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  1. JP you mention channel flip a lot, I have to admit I am not sure what you mean. Perhaps you could explain and put a few files with and without so other like me can train our ears.
  2. Mitchell we have already determined you are Def lol.
  3. Good example. The second part of the file after dirt is removed it very obvious and the type of signal I would hope it always makes. The first part would get my attention yes. However where I hunt the ground makes that very same signal including getting loud if soil is removed. What tip can we use to discover the truth of the matter?
  4. Thanks for the info. I will have to play with some targets next time out. Yes in example 3 I would drop thresh to Zero. I don't currently run that way. I am interested in giving it a try however. The smooth round target signal is harder for to extract from the ground noise. What would you suggest to make it sharp more in your face type signal. Thanks you for the detailed response JP.
  5. The pic below is a visual of how my ears Interpretation of the signals from the Audio files. What I would personally like is #3 no thresh only solid signals. The problem with #1 vs #2 is that if you try to bring the thresh down to Zero or near it, the roundness of the solid signal will blend to close to the roundish thresh. Also the ground bitchness also peaks with a roundness. Ergo making it very hard for me to hear the peak. So JP how do we get the signals to peak and have sharpness to them? Or, be very different then the thresh/ground noise?
  6. Great job posting both files together made it quick to swap back and forth. I almost think the sharp reverb of B would stop me for a look faster than A, minus 12 sec blip in A.
  7. That days take seems to have moved a lot, very rounded.
  8. Hmmm, I heard the break yes. But I have to admit I would first process it was bitching. Which is what I call all the excess noise the Zed makes. I need to start giving that noise further attention.
  9. JP thank you for adding this extra layer to the thread. Could you please keep adding these pics and audio files. Feeds our addiction.
  10. The question is whether you would hear and recheck the 5 sec or even the 8 sec part. I would say I might ignore the 5sec but maybe check the 8 sec, if I was blue sky hunting.
  11. You hit at 5sec sounds digable at 8sec but bangs obvious at 12 sec.
  12. Perhaps Steve might be up for helping us get this new style thread of audio up and running. I, sadly do not know how to do it.
  13. Jp I second Mitchell. It is the slight changes that are hard. If you could do your video or audio magic on this subject with lots of different aspects it would be great.
  14. JP where is today's story!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 You are like a drug dealer withholding our crack fix.
  15. JP that was a great post. The way you shot the pics I could easily look at the ground around the hole and still see the hole and dirt you removed from the hole. Plus the info you provided matched the pics. Great!!!
  16. So I have a couple points to make Mitchell and Steve. 1. Beach hunting is way way easy. Most items of worth on the beach that we dig are big and loud, they are made of some of the best sound generating materials; their shape also helps to sound off. Plus, as you stated Mitchell, the ground is far more conducive to hearing a solid target. This being all very obvious too us as a group, there is a skill set to locating hot spots and grid hunting. You seem to have that solid. 2. Steve is correct about the approach he takes. I would counter that this approach is not always the best first approach however. Let's take a look at an example. You have a desert wash that has gold from top to bottom, 2 foot ball fields long and 4 feet wide. Most of this wash only has a few inches of overburden. This wash has nuggets in many sizes, from .10 gram to 5 gram with many in the 1.5 gram range. The draw back to Steve's approach which is not wrong, is that it leaves all those BOOMERS sitting there waiting to be picked off by someone that does a quick scan. Steve will clear the whole wash in one pass correct, leaving nothing behind; but it could take weeks to do that. But he might also lose those wonderful big ones to someone else. I take a different approach to patches at the start. I would, in the example above be moving in patch hunt speed. Which means cover blue sky ground at a med speed. Looking for a Nug or clear signs that one should be present. Once I hit a Nug I drop down to search speed, which is a slow/med speed, doing 10 foot circles at clear speed (slow) around each nug found. It would let me clear the wash from top to bottom getting the boomers and giving me a solid picture of the whole patch. After the above is done, ergo easy pickings cleared. I then switch to Steve's slow grid approach. That is when I start clearing all those hard to hear .10 gram Nugs. Starting at the bottom and working to the top of the wash. It comes down to mining math= Ground covered is gold earned and questions answered. Both are equally valuable. As they both help you find gold. I call my clearing style on a patch the onion approach= clearing layers. Best part of this hobby is there is not many truly wrong ways to hunt. If you are in gold areas and your coil is touching the ground, not waving in the air. Then you are detecting in a way that will find gold. Other styles net more and some net less. An old miner told me once, that he only has so many ups and downs in a day and he spends them wisely. Sound advise. I would offer you this advise Mitchell. Get a hearing test done as part of a medical check up. When you do the test don't guess at the sounds, only mark ones you are very sure you hear. Get a detail break down of that test. It will tell you what frequency you hear best at. Then set your Zed target noise to that frequency level. This might help you tune into those faint noises. This would ensure your unit is set to your precise needs. Happy hunting.
  17. JP great post. I wonder if you could translate the second half which is very technical, into normal everyday circumstance and language. I enjoy technical but sometimes what one word means to you in OZ does not have the same Nuance in US, resulting in a confusion. Great to be back to meet and potatoe threads. Thanks JP.
  18. That is a chunk Lunk. I hope you find more in that area. What was the setting, Deep?
  19. Solid thread. I like the pics of the area and of the gold found. Is it possiable to add a pic of the hole or draw on the pic to show the ground type that caught your eye. This thread could replace published books.
  20. We can! JP feel free to send each member some of that beautiful gold popcorn you keep finding. Also keep on letting us enjoy your sold tech pointers.
  21. Perhaps it was a mistake to have the coil in the pic. Given the fact that we all know JP tests gear, seems reasonable that if he removed it and wont talk about it, means he can't. I agree with Trent King, so sick of hearing about Xcoils or some form of Xcoil description without saying Xcoil. Make the bad man stop!!!!
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