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  1. Hello Simon....I will put my hand up....pick me ...pick me...πŸ˜‚ JW 🀠
  2. Time will tell, but now.......just how much time with what is going on in the world? πŸ™„ JW 🀠
  3. Or do you mean this puppy? 🀣 Which is actually that rock in the background from the photo in my above post. Can you tell I am bored??πŸ™„ JW 🀠
  4. Only it isn't a puppy it was a sheep.πŸ˜…You just wait until tomorrow........& your thought might just become a reality 🀭 JW 🀠
  5. Oh....I don't know about that. You seem to pounce on anything new that they release.πŸ˜‚ 😜 Where abouts is the new warehouse? On another note to get this thread back on topic to "Things to do if you can't go metal detecting". I have got back into "learning" to play the guitar. Had one since I was 16. Still the same one. I rescued it from its corner in the garage below my detector rack. Went to tune it & the bottom thin "E" string promptly snapped. Guess I shouldn't have been surprised. I knew I had some spare strings somewhere. Just wasn't sure which strings they would have been. I was fairing the worst & thinking that the string I wanted was the string that wouldn't be there as I was sure I had already, years ago, replaced that same string. It always seems to be that one that snaps. I of course had no idea where the strings were stashed away. I was fairing they were in a box buried deep in our storage container & which box I had no idea. That was a daunting proposition to even attempt a search. Then something in my tiny brain nagged at me that they were in a bucket with a lid on it up in the roof attic above the garage with some very old photos of my life from back in my 20's, before I even met my first wife. Unbelievably.....they were. And better still it was a complete new set of strings. So I literally pulled the guitar apart, gave it a good clean & oil, & changed all the strings. Re tightened the neck thread bolt to pull the strings closer to the frets & so lesson the gap between the metal fret bars & strings so I didn't have to push the strings so hard to make contact & so make a chord note. Nothing quite like steel strings to give the tips of your fingers a hard time. Going to take a bit of time to build calissis up on those after the million years it has been since I played it. Naturally there was no way I was going to attempt to look for my primitive tuning whistle. I seem to remember loaning it to someone & never got it back. Now with modern technology & computers & the internet, which of course didn't exist back when I "tried" to play before. I did a google search & discovered you can get a guitar tuning phone app for free. So I promptly found one & went to download it & I didn't have enough memory left on my phone to do it. So I had to delete some videos to get some room back. There went two videos I took when I went to see Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) in concert a couple of years ago. I have them saved on my computer anyway. So that was ok. This app blew me away. It comes up with a needle graph on it that is like a clock face showing from 9 o'clock on the left through to 12 o'clock in the center at the top & on to 3 o'clock on the right. You have your 6 string notes starting with the top fat string E & on down A, D, G, B & the bottom thin E string. The one that snapped on me. With your phone on your knee you pluck whatever sting you want & if it is out of tune the needle will tell you. So if it is too low the needle will be between 9 & 12. It is then just a matter of tightening it up until it is bang on 12 & it is tuned. If the needle is between 12 & 3 then it is too high & you need to back it off down to the 9 side of 12 & the tension it back up until it is bang on the 12. It always pays to tune the string on the up tension than the down tension as the string will give to stretch on the down tension & lose its tune. With guitar tuned perfectly I was away. I actually got it pretty good in the first place from ear so I was tickled with that. I have the basics of chords & what is what. So on doing a google search I have ended up with Keith Urban giving me guitar lessons. That's pretty cool. 🀭 Just got the sore fingertips to get over now. Sorry about all that, but I am bored with this lockdown....Can only watch so much on Youtube. JW 🀠
  6. Isn't that the Nox 800? Which we already have, & with three coils. With the 6" coil on the Nox I find it very hard to seperate the two machines on tiny/small gold. Only the Nox gives way more options & is waterproof to 3 meters. Or is supposed to be. I haven't dared to try that though. JW 🀠
  7. I took my pet merino sheep for a walk. Must have scrubbed the ground too much. Wore the poor bugger down to the bone.πŸ˜‚ Actually, that photo was taken back in my early GPX 4500 days & just out of coincidence was almost the exact same spot that I hadn't been back to for 4 years. Until one of my very last detecting missions a couple of weekends ago, before we went into lockdown with this bloody virus thing, when I found that 7 grammer with the GPZ. You will notice how much shorter the grass was in that photo from 4 years ago compared to the next photo that was taken two weekends ago🀬& really messed with my detecting. JW 🀠
  8. Oh come on beatup...it is so obviously chocolate then...not manganese. Gezz, be hard not to eat them then.πŸ˜‚ Here is a bit of New Zealand chocolate covered hokey pokey rough "gold".πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ https://thehungarybuddha.com/2014/09/04/hokey-pokey-new-zealands-honeycomb-candy/ JW 🀠
  9. In my memory of detector manuals, most wanted you to keep the coil off the ground and there are different heights per model of detector, but 2" was mentioned many times. Now I know for a fact when my staff and I train customers, we want them to keep it as close to the ground as possible. The reality of it is, the ground type/structure I am sweeping over. If really rough ground with many rocks and cobbles, I'll keep the coil just above. If it is smoother ground, I like to let the coil slide across the ground. Now on occasion extremely hot ground is encountered and when GB'ing, I notice detector won't keep up, then I adjust the coil height to stay in the "happy medium". Another issue I run into with the 7000 and others. If it is really hot temperature outside and I don't want to wear headphones, then I'll lift the coil and set my bungee just above ground level, so I am not hearing the coil skid across the ground as the noise it makes does not allow me to hear the faintest of potential signals. Most folks who know me, will tell you, I prefer to wear headphones when using a GPZ, as the coil is usually making noise as it scuffs the ground quite regularly. Now when using other machines or chasing bigger gold or new ground, my mind is more in a