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  1. rockett

    Creswick Produces Again

    Thanks Idahogold and thanks Northeast. Im heading back out on Saturday to the same spot as there is a gully there that ruins directly into the patch we where detecting. And i think it is well worth a swing over. I have taken a screen shot of your settings Northeast and will report on the changes i will make on the day. I really appreciate the info.
  2. Great day out yesterday with my mate Bazza , sun was shinning bull ants where biting and them march flies where the size of small planes lol. Hit a new spot just out of Cressy and worked an area no bigger that 15 meters x 15 meters and came up with 14 little bits and some nice little bits in quartz. GPZ SDC combo with a lot of raking shoulders a little sore this morning. Still having trouble running in normal, seem to be digging a lot of ghost targets around them trees but i just can't walk away. (any advice would be great) Hope everybody is getting yellow. Regards Rockett.
  3. rockett

    Merry Xmass

    Thanks very much, it is a really nice bit of gold that we never in our wildest dreams thought we would get. We had been to this area before on a few occasions and must have walked over it. Going back out soon to rake the area and put the big head on and see if we can't pull another one. Fingers crossed.
  4. rockett

    Merry Xmass

    Found on the 23rd December 16 inches down next to the old iron bark tree. Found by my gold partner Bazza with our GPZ 7000. Hi to the boys at the Dunolly Caravan Park. LOLA gives her love. Happy new year to all and happy hunting there still out there. Thanks Nanxxx
  5. rockett

    Ground Balancing The 7000

    Reg when can we go out for a swing together with your experiance and my detector and stamina lol we could make a great team lol. Have 4wd will travel.
  6. rockett

    Ground Balancing The 7000

    Thanks JP, I balance my Z the same way but after i do that i leave it relax on the ground with ferrite under the plate for 5 min and i only do this on start up. When i pick the Z up i give it one last swing over the ferrite before i put the ferrite away. It runs very quiet and I'm running 70% of the time in normal high yeild in hot ground in Vic.
  7. rockett

    Ground Balancing The 7000

    This is very interesting thanks all for your comments.
  8. rockett

    Ground Balancing The 7000

    I thought you only lost data when you pulled the ground balance button in?
  9. Hi all does anybody ground balance there machine as per instructions then leave the machine on the ground with ferrite under the plate ? I did this while i was getting the rest of my gear ready and it really made it quieter , in very hot ground. The machine was sitting there for about 5 to 8 min approximately.
  10. rockett

    Battery Alternative For SDC 2300

    Hi all, hope you all are well and you are all finding the yellow. Recevied my new batterys on SATURDAY !!! I went to a spot i have worked before to see how they would go, well I'm not sure if I'm walking over gold but i pulled these 7 cuties with the SDC and new battery set up. Tone to me sounds different but did it enhance the SDCs ability I'm going to say maybe.
  11. rockett

    Battery Alternative For SDC 2300

    Thanks for posting Davsgold, i was due for a set of replacement batteries for my SDC vac so have just ordered the 18650 and adapters will be sure to let you all no how they go.
  12. rockett

    A Lighter Weight GPZ 7000?

    Hi all and what a lovely day here in Victoria today. Reg i went into the La La forest today and tried my hip stick for the first time, and wow what a difference it made only problem was i couldn't carry the Rake lol. Try it with the pro harness it might surprise you. No gold today.
  13. rockett

    Should There Be An Off Topic Forum?

    Thanks Steve for a great site don't change it. If they want to talk of topic tell them to join face book.
  14. rockett

    A Lighter Weight GPZ 7000?

    Im with you Goldwright the GPZ with the harness fitted correctly is a well balanced machine and i don't find it heavy at all. I swing it and i carry a rake and pick. Hit the bar bells boys.
  15. rockett

    Hi All

    Thanks Steve your just not a wiz on the gold. Cheers