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  1. Maybe the delay is to release the aqua and dirt (terra?) version together? I can hope anyway...
  2. I just traded for an ORX. I do have the EQ600 but the ORX is tough not to like due to the weight and ease of use. Also had a nice find the first time out with it.
  3. Thanks for the input Mark, Jim and GB. I have done a bit of air testing with the stock coil, 8 to 10 inches depending on the items (coins mostly). The ground balance did not seem to make much of a difference in the air. I did hit the beach a couple more times after asking about a coil and found a few junk jewelry items and some clad. I have spent many hours reading about the tdi sl, tdi pro and available coils OE and aftermarket. Since then we are defrosted and I'm back in the dirt/mud and my go to is an eq600. I do intend on trying my TDI in certain areas after checking them out for junk first. I do cruise most of the popular forums looking at the FS areas thinking I might stumble across a fair deal on another coil. River rat, pm if you want and give some details, assuming you were speaking to me. Thanks, FWest
  4. https://www.bigboyshobbies.net Text or call for best deal. When I was shopping for a tdi Bart beat all the others I contacted.
  5. Chuck, this is not my only machine. I have some others that do fine on the beach. This is my newest and I want to learn it while possibly finding some stuff. The ground is frozen here and will remain that way for another month so the beach is the only area I can swing. The dirt is my main interest and just wanted to get some time in prior to spring (here). Also I purchased the TDI I wanted knowing it can use more than the stock coil. I have read that the Miner John coils are good gold coils but I expected the depth to be a little better than I have seen. So that brings me back to asking about a better beach coil. Very little info is available on that beach hog and I wonder, minus coverage, if it will be any deeper than the 8x12 I have. Maybe the dual field is what I should be looking for ?
  6. I just purchased a TDI SL special edition. The unit came with the Miner John 8x12". It seems to do OK at the beach but leaves me wondering if another coil could do better. Not overly concerned about finding all the tiny bits. Also I find the walking pace when using the 12" mono, for complete coverage, is a challenge for me on the beach.
  7. I don't recall if it was here or another website that posted about the temperature operating range?? I can confirm that if the temp is below 15F the EQ will not work properly. I went out early this morning to catch the low tide and found out. Once I warmed it up all was normal. Also the Sennheiser LL ear buds were not happy either. FYI.
  8. No issues with mine. Let us know how Sennheiser takes care of this please.
  9. I have the Sennheiser ear buds. I can not speak to how they will function with hearing aids or if they will be loud enough to overcome your hearing loss. What I can say is they last at least 6 hours, fit very well, seal out other noise and are almost unnoticeable after you have them in for a half hour or so. As a bonus I find there sound quality on par with better or more expensive wired ear buds. Charging takes about an hour most of the time. They also talk to you, power on/off, connected, one hour charge remaining or something like that. One thing I have noticed is when using them with a tablet and change from music to a video the sound is muted, figured out they may think a call is coming in and by pressing the middle button the sound returns. I use them most every day and on weekends metal detecting. Great replacement for wired headphones. Connecting is easy and has never given me a problem. I do not notice any delay. I hope they work for you. FWest
  10. Thanks a lot for all the information Chuck and Monte. Maybe the new coil will be out before the ground thaws here. FWest
  11. Thanks Chuck, so you prefer the 9.5 over the stock 10 DD ? Weight , depth or separation ? Just curious as I have not tried a concentric on this unit but did notice better performance with a DD on another detector although it was a larger diameter. 10 vs 13" FWest
  12. I have recently acquired a used MX sport.Looking for coil recommendations. I mostly detect fields, wooded areas and cellar holes during the short North East USA season. The beach (ocean) is the only option during the winter so I do make it out a couple times a month. The coils I see for sale are 7" DD, 9.5" Cons, 6x10 DD, 12x10 DD, 13 ultimate DD and the 15x12 DD Thanks, FWest
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