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  1. kiwijw

    My Last Three Detecting Outings

    Hi Simon, Yes.....I have always maintained that rain has always given me an edge with my detecting finds, as you are well aware of. "Have a chat" that you got cornered by that time we went up the hill confirmed to you the same thing that day & it was the reason why he was heading up there. After a heavy fall of rain over night. As to the junk....you must have missed reading the part that after I got those first two signals that were gold, the next hour & a half was nothing but shotgun pellets. They would have been from more recent rabbit shooters. In fact I heard a shotgun going off as I was detecting. I then heard a vehicle & on looking up from the gully to the top of the spur the vehicle had pulled up on seeing me & we had a shouting match conversation due to the distance. He told me he was shooting, of which I had gathered. He hadnt gone far enough down the spur to see my wagon & Mrs JW & he asked if I would like a lift somewhere. I yelled out that my wagon was just further down the spur & thanked him anyway. Off he went & he would then of passed Mrs JW in my wagon. The farmer probably told him I was about. This gully is one of the more remote on the farm & the rabbit shooters dont often come this far over. But I told the farmer that this was where I was going to be going as he told me that he had moved the sheep from here. The beauty of having been over this ground so many times is that I have removed all the other type rubbish....long ago. Old shovel & pick heads, a couple of old pocket knives, Horseshoes, horseshoe nails, Hobnail boot tacks etc. So outside of shotgun pellets it is now usually gold. Mr Hemmingway, Thank you kind sir for your kind words & comments. You are very correct in me having a good relationship with the farmer & his wife & for all the reasons you mentioned. I know there have been others that just go on his land without his knowledge of them being there. Despite him giving me his phone number & email address I always like the personal approach & call in to see him & his wife. I either have to get there early before he is out on the farm, or at lunch time. He has always been very friendly & approachable. His wife wasn't initially & had a very cold shoulder but she has since warmed to me & now I am almost like family. It makes it a pleasure to stop in to let them know I am about on their farm & to have a bit of a catch up. It is never a problem when I call in. When I first started detecting on their farm I would give him some bits of gold. He would refuse them saying I see how hard you work for them out in the heat of the day (summer time) Or the cold in winter. You deserve them. One day I was detecting & I came across a rabbit shooter. We got talking & he told me how the farmers wife was quite partial to a drop of Glenfiddich Scotch Whisky. So when ever I got a good haul of gold I would buy a box of beer for the farmer & a bottle of Glenfiddich for his wife. When I first did this he wasn't going to have a bar of it & said no, you don't have to do that. But I insisted & said it is my appreciation of you allowing me free range on your land. I still do it & he still says that I shouldn't but I force it onto him. Which reminds me, with xmas coming up it is time to do it again. MMMmmmm that might be why his wife warmed to me. Mrs JW use to detect, & found a bit too. But the .22 shells & there lead bullet heads wore her down & she has given up. She still likes to tag along though & has also gone on some hell walks in with me which surprised me & I have to admire her for that. Even the first E-Mountain bike trip we did. I was amazed at how far she went before she cried out that she had had enough. Ok I did encourage her a few times when she first made noises of having had enough, & she carried on but I knew I was pushing the boundaries & I recognised that it wasn't going to be third time lucky. But I was impressed with how far she went. Coming down was easy. We were going up to find some old workings that I know are up there. Mrs JW said, "Aren't you taking a detector?" I said no I am just treating this as a reconoscience mission. The truth was that I knew she wouldn't make it all the way & I didn't want to carry all my gear in my big backpack all that way & not get there to use it. We were probably only half an hour from the first lot of workings but had already ridden for three hours up hill. So near & yet so far. Glad I didn't take my gear but it was fun. Thanks guys. Best of luck out there JW
  2. Depends on how big a scale you do the soaking & striping. Fill your bath up. Just don't jump in. JW
  3. kiwijw

    Deep Zed Specie!