cruise mode trying to find the indicator nugget. Then my coil is usually a little higher (1/2 to 1") off the ground. Like others have said and I feel the same way. In most ground I hunt with a 7, the 2" off is a loss of 2" in depth. But in reality, just like settings and threshold level, there is no right and wrong, just more of a what do you feel comfortable with. If you are happy with your results, then I'm happy for you. As for different coils and some other detector models? I have had units, that could not even be used scuffing the ground because the detector and coil would make to much noise. I myself attribute that to a bad coil. The Fisher GB-2, small 6" ellip coil had had a change when they moved from Los Banos, CA to Texas and for about a year, the coils being made, had a high % bad coils. I think I was on their shit list for a while, as I would send them back multiple coils telling them they were bad. They would argue with me saying the tested just fine. Now the coil has changed design, so that goes to show there was some issues, plus a few other things inside, but they have a handle on it now and those small gold grabber 6" ellip coils can be used on the ground. Bottom line: If you're not wearing out your coil cover, you are missing gold. So many very good relevant points in all of that Gerry. Very well put πŸ‘ You & I must be peas in a pod they way we think & operate. Had to laugh at that 🀣 I love that little coil on the GB2. Lucky I got a "good" one first off. Couldn't agree any more with that comment. If you "think" you have the settings right for the ground you are detecting, & you will know, then you will be confident & Mentally ground balanced in your own head, then you are psychologically in the zone & in a very good position to have a good day.πŸ‘ That is a gem, & me to a tee. With my GP & GPX's The coil covers I went through the most were the coiltek little 10 x 5 joey mono & the Minelab 11" commander mono. I even went through a few of those coils themselves as they got a LOT of use, & I aren't hard on my coils, but they would become bump & very touch sensitive over time which ended up driving me nuts. The ML coil was the worst for me on that front. But I loved that coil. With the Zed & its14" coil I was on to my 2nd skid plate & that was showing signs of wearing through. But that is what the skid plates are for & so I use them for scrubbing the ground whenever I can, which is often, to get as close to any gold as possible. I am on your page Gerry.🀠 Take care & best of luck out there JW🀠
  10. Not really. It is 10mm above any gold & that can make a difference. I guess the height thing comes down to how rocky or uneven the ground is so that you can maintain an even sweep motion without bumping protruding rocks & stuff & you aren't having to keep lifting the coil up & over obstacles continually. The Zed coil does not like to be lifted & tilted without giving a little protest warble. That is how I remember the ML 14" coil anyway. Hence maintaining a clean motion sweep with precise coil control & keeping the coil as parallel to the ground as you can & no sudden tilting or lifting. If that requires a certain distance off the ground then I suppose that is what it is. But if I can scrub the ground that is what I will do. JW 🀠
  11. I reckon you will find more gold if you scrub the ground as you are half an inch closer to the gold. Goes without saying in my mind. Mind you, I have always maintained that I aren't the sharpest tool in the shed. But a tool most definitely.πŸ˜‚ good luck out there JW 🀠
  12. In all honesty Peter, That sounds absurd to hold your coil 2 inches above the ground. Straight away you have lost 2 inches of much needed depth. What was the reasoning to holding it that high off the ground? It may be related to highly mineralised ground of which I have no experience with so that may be the reason why. Maybe someone else can clarify that for both of us. Best of luck out there JW 🀠
  13. Thank you JR. I enjoy the hunt regardless but it is nice to come home with a bit of colour. That 7 gram piece from the other weekend is about the best I can hope for.... but you never know your luck & that is the carrot that keeps us at it, outside of loving what mother nature puts on display for us when we are out there. There are something like 18, I think....might even be 21, designated public fossicking areas throughout the south island that are controlled by the Government department known as DOC, Department Of Conservation. They recognised there was a want & need for people to go out there to get among nature, camp & have a crack at finding a bit of gold for themselves. Apart from staying in a DOC campground, pretty basic set up, there is no costs or fees for the fossicking. All hand operated gear only, sluice box, panning, crevicing, detecting but no motorised gear such as water pumps, dredges & I suppose highbankers comes under that as well. You can of course legally apply for a dredging claim & many of the gold bearing creeks & rivers are all claimed up. There are four of these public fossicking areas in the immediate Queenstown area with a couple more that I know of that the claim owners have allowed people to fossick on certain parts of their claims. There are none in the north Island. So it becomes a matter of being a bit stealth & fly under the radar type thing to do it in the Coromandel region. It is an area of high numbers environmentally green, tree hugging, frog ares licking type people & they have a very strong following. But most people aren't too concerned about a bit of panning & boxing & fossicking if you are sensible about out. If you break out motors & pumps that will get some people on your case as happened to me on a couple of occasions. Hi there Mathias, Long time between drinks Nice to hear from you. Writing these up gives me something to do with my time during lock down as I can't/not allowed to go out detecting. I also have sheriff.... Mrs JW keeping an eye on me. So hey, no problem in putting them up. Glad you get something out of them. I know how much you like your gold hunting. πŸ‘ The guy who has them now told me the big one was a kilo. That makes it about 32 ounces at 1000 grams. I don't think he was right as I have seen two other nuggets of the same characters as these two & they were bigger. The big one of those had 28 ounces of gold in the specimen & the smaller one had 15 ounces. These two are not as big as those ones. I have compared the photos as I held those two bigger ones in my hand. I can't show those ones out of respect to the finder/owner as he has asked me not to. If you are ever back down in your old stomping ground or in QT look me up or get intouch. Best of luck out there & stay safe, stay isolated & save lives. Just might be your own. JW 🀠
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