headphones. Totally removes the wireless device from the equation. Good luck...
  2. Gravelwasher

    Recent Small Stuff I Have Found

    Top left nugget looks like it could pass as breakfast cereal, corn flake..lol Good beeping to snag those nice ones!!
  3. Gravelwasher

    Little Pine Tree Of Gold

    Great looking Idaho gold!! Good to hear your having fun prospecting and getting some good shine. I know you are tracking down more as I type this. I am sure the gold is running as you are flat out a great detectorist. Got your ear tuned and know your hot rocks vs cold rocks vs gold nuggets. Much gold to you !!
  4. To simplify it, 2 things going on, mechanics and method. An experienced detectorist will know how to tune up the machine to the advantage of the particular place and time. The second part is method being used for, what to dig and what not to dig. Sometimes we are curious as to what might be a really loud noise other times you flat out refuse to dig a banger of a signal. Methods change often, you may use 1 method if your only going to detect a place once, like a distant location. VS if it's your go to spot, your going to use the dig it all method. VS if the ground is thrashed by 100's of other detectors. The more time you have using your equipment and digging targets the bigger your advantage is choosing set up and method of target acquisition. The better you get at these two methods, the better you get at searching new places with more success. Good luck, more gold than pellets under your coils!!
  5. Gravelwasher

    Holiday Weekend Gold

    Way to gather up the bits, nice haul of gold!! You know your doing something right getting the subtle sounding targets.🤠
  6. Its the skill of your hunting partner, years of detecting allow him to use his personal knowledge to predict targets more likely to be golden. I have a friend like that too.
  7. Gravelwasher

    Elliptical Coil Hitting In Center

    I liked the elliptical coils for the narrow nose so I could wiggle it in tight spots. With the new coil I have to move the center mass back and forth and cant scrape the nose on tight spots with all the attention focused under the shaft instead of the nose of the coil...bummer Thanks for the reply, Phrunt
  8. Was out today and tried a coiltek elite 14x9 coil and could not get a blip on the nose of the coil. I had to get it centered and even with the shaft to get good signal. I have run a gpx5000 for quite a few years and got used to targets ringing out around 1-2 oclock on my mono coils. Anyone know if this is just the way this coil works vs the 14" round elite I had worked great at the edges? Thanks , more gold than bottle tops to you all!!
  9. Gravelwasher

    Adventure Awaits - Forum Absence

    Where you off to, don't forget to post the coordinates so we can all meet up..lol
  10. Gravelwasher

    Summer Fun

    Wow, what a nice fatty!! Congrats to you and your son, good times. I imagine you will find yourselves back at the same spot digging and hunting for more, at least you should..lol
  11. Gravelwasher

    California Gold - SD2300 Finds

    Good looking gold, world famous Colorado Quartz mine looking gold!! Way to go Dave!!
  12. Good times, way to get out and get some too!! Thanks for the excellent write up and pics of the adventure.
  13. Gravelwasher

    Headed Back North

    Great gold way to get it!!
  14. Gravelwasher

    Record Nugget Found With Gpz!

    Crazy tiny gold for that 14" coil to find!! Way to stay in tune with the targets.
  15. Gravelwasher

    A Couple Of Tiddlers For The Zed

    Sure is a great looking place to hunt. Thanks for the the photos, always nice to see some far off gold ground!!