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  1. Hi Doc, Looks very smart.👍 What is the cost of the cover please? Cheers. JW
  2. kiwijw

    Do You Remember Your Old Detectors?

    Yer....but I bet you were no ordinary 14 year old. JW
  3. People are always trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to gold pans & make a bit of coin. Talking of wheels, I have used an old car hubcap as a gold pan & even a frying pan. Seemed to work just as well as any gold pan. Talking of pans, my favourite pan is the large Garrett super sluice gravity trap pan. A couple of good deep aggressive riffles that do the job quickly & efficiently. Once material is down to the business end of proceedings, black sand & the goodies, just spin it around to the smooth side. Cheers Good luck out there JW
  4. Went to watch & was greeted with this. This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country (New Zealand) on copyright grounds. Bugger. JW
  5. kiwijw

    4 More White's 24K Nuggets

    Hi there John (good name you have there) Sorry to hear of the hospital bit. Hope all is/goes well & you get back out there doing what you . Best of luck. JW PS. Just noticed out number of posts. You better get cracking, you have three more to catch up with me.
  6. Ha ha....yes....could have been instead of Goldilocks & the three bears it could have been Goldized & the three bears. I was going to title it, Mc Zed Duck finds Huey Duey & Louie. All good fun. Cheers guys for the comments & kind words. Best of luck out there JW.
  7. Hi guys, Finished work early today & had a few hours daylight up my sleeve so I headed out for a detect. I went back to the same spot that I got my last one piece from. I had unfinished business there. I was getting plenty of signals but none were gold. So I headed right to the spot where I got my last bit from, which was here in that bedrock crevice. Notice the dead briar rose bush at the top left. Well I thought I got a very faint signal between that & that exposed bedrock, which has been ground smooth from glacial ice grinding over it many moons ago. Probably the same time as the gold was deposited. So I started to dig between that dead bush & the schist bedrock. The signal improved. But I needed to hack out that bush. Done & deepen the hole. Signal still in there. I was now breaking into & hacking out the schist bedrock. Has to be gold now. Suddenly the signal was out &........ Gold it was .52 of a gram I don't know how I missed that last time. I detected that area very slowly & carefully, same settings but for what ever reason I didn't get it before. But snagged it this time. It was the only one. So after a couple of hours of very careful detecting I moved on. Here is a pic of an old timers tailings race that they had hacked out of the schist bedrock. Now choked with briar rose bushes. This area in general is a glacially deposited boulder field. Some big suckers too. I moved off to another tailing race & exposed bedrock area & snagged a small piece of gold on the sidewall of a tailing race. I have hammered this area so was surprised to have got that one. I moved on to some deepish glacial gravels that the old timers had not sluiced away. got a few hot rock signals in these which sucked me in as they sounded good. But you have to investigate them. Here was one such dig. The two rocks at the top edge of the hole were hot rocks out of the hole, but there was still another signal in there. Could be yet another hot rock. But it wasn't. Ye Ha Had I of walked away from not only the first hot rock but even the 2nd I wouldn't have got that third signal in the same hole that turned into a piece of gold. Who said the Zed wasn't a magic wand. So there I had Huey, Duey & Louie. Ended the golden day on a beautiful golden sunset. Time to walk on out & back to my wagon. Three for 1.18 grams Mrs JW has gone up north to visit family. So while she was away I pimped her ride. She doesn't know yet but she will he rapt. I E - biked her Mountain bike. So she can carry a detector up into the hills now too. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  8. Unless you have found the gold & made some jewellery yourself. Then it has real worth, meaning & value. It doesn't have to be a monetary value. Reminds me of an article I read in a paper here in NZ quite a few years ago. An english couple who were engaged to be married were doing an organised bus tourist trip through NZ called the "Kiwi Experience". https://www.kiwiexperience.com/book-your-nz-trip/kiwi-experience-deals?gclid=CjwKCAjw-8nbBRBnEiwAqWt1za7QqCqf1GQVKcDheywkQ9zhwhW3sKYek8-ci3RWOlhx81r1zmnFEhoC5LMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds?gclid=CjwKCAjw-8nbBRBnEiwAqWt1za7QqCqf1GQVKcDheywkQ9zhwhW3sKYek8-ci3RWOlhx81r1zmnFEhoC5LMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Queenstown area. Click on the you tube footage https://www.kiwiexperience.com/discover-new-zealand/nz-north-island-travel-guide/queenstown The accomodation was all sorted for each night on there travels at the various places they passed through on their tour. They were coming down the West Coast of the South Island & stopped in the old gold town of Ross. http://www.rossgoldtown.org/ They got wind that it was a gold town & long story short was that the idea of panning their own gold to make their wedding rings was hatched. They decided to try to do that & organised to leave the bus & get picked up on a later bus going through. They had never panned for gold ever & had no idea what they were in for. The romance side of it was in their hearts. (suckers) There story was taken to heart by locals & they were given all the encouragement despite being told there chances to get enough gold for two rings were slim in the public fossicking area. But they were keen as mustard to give it their best shot. They were determined. So they were loaned a sluice box, shovel, pan & buckets & showen where to go & how to go about it & were left to it. I don't recall how many days they stuck to it & despite blisters, being total wrecks & in agony, they got enough gold to make the two rings. What a memory, meaning & value they will place on those two rings. I just hope they are still married. Ross is home to NZ's largest known recorded nugget. https://nzhistory.govt.nz/page/nz-s-heaviest-ever-gold-nugget-discovered Ross is still pumping out gold. You may like to scroll backward & forwards on this next link for a bit of a quick NZ gold history. https://teara.govt.nz/en/photograph/8652/ross-west-coast. This makes for interesting reading https://teara.govt.nz/en/photograph/8652/ross-west-coast Got carried away....again....sorry. Cheers JW
  9. kiwijw

