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  1. Thanks Tom, it's awesome that your listening!
  2. Thanks for clearing that up, AU Solitude. I'll report it to eBay as well. Jim
  3. Be aware! I saw this on eBay today and it looks like a fake to me. But the seller says, "it was an early test unit." One pic Shows an obvious name change and other shows paint peeling off the bottom of the coil. My sdc did not have a painted coil. Hopefully, Steve can confirm one way or another on this unit... I really don't want anybody to get sucked into a scam...
  4. I just really think the mxsport would be an excellent river sniping detector if it just had a small neutral buoyant coil... And it would be great if that small coil came out before the end of summer!
  5. Thanks for the opinions guys. I was hoping there was someone on here that had made one of the adapters and was using it with the smaller coils. I'm glad to hear the new small coil is almost out. Hopefully it's not a floater... l wasn't expecting to hear any big differences, but I would think the faster processors would help stabilize the threshold and tracking some, and not having the volume tied to the gain would be nice...
  6. I was wondering if anyone has been using the MXsport for prospecting and what your opinions might be? Thanks...
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