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  1. im met jp in Stanton AZ many years ago & found him to be a real gentleman & a wealth of knowledge he took the time to help me a real prospector
  2. hi all i just got a Vanquish 440 & took it down to my favorite super trash infested freshwater beach well i have used the nox here so good time to test the Vanquish when i first started out it chattered a lot due to the blanket of nails & bottle caps & heavy minerals (but it wasent picking the bottle caps up πŸ˜ƒ) thats a good thing well i hunted a bit & the only thing i could do to calm her down was lower the sensitivity to around half as there's not to many adjustments to work with . the nox has quite a bit more control as i hunted i got more used to th
  3. well yesterday i went out for a bit it was a bit hot 107 but i just scored a gp 3000 & i needed to give it a test run so i took it to a place thats all worked out .... ever heard that before? well before i melted totally i scored this 1.8 gram nugget great start its dam hot out there be very careful
  4. rip reg celebrate his life he will be missed
  5. i have a pair of tony phones for my nox there GREATπŸ‘Œ his service is the best bar none
  6. the beach has been there for a number of years it will be there when you arrive no worrys 😎
  7. i sold the cz to rick & have had it in the fresh water diving no leaks ..... i dident use the pinpoint button ez to pinpoint in discriminate feel free to give me a ring & i can tell you more about your machine walt 928-715-5324 az time
  8. steve on the nw side of the pier at kings beach theres a iron pipe running along the pier length lots of good stuff there back in the day when i hunted there πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ silver coins & gold rings good luck
  9. heres 2 very small nugglets i just found with the coiltek its a hot coil
  10. i have the 10 x 5 gold Extreme coil on my sdc 2300 & its a treat to swing now no more stepping on the coil all day to keep the machine in a state of balance now i can focus on hunting & not on the machine feeling out of wack. & the sdc seems to feel lighter with the new coil though i dident weigh it the coil runs smooth as silk & is very sensitive.. haven't gotten it over any yellow yet but there no doubt in my mind it will preform it wont be coming off anytime soon thanks Coiltek
  11. hi all just got me a simplex & gotta tell you they named it right its a simple to run hi teck detector with lots of features & its got some bite to it.. took it down the what i call the beach from hell lots of bottle caps & nails & hot Arizona ground ground balanced at 87 & ran it in park.. i would love to tell you that it dident pick up bottle caps but its a dd coil so it hits them but up just bellow the zinc penny range they could be dealt with hope they get a concentric out soon.. the simplex has a wide spread on the discrimination nickles 22-23 coins 79-90
  12. may they rot in hell nothing lower than a thief we will all be on the watch
  13. i used the factory gold fine good luck on your adventure
  14. took my new xp orx with 9 x 5 elliptical coil out for a walk yesterday in the northern az goldfields heres 2 from a heavily worked area with the orx this dog will hunt quiet smooth & ez to ground balance the small 1 is under 10th of a gram the orx gets it done i like it
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