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  1. This what you are after Dave? https://parts.minelab.com/category-s/100.htm Hover over the GPZ 7000 then scroll to accessories & the WM12 will come up. Best of luck out there JW
  2. Davsgold Gold Digger Picks. Contact him through PM. He is on this forum. 👍 http://golddetecting.forumotion.net/t23582-gold-digger-picks?highlight=davsgold+picks I can honestly vouch for them. Top quality. I have had mine for about two years....if not more & I haven't even put a dent in it & I use it a LOT. Loves bedrock. Rips it out effortlessly. Oh....& the gold Mine has a 700 mm long handle. So whats that....28 inches?? They are usually about 24 inches. The longer handle gives better leverage & grunt in the deeper holes required for those Zed digs. JW
  3. A golden wrench to. Nice gold finds Klunker. 👍 Best of luck out there JW
  4. Why not clamp the Go Pro on the detector shaft with a swivel clamp?? Here is an example on my 4500/11" mono coil set up. The camera is always there & no need to haul around a damn tri pod & all that crap. Cheers JW
  5. I have done the exact same thing to hold chisels & builders square in my tool belt. Builder by trade. I have to admit though that when I am out gold detecting & walking for miles in steep rugged terrain all day I don't like clutter. Keep it simple & as lightweight as possible. Just my detector, harness, pick in its holster & scoop in my back pocket. I don't even like taking a backpack. As when I am detecting I like to just keep on wandering & not have to back track to pick up a backpack. When taking a backpack I will always try to drop it somewhere where it is convenient for me to return for a lunch break or that I have to pass it on heading back out again. Your set up & idea is great for coin & relic hunting. Nice job. 👍 Best of luck out there JW
  6. . That is impossible for me to comprehend that someone has never stuck their toe into salt water. For me having been born, bred, raised & living in New Zealand, one is never more than about 250 miles from the sea. Be it the Tasman sea or the Pacific Ocean. I have of course heard of people who have never ever seen an ocean or harbour. That includes people from your country. I guess when I take into account the size of the land mass then it becomes more feasible. Are you sure you never stuck your toe into the water? To go all that way & experience your very first coastal experience. To see that endless mass of water stretch beyond the horizon & you didn't flirt with the water. Defies belief. But it is probably no different to inland areas where it is nothing but flat land as far as the eye can see in any direction. Not even a hill. Australia springs to mind when I think of that. Talks cheap....where are the photos? Ahhhh....the Zed....dont you just love it.. Oppsss...just saw your last reply re posting photos. I thought that if I can upload pics ANYBODY can do it as I am not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to computers. I am pretty sure Steve & others have covered how to do it. I couldn't even begin to explain it to you. Like anything it becomes 2nd nature....once you have played around with it & found a way that works for you. I believe there is more than one way to do it. They way I do it is that you need to save your photos to a photo hosting site, like Photobucket or flickr. From there they can be uploaded to other sites. Like forums. The hosting sites are free until you get to a certain number of pics then they want to charge you & lock your pics so you can no longer share them. This happened to me with Photobucket so I scraped them & told them to shut my account & delete all my photos as I was not going to pay US $100 a year. They have never done this. I see it is still up there. I guess they can make money off any of my pics if someone wants to purchase them. So I did a google search on photo hosting sites & chose Flickr. What I didn't realise at the time is that flickr is owned by Photobucket so the inevitable happened...again. I have two email addresses so I was able to open a 2nd flickr account but that is on countdown as well. There are no free lunches out there. When you google for photo hosting sites & chose one they guide you through how to set it up & use it. You can do it. If I can, you can. No doubt about it. Good luck out there JW
  7. Dont be so sensible............😉 Good luck out there. JW
  8. You beat me to it Norvic. Yer...fishing line.👍 Not fishing rope. I have done quite a bit of sailing back in my earlier years & there are numerous names for the job of different "ropes" on a boat/yacht. The "rope" that controls the mainsail boom is called the mainsheet. The "rope" that hoists the sail up the mast is the halyard. The "rope" that I would throw to you on my arrival across the ditch so that you could hold me fast, tie "me" off so I don't drift away, has several names. Painter, bow line (hence line) & tender. A tender is also a smaller boat that is used to get out to a bigger boat. The main reason I got the jet boat was for prospecting up rivers to access places you just can't get to, or unless you had a helicopter. I then learnt that there are many rivers you just cant willy nilly zoom up in a jet boat. The fun police in action again. Drat. JW
  9. Maybe I should try Australia first. Will you throw me a rope Norvic?? JW
  10. Ha ha......l will let you be the judge. Thanks for the offer though. To tell you the truth....l don't think I could bring myself to putting it in salt water. Thanks Best of luck to you out there. JW
