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  1. What else can be said, that's what makes digging hundreds of pieces of trash worth it. You just never know when the next plug's gonna be a bucket lister. Congrats on a find of a lifetime!!
  2. Great hunt Steve, multiple silvers are a real treat these days, congrats!!
  3. I'm a firm believer in "Detecting Intuition" I've had many a situation that has lead me to know it's a fact, something mystical almost.
  4. Great finds!! Congrats on two outstanding coins.
  5. Lol... All the jewelry I find is filtered through my wife's hands. It is a very vivid color.
  6. My day started off with an eyeball find at the post office. I spotted a round object on the ground as I was walking into the post office. I didn't look at it closely until I got into my car. I thought it was some costume jewelry at first until I saw some faint lettering on it. Still, not thinking much of it, I drove 5 miles to hunt a new beach on the lake I've been hunting. I picked a spot and was doing some sampling and not having much luck, very few signals. So, I drove to a new spot and started hunting. First signal was a penny, a good sign, walked about 20 feet and got a solid 21 signal. I thought for sure I was digging a zinc, much to my surprise I found another piece of turquoise jewelry. It's been a while since I've found a piece of turquoise, here I am today with two! Not much else was coming out other than clad, so, I decided to head home and eat lunch. After taking a couple of pictures of my finds, I enlarge the pics and darn near fell outta my chair. The 2 pieces of jewelry are silver and they are made by 2 Navajo silversmiths from different states, but, the makers are related to one another. The pieces were found 5 miles apart, the large one in the parking lot and the small one at the lake. That's one of the many things I love about this hobby, you just never know what weirdness is going to turn up.
  7. Chase, I received a new one and it works, APTX LL in TR and RX, also bought a Trond 5.0 BT DUO II, same results + symbol in both modes.
  8. I went back to my swimming home and got 3 unexpected surprises. I didn't think this place was old enough for what came out, but, I'm not complaining 😉 No jewelry today, but the coins more than made up for it. Running the 800 in: Park 1 Recovery 5 M Manual GB 3 Iron bias F2 0 Modified 5 tones Digging signals from 0-9 and 18-40 Sens 22 Quarter hit at 32 Half at 34 Dime 26
  9. Thank you Steve. It's one thing when you hunting a certain site to "hope" there's something good to be found and "knowing" something worthwhile will be found. I've hunted this type of place back in the early 90's and found a ton of jewelry, I was the first one to hit that swimming hole. I had no idea what masking was or the idea of a fast recovery machine. I'm sure I left more gold rings than I found 😞 I don't mind cleaning the trash out, because the payoff is going to be big at some point.
  10. Thank you. I hunt in 2 tones 99% of the time. I have my pitch set at 25 for what I want to dig and 1 for what I'm going to pass on. To me, it's the challenge of wading thru the garbage for a keeper or two. It's a lot of work, but very satisfying in a weird sort of way. 🙂
  11. Beautiful here in central Texas, so I headed down to the lake to see if I could score any jewelry. I made my first pass to the water and was headed back up to the shore when I spotted a park ranger truck pull up and stop. He got out and headed my way, so, I put my gear down and walked straight to him and stuck out my hand and introduced myself. I knew as soon as he stuck out his hand and smiled, he wasn't here to harass me. He told me his name and began to ask me how I was doing and that I should keep my eyes open for arrowheads as quite a few have come from the beaches on the lake. I was able to get some good info from him about which park was the most popular and where most of the swimming took place. He also told me that the lake level was down quite a bit from full capacity and trying to give me an idea as to the best place to hunt might be. I also was told that I'm the only one he's seen hunting on this beach :super: Anyway, after about 10 minutes, he wished me good luck and drove off. The next 3 hours was digging nothing but garbage. Toward the end of the hunt, close to the water, I got a nice, solid, repeatable 9, pinpointed it and grabbed what I thought was a piece of wire. Fortunately I was able to pull it from the sand without breaking it. I was very pleased to see a charm and both ends were intact. I'm pretty sure it's silver from the looks of it. As luck would have it on the next pass and down by the water, within 6-8 feet of the other necklace, I dig another one. Up until this point of hunting the lake I hadn't dug one until today. Unfortunately it's junk, it read 3-4, but, a solid repeatable signal. My settings were as follows Park 2 GB 5 Sens 21 Recovery 3 Iron bias F2 0 2 tones Digging from -1 up
  12. Mine is 000011, just bought from Tom D this past week. Was a demo unit, I did get a full warranty, looked like a new unit.
  13. I bought a Trond BT Duo 5.0 Bluetooth TR/RX, paired with Nox showing the + symbol. Unfortunately, the devise is defective and there's no audio and the battery dies after 15 minutes. I had to get a refund on it and have a Trond BT Duo S and a Trond BT Duo II on the way. I'll post my result when I can. If it works, it would be a very affordable way for Nox 600 users to have a way to run bluetooth.
  14. Good job on being a good teacher and congrats to your son for listening to dad. Sometimes we do know what we're talking about 😉
  15. That was something that I also considered in case my WM 08 went belly-up.. It would be a very affordable alternative for someone that had a 600 as well. I'll be interested in your results.
  16. Ok, riddle solved, they will transmit APTX LL, but, will not receive on that level. That explains the missing symbol.
  17. Well, I'd be interested if you put them in receive mode and paired to the Nox if the + symbol would display. I have the same Taotronic 5.0, but, no symbol for APTX LL on the Nox. My goal is to reduce lag as much as is possible if you know what I mean.
  18. I was wondering if someone has a 5.0 bluetooth transmitter that they've paired with the Nox to see if it is actually APTX LL or not. I have 3 models of the Taotronics TT-Ba07, 08 and 09, none give the + sign when paired to the machine. I'm not trying to use it with the Nox, but another machine. My Q-12 earbuds when paired have the + sign. I need a transmitter to use with the Q-12's for minimum lag. Any input or suggestions would be bigly appreciated.
  19. What a nice surprise, that had to be a great feeling, congrats!!!
  20. For the past 2 years, all I did was cherry pick for old coins and did ok in that dept. But, I've already dug more gold and jewelry than I did compared to then. My time was limited, so, I had to be more selective and utilize my time to improve my odds. I have an opportunity as this moment to take the time and dig it all. This window will be closing at the end of the month,then I'll have to become a bit more picky.
  21. I had one that was extremely hard to turn off or on, the on button was so firm it wouldn't do it's thing. Minelab ended up replacing the unit, no problem. After a month, that one quit charging, ended up being a bad battery. They replaced that one as well.
  22. Your probably right, the back looks like it was attached to something.
  23. I've been hunting a lake nearby for the last week, so far, every hunt has produce some nice silver or gold jewelry. Today I was able to retrieve 3 more rings, 2 silver and 1 junk. I found something else, but, I'm not sure what it is. Here's my setting: Park 2 Manual GB Sens 22 2 tones Iron bias 0 Tone break +5 up Tons of trash to wade through to find a keeper, but, very satisfying when it happens.
  24. Thanks guys, I sent Waterbury an e-mail with pics to get a positive ID.
  25. Could be, I thought maybe saddle tack.
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