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  1. We as a race are really not very nice, to set & leave 110 million mines, to the point they hinder economical development and impact the less privileged is a disgrace.
  2. Great looking location, great looking gold! Thanks for the update JR can't wait fore the next installment.
  3. Mop is a inherited nickname from my brother (had this blond afro going on when younger), I was called little Mop when younger now Mop as an adult. My wife was called Misses Mop for a few years as well. When I go back home my 3 boys are still called little Mop, even though they are bigger than me, from a few locals.
  4. I did try to get the thread off on the right track Steve, just thought it was a pertinent piece of info with all the discussion going on. Thanks for cleaning it up.
  5. Being new to the hobby I was fortunate to pick the brain of a 30 year prospector, right of the bat he said he sometimes goes months without any gold, sure he could go to known spots and get some, but he is always looking for new ground. It sort of calibrated my head a bit not to get discouraged after all those kms walking on the hunt and every so often it pays off with a new patch.
  6. A Minelab dealer down Geelong way put up the below post about an Aussie company starting to make GPZ coils. Interesting timing, wonder if the Russian guys have forced Minelabs hand to allow a local 3rd party to make coils. Here is the link to the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/luckystrikegold/ Not looking to start a fight here, just sharing info. I don't care what coils everyone wants to run lol Lucky Strike Gold
  7. Ahh damn, I was sure you would get onto some. Good luck tomorrow, unfortunately I have commitments so all the nuggets are yours. Hope the Blues get over the line, Port were crap today.
  8. Interesting read, I am sure members more versed in Geology may have some interesting thoughts on this topic.
  9. Met up with Mitchel, Northeast & another forum member (sorry, didn't get your profile name not to mention I am terrible with names anyway) and we went out to a spot I have done okay in the past. The area was a mix of surfacing, some reef workings and slopes down into gully's so a mix of very shallow to deeper ground. I could only stay for a few hours but found one in the area, down about a foot, so gold is still there, hopefully the others got onto some nuggets & will post them up.
  10. I will see how I go, will be heading out around 8.30 - 9am. I will head west of the airport & see if I run into anyone.
  11. I am happy to catch up tomorrow morning if you want to go for a swing in the morning?
  12. Tomorrow Morning looks okay, bit damp in the afternoon. Are you still going to be around Maryborough tomorrow?
  13. Is "Fists full of Gold" the book you are referring to? Will have to check it out.
  14. Lets just say it was in the Golden Triangle ? 14 inch coiltek Elite was the coil, GPX 4500 the machine
  15. Still some deep ones close for sure!
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