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  1. Steve we need you to use your crystal ball and give us the answers please. No more waiting it painful.
  2. I have to differ with you on the sdc point. If the graph is correct and that is a big if, it will kill the sdc. The 6k appears all based of limited info, that it will compress very small as well. So you have a fine gold finder and backpacking size. These facts might kill the sdc.
  3. I dropped that while walking around. You can keep it. To big for me. Very nice piece.
  4. You offended me Lunk. Still waiting for my turn to hang out in NV.
  5. I have a bones to pick with JP. 1st I still have not gotten my half of the gold from his pics. I am sure it is still lost in the mail. I'll keep waiting🤣 2nd JP takes his time to answer my many many questions about Zed and general detecting. I mean how dare he take Meer hours to answer. Given the time difference from usa to down under I think he can wake up early to answer. Wait, I think does my bad lol. 3rd and final JP has not figured out and shared with only me magic settings that finds every drop of gold no matter the size, depth or ground type. Epic failure JP. My last bone picking is towards Steve. This one is serious. Why did it take so long to give the loud mouth the boot. I have basically stopped post out of the desire not to hear phrunt remark on ever little thing and shove that dang coil down every person's throat. I am happy you have decided to stop appeasing the masses and do what you think is right. If only we had more people willing to do it. Bring on the 6000 treasure trove of info JP!!!!!
  6. Dear Lunk, I am going to need you to put down the detector and walk away. You sir are depleting our gold reserves. P.s please put the proper cover sheet on your TPS reports mmmmkkkk
  7. I dont lose picks. But I don't need to buy scoops my gold partner loses lots for me to find.🤣🤣🤣
  8. The SDC is a top end machine result wise. I personally hate the actual unit. My gold partner keeps up with my Zed. Depth withstanding. An sdc in a regular body with real upgrades is what is left in the market for minelab to corner.
  9. Did someone say we are getting an app for the forum?
  10. Looks like you had fun Peg. My gold plans at 80 are to just take Nevadabrians gold lol.
  11. Chet cleaned it out his last trip out. Try Hawaii lol.
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