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  1. i like it a bunch 😎 might like it a little bit better with the 9 inch coil mabie not
  2. hi all anyone want to trade a 11 Deus 2 coil for a 9 inch Deus 2 coil the 11 is a great coil but for my spots a 9 would suit me better let me know 928/715/5324 thanks walt
  3. i loaded 0.7 no problems i can see all went well
  4. try taking out the battery then hit the power button then put the battery in again & try powering up
  5. well said ! theres a tether in the box ez to put on i used a wire tie on the shaft no more worrys have fun with your new toy i am 😎
  6. ive run the d2 around some heavy power sources & it ran good no major problems
  7. you gotta dig a bit of trash to get the treasure go get um 😎
  8. thanks for the video az dirt can play hell with any detector i deal with it all the time eagerly awaiting the nugget videos
  9. did you select the bonephone phones in the start menu they should be really loud
  10. Detech boomarang coils are not flat wound good coils very stable
  11. cold is why i moved to AZ heres me hunting lake Michigan back in the day brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr thats ice in the background & im in a survival suit lol
  12. notice she uses the pulse dive i have 1 & its ez to hear & feel underwater & fun too
  13. i can tell you that i have found nuggets in the Arizona desert with the deus 1 & the orx so the deus 2 should do well mine has been ordered 😃 i cant wait
  14. nox is not loud underwater & hard to hear over the regulator
  15. i have a blue nemo & i love it but cant hear the nox even with the tony phones under water good im getting a deus 2 with the bone phones that should do the trick blue nemo rocks
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