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  1. I disagree on the discrimination. Part of my success I Nevada is the ability to control what I see and hear. Vdi and discrimination allows me to pick and choose high probability targets. Steve did a write up about hunting patches verse cleaning out patches. Vdi and discrimination makes this a lot more accurate. Phrunt you have a tendency to over look the fact you are on perfect ground with the ability to jack your settings to max levels and not fight hot rocks and or heavily mined areas with tons of hunting/camping traffic. The US and main Europe suffer from the above immensely. The more info and control we have the better our choices in action will be. 

    An older prospector (coin shooter mostly) said to me once and summed it up best, "I only have six many ups and downs in my back each day". 

    If you take all the trash and false earth you dig and multiple it by hundreds fold you will begin to understand the rest of the communities desire for more knowledge of a target before digging. 

    Also just because you have a thing does not mean you have to use a thing. To have and not need is better than to need and not have.

    Best part is, to each their own and I respect your views. Healthy discussion breeds innovation.

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  2. First and most importantly it must give the SDC2300 a run for its money. If it can challenge the Zed sweet. But most gold is in the SDC2300 realm.

    Second, super lite weight 

    Third, rain proof yes, water proof NO. Land detectors dont make great water detectors. Water detectors dont make great land detectors in the pi world. We need a great land unit.

    As for coils compatible to Gpx would be nice but not at the cost of cutting edge tech.

    Must have an led interface with a vdi system. Something no other PI has done. Ok this should be second on the list. 

    If  Discrimination was possible that would also be a game changer.

    Built under the makro name, not nokta. The style makro does things is perfect. Nokta not so much, with all their dials.

    Personal profile settings at least 3 for quick change in the field.

    Lite weight is a must have.

    Last, must have three or more coils. A super small sniper coil 7.5×5 type a nice med coil and also a large elliptical coil say 12×8. Coil swapping should be quick and simple.

    I have owned several makro units. They are awesome. I have been a firm believer that makro would be and could be the company that topples minelab. That or forces minelab to change its approach concerning listening to its customers and build what we want our way.

    Dont make a cheap PI. Affordable yes, but has to be a top end unit. The first one should wow people. Then build a cheap unit. 2 thousand range would be a good start range.

    Let the gauntlet be thrown.

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  3. 23 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

    Gee Jim, I'm sorry you did not do better with the gold. Sadly the nuggets are not growing back as fast as they are being found. Back in the 80's and even 90's we heard a lot more about one ounce days. Now it's more like a few grams is a big day, and too many skunk days in between.

    At least in Nevada I can wander around in the sun in open country not finding gold. In Alaska is was more like thick brush dodging bears while being swarmed by mosquitoes in pouring down rain. And no snakes and crazy sticker bushes like Arizona. Nevada when it is nice is some of the most pleasant metal detecting I've ever done, gold or no gold.


    I agree with Steve. However for the purpose of science and through vetting of his claim. I am happy to detect his honey holes for comparison, just as soon as he tells me there locations. Pin pointed on a map, with notes on where to look; he could even go out the night before and put little flags marking the nuggets. That would be great, Mmmm K. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

    No right or wrong, it purely depends on the situation. Are you trying to find a new patch, or trying to extract gold from a known patch? Are you hunting a natural gold patch, or highly disturbed ground like tailing piles?


    Two points, first I would love to have found that amount of gold in a month. Second, good way to explain the difference between models of hunting. I slow only if I find two in an area. Otherwise it is patch hunting speed. I do need to try this 1/2 coil overlap. 

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  5. Chet,

    I must say I have issue with your test. It lacks a very important aspect, my presence lol ! After I helped fix your tire and we shared taco bell. By man/bro law we are like brothers now 🤣😅😁. I guess I will have to stick with hanging with Brian.

    Nice test, did you put dirt in the pipe? Just wondering. Nice finds. We need to set up a swing date before the season closes.

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  6. On 8/9/2019 at 2:48 PM, Steve Herschbach said:

    I’m not too worried about First Texas or Garrett. They are going concerns with good markets and engineers and should be able to adjust. FT in particular just brought a new modern facility online. If anyone stands to lose at this juncture I’d say it’s White’s.



    I see it this way. Tesoro is gone, whites is next without question. Not sure who will be next after Whites. Garret has other biz models to keep them afloat. But against Makro no company is safe, not even Minelab. Invent, update or die. Makro is making detectors the way we want them made. Minelab makes detectors the way they want and we are expected to deal with it. In this fast changing field that could be their  Achilles heel. 

    Just my point of view.

    Makro I am still looking for a PI the way I want it.

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  7. I want what I want when I want it, lol. That being said I will wait in line like all the rest for the PI that fits my build list. My build list is about the same as Steve's. I have a Nox and it wrecks all other vlf units. If you don't care for that statement sorry, I respect your view and will add you to the list of people that prevent me from dredging in Cali. The SDC is where I expect the small gold bar set at. The deep gold needs to be better than the Zed. It does not have to be as big in gold size as the Zed, would be nice. But let's face it, the honkers are disappearing. So I will take many grammer in a day over one big one. I get bored fast lol. Weight needs to be Nox like.

    Let's keep it simple. Give me a PI Nox and I will buy two lol and a hat lol lol.

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  8. You have to run the Zed the way that lets you detect. High or low Sensitivity is only one of the factors. I personally don't like a hum in my ears. It makes me tone deaf by the end of the day.

    I also like my target sounds to boom out. Comes down to, run it the Way that works for you. If your finding small gold then you are good.

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  9. 18 hours ago, kiwijw said:

    I just got back. It was bloody cold. Still in frost & most unpleasant. My hole had filled up with silt & fine gravels. I scraped it out, filled it with water & got the crevice sucker into it. Long story short....nothing. That was really the only reason I went there but I did go further up & had a bit of a sweep over some bedrock areas but my heart wasn't in it. I stuck with the GB2. That big rock where you found your first bit, someone has cleaned it out around it down to smooth bedrock. Was that like that the last time you went up? I reckon it would be worth moving that big rock.  Cheers

    JW :smile: 

    Always worth moving the big rocks JW.

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