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  1. Chirping constantly.....your not carrying a mobile phone are you? During my last outing I ran into an area where EMI was out of this world yet I've been to this park before and never had a problem. After much testing and adjustments turned my mobile phone (carried on my hip) off...problem solved, why it was a problem this time and not previously I don't know.
  2. The ML h/phones don't have a gauge on them so both phones and detector are recharged after each outing. I have never run either unit to flat so I don't know how long a charge lasts. I have never taken much notice of the recharging time but at a guess I would say two hours in the field detecting would take less than an hour to replenish...this of course depends on what charger you are using. ( I'm currently using a Samsung 2amp charger.)
  3. Something to watch out for.... Went to charge my headphones recently but couldn't get the status LED lights to show red charging , no matter what I tried just couldn't get a light. Changed cords and chargers but to no avail. About to ring my dealer about a replacement, with thoughts of "Knowing my luck ,I bet you don't have stock etc etc " when.......upon reading the manual pg 56... I realized that I was looking at the lefthand earpiece status LEDs and not the righthand Status LEDs. .. Duh!! . The righthand earpiece LEDS are the only ones "activated". Both earpi
  4. Through many years of use and abuse my Minelab Pro-Find 25 is in need of replacement and I'm about to start the process of finding a replacement. No matter what brand you decide on my recommendation would be to make sure its WATERPROOF, although most are these days. Its amazing how wet it can get out there detecting, especially early mornings in parks.
  5. Good to hear Judy, go for it. It is about time Minelab sent some "down-under" , maybe we will be first to receive the second shipment and then I may get mine.
  6. As Judy stated above ...my GT will be retained as a backup .
  7. From where I come from you have it strapped in the "Drivers" seat - Didn't realise this feature was included in the package. LOL Still waiting for mine.
  8. My Sovereign GT is getting tired, (maybe it's me?) so I decided it was time to update and join the digital age Was considering an Xterra 705 back in Sept when I got wind of the Equinox , supposedly coming out soon. Soon has been a little longer than anticipated, but hopefully its only a few weeks away now.
  9. Sorry to report it didn't happen here today in Perth Western Australia, its now 6.45pm Wed 31st January 2018 and not a "beep" out of Minelab. Hopefully its still January in your part of the world and therefor Minelab still have time to come to the party. It would be nice if Minelab made a comment regarding current status of the launch.
  10. Perhaps you will find what ever it is your looking for....
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