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  1. I dont lose picks. But I don't need to buy scoops my gold partner loses lots for me to find.🤣🤣🤣
  2. The SDC is a top end machine result wise. I personally hate the actual unit. My gold partner keeps up with my Zed. Depth withstanding. An sdc in a regular body with real upgrades is what is left in the market for minelab to corner.
  3. Did someone say we are getting an app for the forum?
  4. Looks like you had fun Peg. My gold plans at 80 are to just take Nevadabrians gold lol.
  5. Chet cleaned it out his last trip out. Try Hawaii lol.
  6. Lol. Just more practical for me. Took alot of will power not to order that wonderful blue.
  7. It would show the use of the detector faster then the grey color i use. Such as sitting on rocks or rubbing on brush, dirt. Like wearing white, shows all the dirt.
  8. Steveg shafts are top notch. I love mine. I do really wish I had a blue one, sadly it would not be best for desert detecting. But, damn it is nice looking.
  9. No worries Johnny. Old threads are just paused discussion on this forum. As for the price of the unit I am not sure what what your area price would be. You could check ebay or ask Rob as he is a used dealer he would know more then i. However if you do get it let us know. As you can see lots of people really liked that unit.
  10. Don't you have yard work to be doing? Lol.
  11. JP you mention channel flip a lot, I have to admit I am not sure what you mean. Perhaps you could explain and put a few files with and without so other like me can train our ears.
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