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  1. Keep your eyes out on the beach for the canvas wrapped bales that go with it.
  2. Mac, Theres a recent post on the DNR thread over at the Alaska Gold Forum by GeoWizard. He included this link: http://www.stampede-gold.com/notice_of_withdrawal.pdf Looks like they withdrew their proposal. Gonna try and take it to the legislature for action instead. Good luck with those clowns.
  3. 130 billion worth of gold. I can almost see Russia from out my window... https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/navy-ships/a22345825/russian-shipwreck-gold-dmitri-donskoii/
  4. Kodiak

    Hand Held GPS

    GB_Amateur, Yes, the Garmin model with the InReach is the Garmin InReach Explorer+ you linked to at amazon. I have a Delorme InReach Explorer, the Delorme model you linked to as well. I use a Garmin GPSmap 62s for navigation, and the Delorme, for emergency response and simple texting like (All OK, headed back) as preset messages since it is such a pain to manually text using the Delorme. I imagine if I had the Explorer+, I would only need to carry one unit instead of two, as the Delorme Explorer is more for emergency response and communication than it is for navigation. Depending on whether or not your situation requires the InReach communication, the advantage of paying the extra $160 is that you wouldn't have to pay the $289 just for the explorer, and then buy a GPS for navigation. All of the Delorme InReach have monthly/yearly subscription plans just like a cell phone provider. I think they vary from $5 a month to $35 month. My explorer usually sits in the glove compartment of my truck, with its cigarette lighter charger waiting to save the day.
  5. Kodiak

    Hand Held GPS

    I use a Garmin GPSmap 62s quite a bit at work. Garmin has software for your computer called BaseCamp, that costs like 30 dollars a year. BaseCamp allows you to download high res maps for anywhere in the USA at least, and the software allows you to plan adventures, and enter waypoints as well as an easier interface with the GPS. The only thing I don't like about my Garmin, is its hard to see the screen in the sun, and it really eats up AAA batteries. My buddy has a Garmin, with built in InReach, which allows for emergency rescue, and text capability through satellite networks. Useful for emergency no cell areas.
  6. Kodiak

    Detecting Old Claim In Alaska

    Where I live in remote Alaska, the bears are so big they can kill you just by looking at you.
  7. DolanDave, Nice to see someone finding something valuable with the Naked Eye. The only detectable objects I've been able to find so far with a metal detector on the Island I live on are all from recent logging activities. I did manage to spot this though:
  8. Kodiak


    Just looking at it, it looks kind of like a locket. Are the edges raised, so that it could hold a picture, or object? It also looks roughly made. Maybe some sort of weight for a scale? Some other industrial use? Those are my guesses.
  9. Great adventure guys and beautiful scenery. I would suggest investing some of that hard earned gold into some new boots for Simon
  10. Kodiak

    Box In My Closet

    Thanks for clearing up my confusion George. It would certainly save someone a lot of time collecting to find that horde in a box in the closet. I particularly like the six sided die, is that stone or metal? Kodiak
  11. Kodiak

    Box In My Closet

    George, Great finds, but I am confused. Are you the original finder, or did you find a box in your closet with the relics in it? Thanks, Kodiak
  12. Kodiak

    New Topic Viewing Limit For Forum Guests

    The six views per day also proded me to become a member. I have been visiting the forum as a guest ever since I heard about it on the Alaska Gold Forum. Six views a day is not enough, I need probably at least sixty. What I particularly like about the forum, is all of the Australian, and NZ members. Not only do they find Huge nuggets, but due to the time difference, when I log on to the forum in the morning, I get to read about all the new (and old) finds made while I was sleeping. Thanks Guys, Kodiak