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  1. JP you mention channel flip a lot, I have to admit I am not sure what you mean. Perhaps you could explain and put a few files with and without so other like me can train our ears.
  2. Mitchell we have already determined you are Def lol.
  3. Good example. The second part of the file after dirt is removed it very obvious and the type of signal I would hope it always makes. The first part would get my attention yes. However where I hunt the ground makes that very same signal including getting loud if soil is removed. What tip can we use to discover the truth of the matter?
  4. Thanks for the info. I will have to play with some targets next time out. Yes in example 3 I would drop thresh to Zero. I don't currently run that way. I am interested in giving it a try however. The smooth round target signal is harder for to extract from the ground noise. What would you suggest to make it sharp more in your face type signal. Thanks you for the detailed response JP.
  5. The pic below is a visual of how my ears Interpretation of the signals from the Audio files. What I would personally like is #3 no thresh only solid signals. The problem with #1 vs #2 is that if you try to bring the thresh down to Zero or near it, the roundness of the solid signal will blend to close to the roundish thresh. Also the ground bitchness also peaks with a roundness. Ergo making it very hard for me to hear the peak. So JP how do we get the signals to peak and have sharpness to them? Or, be very different then the thresh/ground noise?
  6. Great job posting both files together made it quick to swap back and forth. I almost think the sharp reverb of B would stop me for a look faster than A, minus 12 sec blip in A.
  7. That days take seems to have moved a lot, very rounded.
  8. Hmmm, I heard the break yes. But I have to admit I would first process it was bitching. Which is what I call all the excess noise the Zed makes. I need to start giving that noise further attention.
  9. JP thank you for adding this extra layer to the thread. Could you please keep adding these pics and audio files. Feeds our addiction.
  10. The question is whether you would hear and recheck the 5 sec or even the 8 sec part. I would say I might ignore the 5sec but maybe check the 8 sec, if I was blue sky hunting.
  11. You hit at 5sec sounds digable at 8sec but bangs obvious at 12 sec.
  12. Perhaps Steve might be up for helping us get this new style thread of audio up and running. I, sadly do not know how to do it.
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