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  1. Original Rock looks like an ordinary rock to me. Thats a good thing, no reason to shut down progress because of ancient claims over rocks.
  2. Wade sounds like a great guy glad you guys found some gold. The story lead me at first to believe he only had one arm, which reminded me of a guy I met who was a an actual amputee, with only the stub. He was a log truck driver, and would drive, shift, and use the CB to call out mile markers, all with one arm, and a little stub. Stay cool and hyrdrated. Kodiak
  3. I remember reading that in the during the Alaska Gold Rush in the Klondike, that the miners would just hand their poke to the bartender, and the bartender would take out the needed pinches. You were supposed to turn your back to the bartender when they did the actually pinching, as otherwise you were showing them disrespect. It was the honor system. There were tricky bartenders though who would run their hands thru their hair after every transaction, and then wash their hair at home to collect the gold dust.
  4. Found in remote Alaska, near the site of a WW2 Sawmill. It would appear this is a global phenomenon.
  5. Nice video Karelian, Have you tried using your drone and mapping software to create any high resolution maps yet? There are drone mapping programs out there both pay to use, and free to use, that can create high res imagery that can be overlaid in google earth etc. You can also create and overlay DSM's, Direct Surface Models, and DTM's, (Direct Terrain Models). Its just another way to visualize the ground, and can make spotting depressions and surface disturbances easier. Its a good solution for a closer overall look at a larger area, and then if it warrants furthur investigation, you could send the drone to the areas of interest to take video. All without leaving the truck.
  6. To quote Todd Hoffman's father Jack, "No Guts, No Glory!"
  7. Every Map of America always has Alaska way out of scale, and placed in a box somewhere near the Hawaiian Islands. This is the most accurate map I have found from an Alaskans perspective.
  8. Great looking Whip Saw. That piece looks like great backing for an artistic display. Kodiak
  9. Hello Denver Bryan, I do alot of mapping using ArcMap and shapefiles on the desktop. I have also used the free version of Gaia GPS for the smartphone. Its pretty easy to use, as you do all the work on the computer, and only use the phone for viewing. You just upload your .shp or .kml files to your account and it will load on the phone when you open the app. It comes with a Topo / trail Map. One big benefits is that it does not require cell phone coverage to operate. I also upload and download shapefiles and .kml files to my Garmin handheld GPS. I used to use the free Garmin BaseCamp software, but I recently found this good tool from the DNR University of Minnesota that converts the tracks/waypoints from my handheld GPS straight into shapefiles and .kml files, as well as lets you load those files straight on the handheld. I really wish I had found this tool earlier. https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/mis/gis/DNRGPS/DNRGPS.html DNRGPS Application Description DNRGPS is an update to the popular DNRGarmin application. DNRGPS and its predecessor were built to transfer data between Garmin handheld GPS receivers and GIS software. DNRGPS was released as Open Source software with the intention that the GPS user community will become stewards of the application, initiating future modifications and enhancements. Best of luck, Kodiak
  10. I would like to join the contest, I dont have 35 oz of gold to refine, but I can picture casting some lead fishing weights. Kodiak.
  11. Welcome to the Forum ChiniakGrant. Good to have someone else from the "Rock" on the forum. Good luck in B.C. Kodiak
  12. Keep your eyes out on the beach for the canvas wrapped bales that go with it.
  13. Mac, Theres a recent post on the DNR thread over at the Alaska Gold Forum by GeoWizard. He included this link: http://www.stampede-gold.com/notice_of_withdrawal.pdf Looks like they withdrew their proposal. Gonna try and take it to the legislature for action instead. Good luck with those clowns.
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