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  1. Good on ya buddy, well done! You're a glutton for punishment and too bad you couldn't make the Wy trip in July/Aug, it was a lot warmer, even at 8000 ft! 😄
  2. Must be a true story GC, that's the way I remember you telling it back in Aug when we met up in RP. I just hope I can remember it the next time it happens to me!
  3. I am on my second Fisher Gemini 3 Two Box detector and have used them off and on since the 1990s. I carry one whenever I am out prospecting around old Ghost towns and mining camps to search for buried trash/bottle dumps and filled in privy locations. Over the years, I have found lots of relics and old medicine bottles etc (amongst rusty metal objects), with it. The Gemini 3 is simple to set up and easy to use. It may not be called "ground balance", but the detector has a turning knob adjustment, (part of the set up), that acts similar to a ground balance feature on a VLF detector. Once set up properly, I rarely had to tweak it any further since it ran smooth and quiet. One of its best features, IMO, is that it ignores, (doesn't react), to small surface metal items. Refer to manual for detector depth and size of objects capabilities. www.fisherlab.com Based on the information in the manual and my own personal experience, I do not believe the Fisher Gemini 3 Two Box capable of finding a single gold bar of the size indicated. I have detected oil cans and 1 lb coffee can sized metal objects at about 12" deep, and 2 lb cans/buckets at around 24" (or a little more) But if the bars were in a larger metal container or were spread out in a wider target configuration, 3 to 4 ft depth might be possible, IMO.
  4. Esther Hobart Morris Esther Hobart Morris Died April 2, 1902 (aged 87) Cheyenne, Wyoming, U.S. Nationality American Occupation Justice of the peace Known for being the first female judge in the United States of America.
  5. Hi, In case you don't have a copy, below is a link to the owners manual. I don't remember seeing any direct answer to your questions, but I haven't read the manual in awhile. It does say that the Gemini 3 is not suitable to search/trace faults (voids), but no mention of using in a cave, as I recall. I have used it for wall searches, but never found anything, and no reaction/non-positive response from the machine, of course couldn't be considered a success. The size of the items/depth of search are described in the manual. Example:("quart jar of coins) at about 1 ft') It might work if the item is large enough, but might false on you as well. You could try posing the questions in an email to the factory. They did respond to an email I sent to them a few months ago. Good luck! https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwivnLSNnJr5AhV0IX0KHX9OBd0QFnoECAUQAQ&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.fisherlab.com%2Fhobby%2Fmanuals%2FGemini-3-07.24.14-Reader.pdf&usg=AOvVaw26qVCBwrw6om4YL7LiUjGr
  6. Equinox 800 is considered to be an excellent "all purpose" detector. If you haven't already done so check out Steve's review.
  7. Just hope they can hold the line on subscription costs . . .
  8. 549 Australian Dollar equals 385.10 United States Dollars (Google format) insert amounts) Due to supply and demand, all the traffic will bear, etc etc, I would expect the price to be at least slightly higher in the US. (presently advertised on internet at $401.00 (MSRP: $439.00)
  9. What a novel idea! (tongue in cheek), That sounds a bit like that old fashioned, outdated notion of Quality Assurance!
  10. Sure looks like glacier gold . . any large boulders? Glad you got there first
  11. Please forgive the intrusion: "Animal control in, (a few states}, in the US uses coyote baits with cyanide" U.S. NEWS DEC. 6, 2019 EPA approves coyote-killing 'cyanide bombs' for five states, South Dakota, Texas, Montana, Wyoming and New Mexico. I grew up on a cattle ranch in the state of New Mexico, and at the age of 12, my dad and I hunted and trapped coyotes in a very rural desert, and mountainous environment. In order to protect the newborn calves from increasing coyote populations, ( as cruel as it may seem), we used lengths of barbed wire to insert into coyote dens, and "twist out" the coyote puppies in the spring. At that time, the use of poison to kill coyotes was illegal, and steel traps were not a perceived threat to pets, although they can be, especially near urban environments. For an incentive, there was also a $5.00 dollar state bounty on coyotes, (plus the value of the pelt) (Yes, they will chew their leg off to get out of a trap, but not if you run the trapline in 24 hrs, and if you use a "Drag" ( heavy, metal hook shaped anchor), so that the coyote can drag the trap, thinking that he/she is getting away; then you are able to track and find the trap/coyote in short order by following the drag trail to to the bush that the drag is hung up on. Eventually, "coyote calling" became a popular sport and a more effective and humane method of controlling the proliferation of predators, without threat of harm to people's dogs. Later in life, after I moved to sheep country, It also provided a great opportunity to approach sheep ranch owners for permission to hunt/call coyotes on their land, which then opened the door to return to hunt during deer season. Coyote calling contests became popular for predator control, which seemed to be quite effective until public sensitivities brought that to a halt, and now, alas, it's back to the extreme danger of poisoning ☠.
  12. Thank you Sir! You are a brave soul indeed, I am hoping for the best!
  13. 6 Month Bump: Issues with the GPX-6000. "The reality is there are issues with many companies and products right now. I would expect this to go on for another 6 months" I am wondering if there has been any noticeable change for the better regarding the aforementioned quality control issues of the GPX-6000? Thanks!
  14. Good Stuff you got there Mr Toad Sir! Nice to see that park keep producing for you!
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