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  1. DD`s

    Questions For Reg Wilson

    Okay Reg, you did get a little pumped there, i`m slow to anger so i`ll forget that. I have only recently bought a 4 wheel drive so have`nt been able to get to the more remote area`s, and i guarantee in the time i have been interested in this game i have researched a great deal. 3 out of 4 times i did thrashed digging i managed to score a piece of gold with an sd, you`ve got to admit that`s not bad after all the more sensitive machines have been over that ground. Now remember one thing , the old timers found the majority of all productive ground in vic, and to say that there`s 1000`s of square miles that has`nt seen a detector is all and good but there`s a reason for that, most of that ground is not gold bearing and the old timers would of found that out. And also; i know for a fact that most of your big gold was found on private ground around rich old leads , care to deny that, you damn well know that anyone at that time with that machine would of got as lucky as do did, maybe less so or maybe more so; who`s to know? And i don`t think that Doug Stone would consider himself an amateur, dont you recon? if your not referring to him, i apologize. Wrapping Up, possibly >97% of all nuggetty gullies in victoria have already been found, that could be overkill maybe >80% , there is alot of fine gold area`s that could still contain some nuggets and might be worth a try, but i know there`s literally 1000`s of acre`s on private land that could contain lots of large lumps, but will forever remain were they are. Sorry if i offended you in any way, but i; say it like it is, and don`t brown nose anybody, we are all human after all, in this world some people are just more lucky than the rest of us, like (right place ,right time you catch my drift?)
  2. DD`s

    Questions For Reg Wilson

    Thanks Reg and everyone else for your replies, Reg mate; are you sure there are any places left in vic that have`nt seen a detector, as far as public land goes? There must be a lot of private land that has`nt seen a coil maybe ever, but most of us dont have the contacts or the luck to get on this land. I want to get out to Blackwood next time i get down to vic, i know there`s deeper ground out there, get the SD going to do it`s thing, maybe the "big one" with my name on it is waiting for me there ? Must be positive!! Northeast, is that nugget the one that was on facebook, i think the Dunolly caravan park posted it, 90oz i think?
  3. Finally; i get to my first post, and to the one and only Reg Wilson , probably the luckiest son of a gun this side of the black stump. I`m from south oz and i use an SD2200d primarily for it`s depth on large slugs, i don`t get out that often, not anywhere near as much as i would like, that`s my lot at the moment so i`ve got to cop it. Now; to some question`s, did you guys use that 36in monster coil over most known big slug old timer diggings in vic, if you did, i think it`s pretty pointless for the rest of us to go over that same ground, as we don`t have coils anywhere near that large ,don`t you think? Do you think in the public detecting grounds in vic ,that any slugs larger than 20oz still remain in the 3-4 foot range, i don`t believe that they do, would be interested in your opinion on this.I recently tested my SD on it`s deepest setting, i cut the top of a coke can jumped in an old timers hole, measured 1 metre with tape measure, and with just a 11in dd coil picked it up easily, the sd`s were used for many years, so i would think that those big slugs at 3-4ft would of been picked up at that depth with these machines, and i believe after testing that a slug of 100oz or more could be got at upto 5ft going by the test i did, i would be keen to hear your take on all this. Was at Wedderburn recently, specifically at Queens Gully for the first time, what an impressive gully never seen one quite like it, and the old timers scored some big slugs from that gully,and i can see why, I had the 24in dd monster on, and got this clear signal, after digging a foot had to put on the 8in coil to pinpoint, then digging down another foot out came that little thingy you find on the top of a coke can to open it up. This coil picked that little piece of alumn at 20-24 in measured, which really shocked me, i don`t think the zed could do better than that on such a small piece, have you dug much small gold at this sort of depth coz that really impressed me? I probably have a 1000 questions to ask you, but i wont overwhelm you, i`m sure you have better things to do with your time( like digging up more big lumps, please Reg, leave me at least one!! ha ha ha) Post was to Reg, but if anyone else would like to chime in, go for your life!!
  4. G`day Steve, i`ve been following this site for some time now and would like to compliment you on a great forum, with many very experienced prospectors visiting this site, i would very much like to pick all of your brains,but would also like to input my 'take' on things as i see it, i can be quite controversial at times so be forwarned. Anyway congrats again and continue the good work!!!