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  1. I'm looking for a bargain on an Equinox 12x15 coil, let me know if you have one, thanks.
  2. Was able to get out yesterday and hunt a couple of different rivers. I had to pay my dues today though. I dug a lot of trash for several keepers. First place I dug up a lot of lead and a silver toe ring. On the way home from the first stop, I hit a crossing and was able to come across a 14k wedding band and a pet crematory tag which is a first for me.
  3. I have the same problem with the Equinox at this spot. There are high transmission lines on either side of the river. Even running a single frequency, I still get some chatter.
  4. Thank you, we've been running at 100+ for the last week or so here in central Texas.
  5. With all this hot weather, I decided it was time for my first water hunt of the year. It turned into a very productive hunt I was using the LegeƱd with my Blu3 Nemo setup hunting in chest deep water. The first hour and a half was the usual, bottle caps, pull tab and a little bit of clad. All three rings came within 15 minutes. . First one was the big silver 925 with a fake stone. A few feet away, I dug another ring, 10k. I swung back over the spot and got a real funky signal. The target was a broken 10k ring. I could not tell you what the signals were in the water because my control pod was underwater. The silver ring rang 46 and the two 10k rings hit at 15-16 on the Legend out of the water. I hunted for another 30 minutes and didn't come up with anything but a couple of pieces of trash. Running 20Khz due to bad EMI, 2 tones , tone break at 9, sens 24, all metal. Bottle caps were giving a low/high tone, I could tell it was a junk signal, but I dug it anyways just to be sure.
  6. No....It doesn't make a difference, something is wrong with the threshold.
  7. I bought a Deano's cover for the Simplex/Legend that fits the same way. I almost didn't get it on the housing it fit so tight, I'm thinking I may destroy it getting it off.
  8. Congratulations and excellent write-up, thank you for taking the time to do it.
  9. Well....kinda lol. So I got out yesterday and went to an old park. Running through the park is a ditch that was dug in the late 1700s by the Spanish. I found this about 20 ft from the ditch. At first I thought I may have found a cut Spanish. It looks to be a cut Barber or Seated dime. Not much detail left, just a bit of the wreath. It reads 20-21 on the Nox....41 on the Legend...39 on the CTX...
  10. Great story and some very good finds on the first outing with a new machine.
  11. Thank you. I have a bad shoulder and after about 4 hours it was starting to feel uncomfortable. i would say it's about the same, maybe a bit easy, not by much. Something I forgot to mention, in full sun, it's a very hard to see which icon is highlighted when making any adjustment. Maybe a darkened box around it or darken the icon altogether. It's hard to see on the fly, gotta stop, lift the machine up to see where your at.
  12. Good luck with Legend, it's impressive.
  13. I took the Legend out to an old football field in town for the first hunt. I spent a couple of hours when I first got the machine getting familiar with the settings. It's a rather easy machine to learn once you go though the functions a few times. I ran Park mode Multi 1, 2 tones, manual GB, sens at 27, my tone break at 24, all metal, volume at 6, recovery at 3. The Legend ran very stable at Sens 27, it did chirp when I sat the machine down to dig, but, once the coil was flat on the ground it would settle down. There was no doubt when I hit a target, the volume is more than loud enough at 6, actually too loud for me, so I dropped it down to 3. I don't think most users will have a problem with being able to hear when using the WHP. The headphones pair up almost immediately, turn the machine on, turn the phones on, go to bluetooth icon and hit it, it'll pair in a second or 2. The VDI numbers are very stable compared to other Nokta machines I've used in the past. Nickles hit 26-27 down to 5", didn't dig any deeper today. Zincs were hitting from 38-42 depending on the condition, some were half eaten, they rang the lowest of course. Copper pennies hit from 44-48, some dimes hit 51, most times 47-48 quarters 51-53. Deepest coin was a solid 9" wheat, VDI's bounced 44-48, good tone from both directions. That hit really boosted my confidence in the machine, it could be a contender to my Nox for deep coin hunting. I'll take the Nox next time and compare signals in the ground, today I wanted to put some time on the Legend. I didn't dig anything outstanding, but, I was able to dig a good number of targets to get a feel for the machine. I did notice some flexing in the shaft when it was extended too much, could be because of the middle shaft and the flexible armrest. Maybe a carbon fiber middle shaft would stiffen it up. The flexing may be more noticeable in the water, I'll find out later in the year when I take in the water. I'm not a big fan of the tones, not terrible, just not as sharp as I'm use too. It could be the headphones, I have a Bluetooth receiver I'm going to try with some earbuds next time out and I'll try my Quest Bluetooth phones as well. I'll also play with the pitch to see if that helps, it's certainly not a deal breaker, just not the tones I'm used too. I did have a couple of weird things happen. 3 times when I had to repair the headphones, I was getting sound though the phones and the speaker at the same time. I went thought pairing cycle again and that took care of it. One time the screen froze, I could not navigate the settings or make any adjustments. Turning the machine off and back on took care of that, but, it erased a couple of settings I made to my saved program. I like to run a faint threshold on my machines, on the Legend, it goes from to silent to somewhat loud with no in between. At 9, no sound, it kicks in at 10 which is too loud for me. Maybe an update could take care of that if it's a concern to other users. Also, it looks like the battery level was dropping faster than I expected, after 7 hours I was down to 2 bars. I doubt I could out last the battery, but, for others it could be a problem. I certainly will make sure I get into the habit of getting it on the charger after each hunt. Overall, the Legend is a solid performing machine, easy to use and swing, very stable running. I bought it mainly for water hunting because my warranty expires this month on my Nox. I think it'll hang with my mighty 800, I need a few more hunts to see what it can really do.
  14. I just heard from a tester Mike(Iffy Signals), who sent Dilek an email asking how to do a factory reset. You can not do a full factory reset on the Legend.
  15. Thanks for confirming that Chase. Also found out that if you lower the volume level to 3, the jump happens going from 11 to 12.
  16. Chase, thank you. I came to that conclusion after spending most of the day messing with the Legend. The main reason for the reset was the threshold volume when using headphones. Mike (Iffy Signals) says his machine does the same thing, it goes from silent to rather loud, no in between that I'm accustomed to on other machines.
  17. Thank you for the info Cal, but, I cannot get this thing to do a complete factory reset. When I do that, it still saves all of my settings.
  18. Does anyone know how to do a factory reset? Also, has anyone noticed that on the threshold setting you go from silent to loud when using the headphones? It seems threshold setting of 9 is silent, once you go to 10 it's loud. Am I missing something here? It seems like it should be small incremental increases in the volume.
  19. I may have a chance to pick one up from a buddy of mine who got his a couple of days ago. He said he didn't like the way it sounded and that he thought it was a little too complicated :-) He's an older fella and said he didn't want to fool around with it. So, I may have one by next weekend, still waiting for him to make up his mind.
  20. I have a Legend on order because the machine is very similar to what I'm using now, Equinox 800. My warranty runs out this month and I need a reliable water machine that performs well and has all the adjustments that I like to use, tone break, recovery speed, tone pitch. I don't usually hunt in iron infested areas, and if I did, I certainly would not be trying to use an 11" coil :-) If it performs close to the Equinox and is more reliable in the water, I will feel like I've got more than my money's worth.
  21. Thank you very much, 20 silver coins, 5 pieces of jewelry.
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