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  1. I ordered the book the first moment it was ready to order. I also have not made an issue over the delays. That said I agree with Steve a sample was to be sent Reese agreed to this and did not follow through. This is an issue as it does show character traits. Also 4 months is a very long time to wait for a product with money tied up. I dont tie up money for a detector that long. This being one issue, the other it that he made a remark in one of his last posts about Editor of his book placing pictures. This sounds to me that the book is not even done. Perhaps that is why it has not been sent Rob. Also means that he is still paying people to work on the book. Is the money from the pre sales being used for this. 6900 is a lot of money to the average Joe. But Is a tip, in the biz world. I drop that on hats and shirts for the employees of our company. (Owners dump it on me to do). This also creates issues. Bottomline is that these issues need addressing asap. Yes I expect Steve to be involved as a neutral third party, as well as Rob as a Vested party. Just my feelings on the matter.
  2. Has the samples been giving to rob yet? What is the time frame for printing?
  3. Does not count unless you have video or you read on the internet lol. Guess it is true i read it on the net.
  4. Great book, lots of info on different types of ways to detect with the king of VLF.
  5. I see it this way. Tesoro is gone, whites is next without question. Not sure who will be next after Whites. Garret has other biz models to keep them afloat. But against Makro no company is safe, not even Minelab. Invent, update or die. Makro is making detectors the way we want them made. Minelab makes detectors the way they want and we are expected to deal with it. In this fast changing field that could be their Achilles heel. Just my point of view. Makro I am still looking for a PI the way I want it.
  6. I can do that with my Nox using Steve's insane settings. But I refrain, so that the next generation of swingers has Some thing to find.
  7. After you balance Klunkers Zed. Can you post the GPS cords for sourdough secret spots lol.
  8. Not teasing, I only way 180lbs. I am cheaper then Fred.
  9. This is a good book. It gives lots of food for thought. Plus it is a real book not a computer printed and stapled pamphlet, at a high price. I used Steve's settings from the book and pulled a .10gram piece from an area hit with an SDC, GB2 and the Nox(different settings). I know my Nox and still learned new tricks. If you don't know your Nox, this is the book for you. Legit!!!
  10. I want what I want when I want it, lol. That being said I will wait in line like all the rest for the PI that fits my build list. My build list is about the same as Steve's. I have a Nox and it wrecks all other vlf units. If you don't care for that statement sorry, I respect your view and will add you to the list of people that prevent me from dredging in Cali. The SDC is where I expect the small gold bar set at. The deep gold needs to be better than the Zed. It does not have to be as big in gold size as the Zed, would be nice. But let's face it, the honkers are disappearing. So I will take many grammer in a day over one big one. I get bored fast lol. Weight needs to be Nox like. Let's keep it simple. Give me a PI Nox and I will buy two lol and a hat lol lol.
  11. The reason the hunt was cancelled boiled down too, to many Moochers not enough helpers. So we (my group puts on the event) as a group cancelled the event. It will happen in 2020 however (If we get help).
  12. You have to run the Zed the way that lets you detect. High or low Sensitivity is only one of the factors. I personally don't like a hum in my ears. It makes me tone deaf by the end of the day. I also like my target sounds to boom out. Comes down to, run it the Way that works for you. If your finding small gold then you are good.
  13. Scott, Todd and I have been testing his SDC with the new coils. True the small coil is great. However we still plan to test the bigger coil to make sure it is not messed up. Just been to biz to get it done. I did find a .15gram with his unit first time I used it lol.
  14. JW if you keep this up you will cause your country to have a gold shortage. I like the title of the thread.
  15. Good luck with the Zed Dig. Post up your first finds.
  16. All the little specks are gone now that JW has a 6 inch coil ?
  17. When you are blowing bubbles under the water you don't hear the motor so much. But I agree with your direct of thought.
  18. I plan to go out this weekend with maybe Brian. Maybe I can pickup some tips. There was several repeat signals I didn't dig because they didn't sound right. I dug several to find nothing after checking with the Nox. Went down to bedrock. I noticed there is a little more sharp a small size to target sounds. The kind I stopped digging where the broad and more mellow sounds. I am sure there might have been a real target. But I was trying to cover more on the claim picking off the good signals, saving the others for this weekend.
  19. Thanks Steve. I found out that there is codes you can see with the eye. These are not the codes need to verify a unit. The code can only be seen with a lens. Mine is real ?
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