    BLOODY nice. πŸ‘ They were pretty casual with their spade work. Obviously didn't have one of your picks Dave. Has there been any further developments on the smaller coil? Cheers. Good luck out there. JW
  4. Last Thursday/Friday we had some very consistent rain. Two days & two nights of pretty heavy rain. That is very unusual for the Queenstown area. It didnt seem that cold but when it cleared snow was low down in the hills. This from our front door. Still a bit cloudy. By late afternoon it had stopped raining so I decided to get out for a local detect. I ended up going back to the last little spot where I got 3 bits for .76 of a gram . With the wet ground I liked my chances of getting more off the same ground. I E-Biked in there & there was snow on the tops. This looking across to a lateral glacial moraine that has been cut through by that trickle of water over time. This trickle is usually dry & only flows with snow melt or heavy rain. Looking in the opposite direction more snow on the tops & schist bedrock in the foreground that has had gold in it. Despite my confidence the signals were not coming. I finally got a signal over some bedrock that I had detected the time before & had got nothing. This time it was a definite signal. The damp ground had brought it to life. Hacking into the schist bedrock & peeling it out before the signal finally had moved. It still took a bit to isolate it & get it in my hand. But gold it was. .22 of a gram. But that was it. Oh well....at least I beat the skunk. The next day Mrs JW was keen to go out somewhere. She had twisted her ankle badly & has been two weeks on crutches. She was sick of being cooped up inside & not able to get around very easily. She wanted a change of scenery & was content to just head off up into the hills. Even if it still meant just sitting in my truck. So off we went. I hadn't been detecting over this way for quite a while & the last two months has been lambing time so I had not really even considered it. I called in to see the farmer & to ask which paddocks to keep out of. He said the lambs were far enough advanced & I could go anywhere. So that was good. I was amazed to see how much snow they had over this way up in the hills. He told me that they had had 58mm of rain in the last two days. That is close to two & a half inches. The grass had gone mental so that wasn't going to be too good for my detecting. Good for the farmer though as this time of the year it can be pretty dry. I decided to go higher up in the hills where hopefully the grass growth hadn't gone too crazy. I got over to Doug's Gully, as l call it, & dropped down into it. Mrs JW had no phone signal down in the gully so I drove up to the top of the spur for her. Meant I had to walk back down. A few days earlier that snow in the background was all gone. Oh well.....down to the gully & the old turned over gully floor piles. I have detected this gully countless times with all my gold detectors & I usually always still come away with some gold. Albeit small bits these days. What would today hold? I was backing the wet conditions & damp ground to really help me out here. I took down the Zed & the GB2. I still have a soft spot for the GB2. It has found me numerous small bits down there but so to has the Gold Monster. But I chose the GB2 today. In fact I started with the GB2 as I wasn't feeling very confident with the Zed. On getting down to the gully floor & in all the times I have been down here I have never ever seen any water in this gully. Let alone any flowing water. There is a first time for everything. 5 minutes into it I had my very first signal. Could have been a shogun pellet. But it wasn't .03 of a gram. 10 feet away another signal. Purple flowers are wild thyme bush flowers. It is that time of the year. Another small bit of gold. Looking up the gully & the old turned over piles. Looking down gully I decided to detect down the gully. Nothing for an hour & a half but shot gun pellets. I worked my way back up to the Zed with no more gold to show. So I swapped over to the Zed & retired the GB2. It had saved a skunk any way. I wasnt too long in getting a nice mellow signal with the Zed. The photo doesn't do justice to the depth of the dig but it was a bit of gold. I was just detecting the old timer piles as I have done countless times before. The damp conditions were certainly giving me an edge today. Another signal. This looking up the gully & over a few of the old piles. Another bit of the good stuff. But small. .03 of a gram with the Zed & its 14" coil. I was on fire. The signals & gold kept coming off these piles And the signals kept coming As did the gold Looking down gully. The back filled hole to the right of the GB2 was the last piece. This the next piece & ended up being my last before heading out. All up 7 pieces for just .89 of a gram. 2 for the GB2 & 5 for the mighty Zed. The damp conditions helping me out again. The next day was my E-Bike mission with Simon of which you have had that story from Simon, Phrunt. These are the two bits that I ended up with. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  5. kiwijw

    Skunk Breaker

    Yep....only took the arrival of man to make that happen. I am probably not too sad that the eagle isnt around these days. Wouldn't want that taking me out while concentrating on my detecting. JW
  6. kiwijw

    Skunk Breaker

    Hi there Northeast, I thought it would take an Aussie to notice that & take a liking to it. You didn't disappoint. Good on ya mate. JW
  7. kiwijw

    Long Weekend Hunt

    Way to go Rockett. πŸ‘ Go back again after a bit of rain. Works for me. Good luck out there. JW
  8. kiwijw

    Skunk Breaker

    I found some photos of the bones I found 5 years ago when Mrs JW & I walked in there to detect. Mrs JW was using the GPX 4000 & I the 4500. Above the white monocoil & just to the left of that bush you will see a white thing in the bank. That is the bones. Hat & glasses for scale. This is part of the leg bone of a giant Moa. You can see that the right bone is broken in the middle. I didn't really want to disturb them & I had no way of protecting them to carry out in my backpack any way. So I left them there. But over the years it nored away at me that they will just deteriorate being exposed like they are. So at the beginning of this year I went back to get them before they were lost forever. My worst fears were realised. The bloody sheep had trampled all over them & they were not in good shape. I was spewing. I did take them but they are not as good as they were in the above photos. When I was there with Simon yesterday I went to have a further look. There were a few bone fragments but nothing worth taking so left them there. I was hoping there would be more of a skeleton or more of a skeleton but it was just those two main bones. Interesting though given the history of the Moa. It's Not everyday you come across this kind of thing. JW PS: Sorry Simon I have since gone back & got what was left of the bones at the beginning of the year. (Just saw your last post )
  9. kiwijw

