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  1. A Minelab dealer down Geelong way put up the below post about an Aussie company starting to make GPZ coils. Interesting timing, wonder if the Russian guys have forced Minelabs hand to allow a local 3rd party to make coils. Here is the link to the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/luckystrikegold/ Not looking to start a fight here, just sharing info. I don't care what coils everyone wants to run lol Lucky Strike Gold Brand new GPZ coil coming soon! 🤩 There is a rumour in the wind that an Australian company will soon be making GPZ 7000 coils. At present there are only Russian made after market coils being made, so hold off and bag yourself a genuine Aussie made one. They will be cheaper than the Russian coils and, as always, very well made.
  2. If you are heading up to Yosemite National Park I suggest you drop into Bodi, a ghost town from the gold rush days. Most buildings are just as they were back in the day, it is also only 120kms to Lake Tahoe, another spectacular area to explore, plenty of picture opportunities for Mrs JW and a small kinda gold fix for yourself 😉 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodie,_California
  3. Ahh damn, I was sure you would get onto some. Good luck tomorrow, unfortunately I have commitments so all the nuggets are yours. Hope the Blues get over the line, Port were crap today.
  4. Interesting read, I am sure members more versed in Geology may have some interesting thoughts on this topic.
  5. Met up with Mitchel, Northeast & another forum member (sorry, didn't get your profile name not to mention I am terrible with names anyway) and we went out to a spot I have done okay in the past. The area was a mix of surfacing, some reef workings and slopes down into gully's so a mix of very shallow to deeper ground. I could only stay for a few hours but found one in the area, down about a foot, so gold is still there, hopefully the others got onto some nuggets & will post them up.
  6. I will see how I go, will be heading out around 8.30 - 9am. I will head west of the airport & see if I run into anyone.
  7. I am happy to catch up tomorrow morning if you want to go for a swing in the morning?
  8. Tomorrow Morning looks okay, bit damp in the afternoon. Are you still going to be around Maryborough tomorrow?
  9. Is "Fists full of Gold" the book you are referring to? Will have to check it out.
  10. Mop

    New Pb

    Lets just say it was in the Golden Triangle 😉 14 inch coiltek Elite was the coil, GPX 4500 the machine
  11. Mop

    New Pb

    Still some deep ones close for sure!
  12. New PB for me 35 grams, bit over a foot deep, very happy! 😀😀
  13. Its been all over the local tv here in the Golden Triangle, it was found just out of Dunolly on the old lead, also called the German diggings, that were extensively worked during the rush years.
  14. Those ants are nasty, they seem to coordinate the attack as well. Couple of weeks ago I got stung by them, 1 on my leg & 2 under my shirt, but it all happened at the same time. Very nasty, they were painful but the itchiness lasted a good 3 weeks.
  15. They seem most likely to randomly drop limbs when it is stinking hot & calm. Obviously in strong winds & storms they come down, but those hot calm days I have been out bush and heard them crashing down. You would be bloody unlucky to get hit with one, but you never know.
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