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  1. Gravelwasher

    Adventure Awaits - Forum Absence

    Where you off to, don't forget to post the coordinates so we can all meet up..lol
  2. Gravelwasher

    Summer Fun

    Wow, what a nice fatty!! Congrats to you and your son, good times. I imagine you will find yourselves back at the same spot digging and hunting for more, at least you should..lol
  3. Gravelwasher

    California Gold - SD2300 Finds

    Good looking gold, world famous Colorado Quartz mine looking gold!! Way to go Dave!!
  4. Good times, way to get out and get some too!! Thanks for the excellent write up and pics of the adventure.
  5. Gravelwasher

    Headed Back North

    Great gold way to get it!!
  6. Gravelwasher

    Record Nugget Found With Gpz!

    Crazy tiny gold for that 14" coil to find!! Way to stay in tune with the targets.
  7. Gravelwasher

    A Couple Of Tiddlers For The Zed

    Sure is a great looking place to hunt. Thanks for the the photos, always nice to see some far off gold ground!!
  8. Gravelwasher

    My Last Gold Of 2017 & First For 2018

    Absolutely fantastic scenes!! Congrats on getting to the gold.
  9. Gravelwasher

    My Last Gold Of 2017 & First For 2018

    Wow that is really nice looking!! Good gold to you in the new year!
  10. Gravelwasher

    Cant Wait To Use My Detector

    The scoop will help a bunch in target recovery!! Tie a rope on it and paint it.
  11. Gravelwasher

    My Last Three Weeks Activities

    Looks great!! Good times and good gold, way to go. Great looking area to hunt too.