  11. Hi Rick, Thank you for dropping by & for your comments. I am grateful to Simon for those two pics as I had left my phone at a home.....Again . I haven't found a replacement 4 x 4 yet. I have looked at one myself & have had inspections done for me on two others in Christchurch, which is a good 5 hours plus drive from where I live. I have one more getting looked at on thursday & then it is decision time. I am looking at VX Toyota Landcruisers. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  12. My 4 x 4 has packed a sad & I have been looking around for a replacement. So being car less I am dependent on others. Mrs JW had a wedding to video & was going to drop me off at a close local spot & pick me up after her wedding. It meant spending a long day out there at the mercy of the heat, which I wasn't that keen on. With the grass & weed growth being crazy I didn't fancy being stuck out there if things weren't going to well detecting wise. I had phoned Simon on the Saturday but he was already in Queenstown & doing a family thing. He didn't even bring a detector. Shock horror. So Mrs JW & I headed off down country to look at a 4 x 4. I emailed Simon on sunday to see what he was up to & he said he was at lose ends. I asked he would be keen for a detect at a close local spot & maybe when the day heated up too much we could go for a spin in the jet boat. He was keen for both & said he would be here in an hour. The time of day he drove through he got caught up in tourist traffic, but he finally arrived & after a quick coffee we headed off. Simon chose to swing his EQ 800 & 6" coil. I stuck with the Zed although I was very tempted to take a high frequency VLF myself. I didn't really know where to go with this crazy grass growth but made a choice thinking it may better suit Simon with his EQ than me with the Zed. We walked to a spot of exposed bedrock that wasn't too bad with this crazy growth. It still looked better suited to Simon's set up than mine. I of course had left my phone on charge back at home. I put Simon onto some juicy looking bedrock that he had a better chance of getting his little 6" coil into than I did with the Zed. I wandered off not to far from him. Straight away he was onto signals. Shot gun pellets. His favourite. I got a few junk signals but no pellets at all, which surprised me. I then got a signal that lived on down into some bedrock that I was having to smash out. The deeper I got & the signal was still in there the more confident I was that it was going to be gold as I continued to peel out schist bedrock. Gold it was. I had no camera & Simon wasn't far away so I went to show him. He asked where I found it so I showed him & he took a couple of pics. Back filling the hole I carried on scrubbing the bedrock & nothing for over an hour of very careful & slow detecting. I then came back to the spot of my find & continued from it in the other direction. An American couple were walking past & I said hello to them. They said hi back. That is how I knew they were Americans. The guy said to me, Do you find anything worth while? I said Yes. He said, Like what? Gold I said. Really, he replied quite surprised. I said, Yes & I found a piece just there. Pointing to my back filled hole. Would you like to see it? His girlfriend had walked on a bit but then came racing over. So I showed them & they were like....Wow.....cool. Oh well...good luck & off they went. As I turned around to carry on I got a signal in a gutter at the edge of the track. Thinking this was just going to be rubbish I halfheartedly scrapped at it & it was just lose crumbly schist. I was soon down a bit when the signal was out. Thinking nothing of it I waved my magnet through the dirt pile. Nothing leaped up onto it. Still thinking nothing of it I ended up with a dirty rusty looking thing in my hand. Looked like an old boot tack but was not magnetic. Gave it a rub between my fingers & it was still dirty rusty looking. Scratched it with my fingernail & saw the glint of gold. Ha...you beauty. Simon had disappeared so I just put it in my bottle & carried on. Ended up with two more smaller bits before the heat was getting a bit much. I saw Simon walking back up the track towards me. He had been to the creek & had drowned himself in water to cool himself down. I said, Have you had enough? To which he replied, Yes to bloody hot. He asked if I had found any more so I showed him. Unfortunately he had got skunked on the gold but had a field day getting pellets & I never got one. We shot back to my place & hooked up the jet boat to his wagon & took off down to the lake & on down the river. that was a bit of fun. My end result was 4 bits for 1.17 grams. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  13. Ha ha.....just high on life I guess. I get that. Just being out in the hills & doing what we do is all we need for a "rush." Thank you Lanny. I was bad enough, emotionally, with this kind of thing happening around the world, let alone in my own "backyard." Little old NZ.... Geographically isolated from the rest of the world tucked up down in the bottom corner of the South Pacific Ocean. No threat to any one, strategically no use to any one. Who would have thought it would come to our shores. But that of course is their message. Nowhere is "safe." Just horrific.😥 Take care...stay safe & thanks for your thoughts. JW
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