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  1. At this moment it matters less. Worse case it we be just like the X-coil, best case is they got with minelab( I would not hold your breath). Ether case NF is well established, with a solid reputation. That in its self will pull in customers that have been on the fence. NF has a solid list of beta tester, such as Phase, JP the list goes on and on. Let the tech comparisons flow.
  2. Couple quick points. NF is not creating an x-coil. They are making a new coil for the Zed, it will be DOD. Which is clearly marked on the photo of the new coil (bummer). The x-coil is a different design type. The fact that Minelab does not make a new coil for the Zed does not suggest a new detector is coming out. It also does not mean that one isn't. Minelab has a history of not making coils. Look no further than the Equinox. The Nox was a run away Express train in sales. Yet no new coils outside the original 3 that where stated at release. This is one area that Minelab truly sucks at!!! Others will be along to give their view points. If I am wrong please post the links to educate us all. Thanks for asking the question.
  3. We have several dealers on this site. Not one has mentioned hearing what you posted. Do you have a link to a written statement showing the above remarks?
  4. All right you two, don't bash the new comer to the market. All detectors have growing pains 🤣🤣🤣.
  5. COIL WARS !!!!!!! Customers always comes out ahead in coil wars. Good old fashion supply & demand for the win.
  6. Good looking Nugs Gerry. We need to meet up next time you are in the area.
  7. Nice piece. Wet ground winter for me with the Zed makes me want a full on PI. Makro hurry up lol.
  8. I would say the video would be a great video to show how not to retrieve a nug. A small nug say .10gram wont be found that way. Get a second scope. No dirt is dumped till both scopes are scanned. The scope with no beeps gets dumped in a single pile away from the hole. Some times you get two targets, one in each scope. Scan twice dump once lol.
  9. We are not nay saying him. It is valuable help that if he follows he will keep adding to his growing stack of nuggets.
  10. Pin pointers are not that great for gold Nugs. Yes they can be used. They just dont react to small nugs very well. Now Australia type big hogs yep they find those.
  11. Nope, ground has the ability to drive you Nuts in the winter.
  12. I got a Survey. But I would be afraid of GPS cords people would give me. I like Lacky's answer.
  13. He puts them back. Catch and release lol. What kind of noise are you getting from your 10inch. A video with you using it while using the WM would be helpful. Feom what I have heard it is very bumb sensitive and makes a lot of noise.
  14. If that fails. Get some small Beebees paint them pink and drop two or three where he will find them. Makes me feel better lol.
  15. I believe your results, as I understand your heavenly ground. Phrunt, I also have a gold buddy that finds these small tidbits when I can not. Drives me nuts some times. but at least we know gold is there.
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