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  1. Stephen newell

    A Quick Afternoon Detect

    Always worth moving the big rocks JW.
  2. Stephen newell

    Huey, Duey & Louie. Three For The Zed

    JW if you keep this up you will cause your country to have a gold shortage. I like the title of the thread.
  3. Stephen newell

    Calling The Zed Family

    Good luck with the Zed Dig. Post up your first finds.
  4. Stephen newell

    One For The Zed

    Or drink a lot of alcohol.
  5. Stephen newell

    Why Are Some DD Coils As Big As Hula Hoops?

    All the little specks are gone now that JW has a 6 inch coil 😢
  6. When you are blowing bubbles under the water you don't hear the motor so much. But I agree with your direct of thought.
  7. Stephen newell

    Popped My Zed Cherry Today

    I plan to go out this weekend with maybe Brian. Maybe I can pickup some tips. There was several repeat signals I didn't dig because they didn't sound right. I dug several to find nothing after checking with the Nox. Went down to bedrock. I noticed there is a little more sharp a small size to target sounds. The kind I stopped digging where the broad and more mellow sounds. I am sure there might have been a real target. But I was trying to cover more on the claim picking off the good signals, saving the others for this weekend.
  8. Stephen newell

    Minelab Verification Code

    Thanks Steve. I found out that there is codes you can see with the eye. These are not the codes need to verify a unit. The code can only be seen with a lens. Mine is real 😁
  9. Stephen newell

    First Day Success With Eq 800 & 6" Coil

    Darn it JW, you spoiled the contest your first time out. Fly poop size gold is impossible to beat. Great work proving the Nox is a beast on gold. How you where able to locate that in your scoop is what I want to know lol.
  10. I am very fond of my Makro gold racer and still have it to date. Matter of fact, I carry it with me while using my gpz 7000. It is helping me learn the sounds the gpz 7000 makes on ground and target. The gold kruz is an upgrade of this detector. A true upgrade, slight upgrades but important ones. I think it is a great intro unit for a multitude of grounds. I had the Monster and didn't like it all that much, for my own reasons. That does not mean it is a bad unit. It simple did not fit what I wanted from a detector in that range. Plus Makro has more coil options that might be important to you over time. Each to their own, fits detector selecting to a tee. Good luck.
  11. Stephen newell

    Popped My Zed Cherry Today

    Thank you Gerry. I hope this weekend will bear more fruit.
  12. Stephen newell

    The Forum Like Limit

    On me lol
  13. Stephen newell

    Popped My Zed Cherry Today

    Well I got skunked on day two. But so did 2 sdc2300 guys, so don't feel so bad. Good news I won the day on the forum YES.
  14. Stephen newell

    Popped My Zed Cherry Today

    Thanks for the input guys. I am out for another trip.
  15. Stephen newell

    Popped My Zed Cherry Today

    Thank you.