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  1. Hi Simon. Good on you mate. I am out of likes I can but only reiterate what the others have said. A very good deed that well rewarded you in the end despite you wanting nothing. Karma to its fullest.👍 Find of the month is something I have never considered, & still probably won't. Maybe I should have had a go with the gold & diamonds earring I found at the beginning of the year for the farmers partner who lost it out in a paddock when docking & tagging lambs. The question on everybody's lips was what the hell was she doing wearing them in such a situation. Maybe she was trying to be mutton dressed as lamb. She was holding on to a lamb when it kicked out, as they do, & it clipped her ear sending the earring flying off into the grass. They couldn't find it but at least had the area down to a smallish patch. Unlike your massive paddock. I used the Zed to get the signals & to get the ground coverage, lot of rubbish even in that small area, then used the GM 1000 to discriminate ferrous & better pinpoint. Took about 20 minutes. They were rapt. I was just happy to find it for them. They offered nothing but I would have fought them off bravely if they had of. Her hug & kiss was enough. 😘 She was a bit of a honey. Good luck out there JW
  2. .....have you seen any bats..... And what was their response?? Classic. JW
  3. Hi Craig, Yes....the setting he was using was enhance. Not ideal for NZ conditions. Good luck out there JW
  4. I would, how could it not? Do you recall the depths? With the "gold" coins, our $1 coin is smaller than our $2 coin. The Aussie's coins are the other way around. There $2 coin is smaller than their $1 coin & their $2 coin is smaller than our $1 coin. Gee....you are not having a very good run on the gold nugget finds. Do you think I should try the Zed on "your" stretch of lake beach? It is right below where I am building at the moment. Hope you have removed all the junk. Better luck on the gold....next time. JW
  5. Nice find Norm, strange & unusual. Now Norm..... you didn't say you detected it...... So what were you doing in the barn??.... Didn't prick you in the bum did it??? JW
  6. kiwijw

    Peg And Zed’s Big Adventure

    Paul, I am sure you will come across a few of those where you are at the moment. Good luck out there JW
  7. kiwijw

    The Chisana Story

    My early days of gold detecting was hugely influenced by my "cousins" from across the ditch. They considered scoops were only for poofters & sissies, they called them girly scoops. But then I guess the size of their gold did not warrant them using such a thing. The countless times I would end up chasing a tiny/small bit of "something" around the top of my coil. Poking & pushing it around with my finger trying to isolate it. I ended up fitting a strong magnet to my pick way before I got a "scoop". At least that sorted ferrous trash pretty quickly but not the damn shotgun pellets. It was when I got my GMT that I very soon realised I needed to isolate my hand from close contact to the coil. Otherwise I was just getting false readings from my hand. My first "scoop" was a plastic drinking mug. The green scoop I use now I got with my 4500 when I bought it. I have used it ever since. No matter what detector I am using. Poofter or sissey......I know what works for me & makes life easier. Good luck out there JW
  8. kiwijw

    The Chisana Story

    I will be brave & say it is a plastic scoop like the one below. Cheers Good luck out there JW
  9. kiwijw

    White's MXT Engineering Guide

    I don't think Dave Johnson had anything to do with Minelab &/or the development of the Nox. ( I may be wrong) Which seems to be what you are insinuating. Good luck out there JW
  10. kiwijw

    Peg And Zed’s Big Adventure

    Awesome little trip Peg & some beautiful gold & pics too. Well rewarded. Way to go girl. 👍 Best of luck out there JW
  11. kiwijw

    A ½ Ounce Of Small Stuff

    How about Nox certified. Or in Dave's case, sdc 2300 certified. Might be a tad more sensitive on a needle than the Zed. JW
  12. kiwijw

    A ½ Ounce Of Small Stuff

    He fleeced vanursepaul . Nice clean, crisp pics of that smaller gold Dave👍 Good luck out there. JW
  13. kiwijw

    Concentric Coil For Equinox 800?

    Yes....it is a funny thing with Minelab & coils. They did their Commander series for the PI's, & they were/are great coils. But while they made a 10 x 5 DD they didnt do a 10 x 5 mono. Which I would have got in a heartbeat. Coiltek made one so they got my business. NF made the 8 x 6 Sadie mono. They to got my business. There were many calls for more coils for the SDC 2300....never happened. Just the one coil. Same with the mighty Zed. While a larger coil came out there is a huge want from many for a smaller coil. That to hasn't happened from Minelab but maybe an aftermarket one is not far away. But even that has its issue with the Chip in the coil lead. They say the squeaky wheel gets the oil.....not always the case with Minelab. We can want..... but just have to wait, but don't hold your breath. Good luck out there JW
  14. kiwijw

    Concentric Coil For Equinox 800?

    And also said: A mono coil and a concentric are not the same thing. A mono has a single coil winding, and can only work on a PI, as this one coil alternates between transmitting and receiving. A concentric coil and a DD coil both have separate transmit and receive windings. The Go-Find coil has to have two windings, and so is a pseudo mono just based on appearance. There is the absolute answer: 👍 So wonder no more. Good luck out there JW
  15. One thing I do know for sure.....is that you can.....& never will......please all the people all the time. Period. It is an endless battle for engineers & manufacturers. Enjoy your detecting JW