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  1. p.s this really catches the gold including the fines but here in the desert dirt + water make mud lol so its not gonna workout for me
  2. well no 1 loves the old girl as much as me so im gonna keep her
  3. hi all i have a Gold Cube 2 stack with dream mats for sale $ 250.00 shipped & insured conus its in good working order with a 1100 gph pump stand not included with the dream mats you can run 1/4 inch material any questions feel free to give me a ring 928-715-5324 i take paypal ff please
  4. hi all i have a Fisher Gold Bug Pro for sale $ 250.00 shipped & insured conus its in good working order & has 2 coils i have to many detectors thinning the heard ..my loss your gain any questions feel free to give me a ring 928-715-5324 i take paypal ff please
  5. good job keeping the dam spammers out Steve keep up the good work we love this site
  6. i still use my gold bug pro it loves low conductors
  7. thats a blast from the past i had 1 back in the day
  8. i got out to my bottle cap infested beach & after the 1.11 firmware update i gotta say the new bottle reject setting works great there history.... and the LG24 coil is a winner 👍
  9. for about $289 you could pick up a vanquish 440 its a fine detector portable & simple yet would hold its own vs an equinox unless you need waterproof it might solve your problem. i love mine
  10. put a thin layer of shoe goo on the bottom of the coil wears like leather & protects the coil
  11. ducks feel free to give me a ring & ill try to get you on track 928-715-5324 walt
  12. hi all as some of you know i just picked up a garrett 24 k from rick n mi (smoking deal thanks rick) i took it out to a very beat up area & gave it a run ,, the 24 k garrett runs super smooth.. ez to operate ..hot vlf gold detector ... just like steve said .. i like the balance & operation of the unit ..a real pleasure to hunt with . i would love to tell you how much gold it found but alas it was not to be today .. but... it did find 12 targets in this worked out area.. i have had every gold detector you could imagine in this spot.. so finding 12 targets was a big deal.. im finding the garrett 24 k a great machine ./smooth threshold & very few hot rocks. area has lots of basalt .. fyi for anyone wondering about the garrett 24 k its a winner . ill be hunting more with it at gold basin in the near future.. 😃
  13. hello the staples are more than likely off drywashes . i run the legend with the 6 inch coil in goldfield at about 25 on the sensitivity less if the ground is hot.. do a ground balance.. i find 40k runs smooth . remember coil to the soil .. the legend will find nuggets keep at it & you will find them. good luck you have a good machine...
  14. so sorry for your loss he will always be in your heart & hunting with you in spirit
  15. i too have had good luck with Midwest Refineries
  16. i also have the Nokta Pulse Dive & i like it fun to dive with & doubles as a pinpointer its a good unit
  17. dean i use the jewelry setting not much to adjust on the 440 turn it on & hunt 😃
  18. i have found quite a bit if jewelry with my Vanquish 440 detector i loves gold most gold lands on 12-10-9-8-7- along with other things but gold hits hard not chattery i love mine
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