    Skunk Breaker

    Hi Jim, This cave was discovered in 1870 by a goldminers son taking a shortcut to his father's claim. It contained many bones of long extinct birds. Namely the Moa which was a giant flightless bird similar to an ostrich or emu but taller again. There were several different species varying in size. They were hunted to extinction by the Maori. In the above photo of my back pack is almost the exact spot that I found the remains of a giant Moa leg bone that was sticking out of the bank. The Cave is not very far from this spot. There was also the Haast Eagle. The largest eagle in the world that lived on the moa. So once the Moa were extinct the Haast Eagle soon followed. Here are some links to it if you wish to have a bit of a read. New Zealand may be a small country but it had some big critters. Enjoy. http://hiddenotago.co.nz/adventure/central/earnscleughcave.html https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/03014223.1996.9517515 Moa bird https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2014/03/why-did-new-zealands-moas-go-extinct Haast Eagle JW
  10. kiwijw

    Skunk Breaker

    Hi Simon, A very good account of our day.πŸ‘ Nothing more for me to add, more so as I forgot my phone for photos Like you said I had a shocker of a forgetfulness day. Lucky my balls are in a bag. My biggest forget was my detecting gumboots. Those steel toe cap work boots were just pure grief. They were my problem under those power lines. I just couldn't believe there wasn't at least one bit of gold in all those old workings with my name on it. Especially as I had never been there before. That Bee Poo one you got was amazing. I had given up at that stage & was watching Simon scrape away at it while I had a smoko break. Not that I smoke. When we moved on I ended up detecting in my socks. That helped me untold. By the way Simon the ground wasnt that dry. I will add a few pics from some times before to this same area. This one is where we park the wagon & looking up to where we were headed. If you look hard to will see the big power line towers. This is about half way up looking back down to that little lake which is where the wagon is parked. We re visited these workings & it is where I took my boots off & started detecting in my socks. This was a time when Simon was using his Gold monster & getting about 5 thousand million shotgun pellets. The below pics are where I found my two bits & Simon got his 2nd bit. These photos were taken at a time that Mrs JW & I walked up to here. Like Simon said the ride back down on the E-Bikes was no more than 10 minutes. Good luck out there JW
  11. kiwijw

    Gonna Call It A Season.....

    Very well done oneguy. Good effort for your first season. And thanks for sharing your finds & adventures with us as they unfolded throughout your season. Thanks for the scenic pics & the wild lifeπŸ‘ Beautiful. Glad we don't have those kind of critters here in NZ. Simon & I just got back from an E-Bike mission. He used Mrs JW's bike. Was a hard day on the gold but we both managed two very small bits. Simon finally broke his gold skunk. I didn't take my phone, left it in the wagon & I am not sure what pics Simon took...apart from his gold finds. I meant to get one of him on the E-bike, but didn't. The day just flew. Cheers. Best of luck out there JW
  12. kiwijw

    Gold Monster 1000 Vs Whites Gmt24k

    That is a trait of many detectors. I was reminded myself again yesterday as I took the GB2 out for a spin & it constantly feel over. It did find two bits of gold. As does my Equinox & GM 1000. Most places I gold detect is mountain goat territory & so is difficult to get a bit of a flat platform to place the detector. The only reason the Zed doesn't fall over so much is the big anchor on the end of it.....that 14" coil The most stable detector when placed on the ground has been my Whites GMT. That wide, flat rectangle box takes a lot to roll over. πŸ‘ I do like what I hear & read about the 24k but there haven't been too many reports of gold finds out side of dealers & associates. They of course are pushing the detector for sales. It is all very well other people pumping a detector up in posts with talk, but that needs to be backed up with real out in the field results. Show us the gold.πŸ‘ Good luck out there JW
  13. What a legend Lunk....good on you mate. What a cool find. I have never received a gold nugget from Simon with a " Thanks for the invite" Just kidding Simon. JW
  14. kiwijw

    Gold Monster 1000 Vs Whites Gmt24k

    Lunk, How do you feel the Nox 800 compares with the 24k? Considering the Nox also has more onboard tools to customize the detectors performance in different situations. Unlike the GM 1000. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  15. kiwijw

    Long Weekend Hunt

    It is that too Fred...... The horse race is just an excuse for a big all day party. The ladies get all dressed up in their fancy outfits & big hats & parade & strut their stuff. There is a competition winner for that. https://www.google.com/search?q=melbourne+cup+best+dressed+lady+winner&client=firefox-b&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiE-f2flcbeAhWBeysKHdMrCTcQsAR6BAgAEAE&biw=1704&bih=966 Only the weather didn't play ball this year. JW