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  1. Just hope they can hold the line on subscription costs . . .
  2. 549 Australian Dollar equals 385.10 United States Dollars (Google format) insert amounts) Due to supply and demand, all the traffic will bear, etc etc, I would expect the price to be at least slightly higher in the US. (presently advertised on internet at $401.00 (MSRP: $439.00)
  3. What a novel idea! (tongue in cheek), That sounds a bit like that old fashioned, outdated notion of Quality Assurance!
  4. Ray Mills of TrinityAU used a GB Pro for quite awhile and spoke highly of the detector. Chris Ralph gave it a very positive review as a gold finder and for being a good value. Personally, it is one of my favorite detectors to use in certain situations such as tight spots in general; bedrock nooks and crannies and shallow water environments, (submersible coil), where you don't want to risk damaging a more expensive detector. It's lightweight, very sensitive to small gold, and easy to use. I agree with RR; a great detector at a great price.
  5. Sure looks like glacier gold . . any large boulders? Glad you got there first
  6. Please forgive the intrusion: "Animal control in, (a few states}, in the US uses coyote baits with cyanide" U.S. NEWS DEC. 6, 2019 EPA approves coyote-killing 'cyanide bombs' for five states, South Dakota, Texas, Montana, Wyoming and New Mexico. I grew up on a cattle ranch in the state of New Mexico, and at the age of 12, my dad and I hunted and trapped coyotes in a very rural desert, and mountainous environment. In order to protect the newborn calves from increasing coyote populations, ( as cruel as it may seem), we used lengths of barbed wire to insert into coyote dens, and "twist out" the coyote puppies in the spring. At that time, the use of poison to kill coyotes was illegal, and steel traps were not a perceived threat to pets, although they can be, especially near urban environments. For an incentive, there was also a $5.00 dollar state bounty on coyotes, (plus the value of the pelt) (Yes, they will chew their leg off to get out of a trap, but not if you run the trapline in 24 hrs, and if you use a "Drag" ( heavy, metal hook shaped anchor), so that the coyote can drag the trap, thinking that he/she is getting away; then you are able to track and find the trap/coyote in short order by following the drag trail to to the bush that the drag is hung up on. Eventually, "coyote calling" became a popular sport and a more effective and humane method of controlling the proliferation of predators, without threat of harm to people's dogs. Later in life, after I moved to sheep country, It also provided a great opportunity to approach sheep ranch owners for permission to hunt/call coyotes on their land, which then opened the door to return to hunt during deer season. Coyote calling contests became popular for predator control, which seemed to be quite effective until public sensitivities brought that to a halt, and now, alas, it's back to the extreme danger of poisoning ☠.
  7. Thank you Sir! You are a brave soul indeed, I am hoping for the best!
  8. 6 Month Bump: Issues with the GPX-6000. "The reality is there are issues with many companies and products right now. I would expect this to go on for another 6 months" I am wondering if there has been any noticeable change for the better regarding the aforementioned quality control issues of the GPX-6000? Thanks!
  9. Good Stuff you got there Mr Toad Sir! Nice to see that park keep producing for you!
  10. https://www.havasugoldseekers.com/ If you haven't already, take a look at their website and see for yourself if you like. Explore the categories; activities, gold found and club record, a 41 oz speci with about twenty oz of gold. They have quite a few good claims and the surrounding area produces good gold also. Much of the larger gold is being found near the claims but not actually on the claims, at least as of the last couple of years, (based on intel from club mgt) I am currently a member.
  11. Not scary. A bit jarring but it happened fast and was over. No apology necessary Anthony. I knew you were joking and I was joking back at you. I usually don't get up there until after May 15th to let it dry out a little. If you get a chance, drop by the BLM office in Winnemucca and check out their Gold/Mineral specimen collection, especially the Chevron Gold nuggets. On second thought, Gerry probably carries a few with him!
  12. Don't know if you understood that there was no opening or hole in the road. Not even a depression! The water flowed from uphill, (sagebrush area), and eroded the ground structure beneath the surface of the road, giving no indication of its weakness. Glad you located the gold for me though. Lol! How much did you recover? Mr GotGold, with all due respect, I have hunted this general area (Northern NV), for (going on 30), years and know several very accomplished nugget hunters who have done the same. I have photos and GPS coordinates of large multi-oz nuggets that were found, as often as not in places where you would not suspect, nor anyone at the time might have predicted, until they actually tried it. Based on your pictorial gold pointer, I suspect you haven't hunted for gold anywhere near that general area, (which can apply to both Humboldt and Pershing counties) The upshot is, In that area, Gold can be anywhere! ( A lot of gold found way out in the sagebrush flats) Let me know when you are going to be up that way again (Rye Patch, Eugene Mts), maybe we can get together and swing a coil!
  13. As you may have discovered from internet research, and/or member comments there is considerable source material on the subject matter. I reviewed several print news publications in researching the story. Thanks for reading.
  14. Why did you want to take them apart? Kid stuff I'm guessing. I'm not criticizing, I played with a lot of dangerous stuff when I was younger. Thanks for the good advice!
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