    I Found A Good One Today :-)

    That's because gold had not been discovered yet. And the land grab for pastoralists & farming was still to happen. There would have been sealing & whaling shore bases that would have been the very first foreign "settlements" but money would have been of no value. Trade with Maori would have been in blankets, clothing, muskets etc. Up north the first shore based "settlements" would have been for Kauri timber, of which Captain Cook would have most likely been involved in. Other wise again it was the whalers in the far north & they were trouble. JW
  10. I am with you tvanwho. Bit of a difference between $40 & $1000. They are parasites. The most they have to do, outside of cleaning & maybe put another stone in, is to get off their chair....look over the counter at what you have & then slap you in the face with an insult like that offer. I understand there is a profit for them to make......but.....Human greed knows no bounds. After all the "hard" work & effort that has gone to in finding it. I better stop there. Or was he just pulling your leg? Very nice find Happa54 👍 JW
  11. kiwijw

    First Ever

    Hi there, Please excuse my ignorance......What is the significance of this shell casing as nothing has been said. 1943?? Cheers. JW
  12. kiwijw

    Gpz Aftermarket Coils

    Thanks Dave. Gosh...the Zed is such a hot detector you think the after market coil manufacturers would be tripping over themselves to get a better range out there. Even from minelab. How long has the Zed been out now, over three years is it? Unbelievable really. The 14" is a deadly coil, even on small/tiny gold if you can get away with hot settings, but there are so many gold hiding places you just can't poke & prod it. Damn. I would be in seventh heaven with a smaller coil. It would just open up so much more ground. Good luck out there JW
  13. Yes, Very good presentation & some neat features in that detector. Well done Whites. So that is Tom. Good to put a face to a name. Well done Tom. You are an asset to Whites for sure. Now where did you say the Whites dealers are in New Zealand? We don't have one..... If we did I would have got a sniper coil for my GMT. Cheers Good luck out there JW
  14. kiwijw

    Gpz Aftermarket Coils

    If this overseas company can do it why can't or wont Coiltek &/or Nuggetfinder, or even Minelab for that matter?? JW
  15. Yes...I believe it totally. The only curve ball is that maybe it has been found & that was never made known. My mate & I discussed possibilities of where it could be. We have a very good theory & yes.... it wasn't far from his hut but not within the hut. One would think it wouldnt be very deep in its hiding spot either.