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  1. cold is why i moved to AZ heres me hunting lake Michigan back in the day brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr thats ice in the background & im in a survival suit lol
  2. back in the day we took a speaker & put in a shoe polish can ( remember those) sealed it with silicone & ta da bone phone under your dive hood fresh water
  3. notice she uses the pulse dive i have 1 & its ez to hear & feel underwater & fun too
  4. i can tell you that i have found nuggets in the Arizona desert with the deus 1 & the orx so the deus 2 should do well mine has been ordered πŸ˜ƒ i cant wait
  5. nox is not loud underwater & hard to hear over the regulator
  6. i have a blue nemo & i love it but cant hear the nox even with the tony phones under water good im getting a deus 2 with the bone phones that should do the trick blue nemo rocks
  7. i watch videos to hear the detector sounds headphones on a video dont work well for me
  8. good video ty could you show us the bottle cap rejection on a few bottlecaps ? so we can hear the sound
  9. i use 1 in the water with the smaller coil its great fun to use finds stuff πŸ˜€
  10. well said steve lets get back to enjoying it all stop the drama get back to swinging whatever you enjoy
  11. this is a bit off subject but for cpt_ghostlights no 1 likes kale heres a pro tip when your cooking your kale put a bit of coconut oil in the pan. it makes it ezer to slide in the garbage 🀣
  12. on the orx i use 74 or 31 depending on the soil im still learning the orx i think the monster is a bit hotter its found me lots of nuggets
  13. the Coiltek Platypus 12x8 DD worked great on my minelab extreme & its waterproof
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