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  1. Thanks for the detailed post Erik. I like sharks about as much as I like bears, and that isnt much. Stay Safe.
  2. Nice find. The pin part looks really straight as well. I think its going to get harder and harder to find jewelry made from converted currency in the future, as the current coins wouldnt hold up.
  3. Thanks Phrunt, I will be watching it. No Guts, No Glory! Its all fake and staged as it comes, but it makes good TV.
  4. Great Stories Lanny. Ive had a few run-ins with bears myself. Thankfully my experiences were similar to yours and the bears went the other way. Best to be bear aware, but be prepared to deal with the unexpected either with bear spray, or lead.
  5. To get rid of any personal information in your photos make sure you right click on the photo, go to details, select remove properties and personal information. Then select remove the following properties from this file, and select remove all. At least you wont have people geolocating your photos this way.
  6. Love the finds. Especially the shed. The winter snow is still receding here, hoping to find more sheds when access allows. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Great finds. I love the Axe heads. Welcome to the forum.
  8. Great finds and great story. We all know how much you love KFC. I hope you and J.W. got a decent meal on the way back home.
  9. Nice. Your are nailing it. Maybe the Tampa Bay Bucks practice there? I wouldnt want to meet the tough guy who was wearing that princess necklace. Great Job.
  10. Congratulations. They say the first is the hardest, so I hope you find many more. Great find.
  11. Interesting finds. Looks like you found some "Tough Guy" wannabe gangbanger bling. When I saw that TS, it made me think of T-Money. Too bad it wasnt platinum and full of diamonds. Good hunting.
  12. Thanks for taking the time to share Jed's adventure with us, as well as your modern day adventure. I ran out of likes for the day and will be back for more tomorrow.
  13. Nice Yowah Nut. I'm sad to say Ive become an Opalholic myself. Very expensive addiction.
  14. Amazing find. I bet you weren't expecting to dig that. Good recovery job.
  15. I like the name of the nugget. It adds even more character. Sad ending though. Thanks for sharing.
  16. You any data back from that phsist? If the data is good. I wount mine takin out 1 acre parce if price is write. As Bob Barker says, Come on Down.
  17. Thanks for the answers, I hope that Physicist has some good data for you. Good luck with everything. Just curious, but were you sharing this same story on Treasurenet? about a year ago? There is alot familiar with a poster over there whom they banned eventually.
  18. I am enjoying this thread, but I fail to see how a physicist could determine there was a large gold deposit using ariel Lidar. Lidar only measures the ground surface, perhaps he was using different equipment besides Lidar? Is this fellow a GeoPhysicist? There was a good thread awhile back from some Romanian fellow with a ground penetrating radar.
  19. Congratulations is that nugget turns out to be platinum. Quite the find.
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