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  1. Lost ours out in the sticks lol. Where to get a replacement charging cable for the Minelab WM-12? Thanks.
  2. Great news on the service! I forget you guys are coming up on winter as we are all starting to head out to detect! The Nevada hills are warming up slowly and the gold is there for the finding lol.
  3. Contacting Doc right now. Good advice. Thanks. Chuck
  4. Can the booster/speaker combo be attached to the custom canvas cover of the 7000? And where in the US can we find this combo? I searched but couldn't find the combo only the booster. Thanks for putting up with all the questions... new users and getting up to speed.
  5. Yeah we're up here in sage brush country too (Northern Nevada). Thanks Steve.
  6. Just to clarify we can run the WM-12, plug the booster into that and then use speakers (no headphones) if we choose. Is that correct?
  7. Just found JP's blog post comparing the two coils. Answers my question but am still open to input.
  8. How is the B&Z Booster set up with the 7000? Thanks.
  9. My brother and mining partner is a Master Mechanic with Ford so that's what we use... a big Ford 4x4 truck. We are in the market for the Desert Fox for the reasons you describe... Looking forward to it! Nice set-up you got there.
  10. What's the current feedback on the GPZ-19 coil? Good to have? Thanks.
  11. If anyone knows how to get a replacement battery please post it here. We’re all about backups when in the field for days. Thanks. Chuck
  12. I see you guys talking about audio boosters for the WM-12. Is there a setup you can recommend? Thanks. Chuck
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