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  1. Have they, Lost Treasure magazine, actually made any comment as to why? Surely they owe that at the very least to their loyal "past" customers. JW
  2. Day two started with the same for breakfast as day one finished with dinner, but washed down with two cups of coffee. Shot of camp set up in among the long grass. Looking up the gully from standing right in it. And down the gully It is very unusual for the grass to be this lush at this time of the year. This is what it is usually like. These pics are actually at the exact same spot as my post. That rock Mrs JW is sitting on is the rock in front of my wagon in the above pic of my wagon. Any way.....after I had finished my breakfast I headed off with the Zed. Long story short....not a thing. Well no gold any way. So I went back & got the EQ 800 with its little 6" coil. Walking down & detecting the bald ground of a sheep track I got a faint hit. That big rock, which is cemented silcrete (sarson stone) that the Zed is sitting on center left. Had quite a bit of small tiny gold that the GB2 scored a couple of years ago. I went over it with the EQ 800 but nothing. On digging this signal from the EQ 800 I was expecting a shot gun pellet. But no....it was a sassy bit of gold. Not far down the gully & on the opposite side I hit a spot where I had got two bits with the Zed on my last time in here. To my surprise I got a faint hit. Could of course be a pellet That dirt pile bottom center was one of the bits that I got with the Zed the last time & the rabbits have dug out my back filled dirt. Little shits. You will see a rabbit hole left center, that was where my 2nd bit was that I got with the Zed last time. The Nox's signal is right where the coil is. Another small sassy bit of gold Back in the days of my GP 3000 I got quite a few bits of gold from around that rock & up on the top edges as well. Moving on down the gully bit further & on to another "old" hot spot of mine that I did well on with my 4500. I came to a high pile from the old timers. It is very bald & just crushed shattered schist bedrock that they dug down into from the gully floor & must have had a good amount of gold in it. Right up on top I got a faint signal. This looking back at it from a bit of distance. Gully floor to the left with the grass growth in it. Another little bit of gold for the Nox. Then things dried up for me. So I went & got the GB2 & went over the same areas that I had just been over with the Nox. It wasn't until I was back down to the above pile that I got a good hit with the GB2 at the base of the pile. It was weird as just next to the signal was a signal that I had got with the Nox that just turned out to be a bit of rubbish. I know for sure that I had the Nox right over this spot where the GB2 was giving me this very positive zip zip. The point of the pick is where the scrape was from the Nox & the bit of rubbish. The small hole by the GB2 coil is the positive zip zip from the GB2. You may be able to make out the little shard of gold in the scoop. If not. The deadly little GB2. 👍 Well that was the end of it for 2018. So all up, 3 for the Zed, 4 for the Nox & 1 for the GB2 for just over 2 grams. Unfortunately Mrs JW's mum passed away . It was unexpected but happened when Mrs JW was up there & holding her hand. Maybe that was meant to be. Mrs JW's brother had come over from Sydney on the very day she passed, so all three of Mrs JW's mums "kids" were present. So that was pretty cool...although sad of course. So I had a mercy dash to get up there for the funeral. The service was held in the same little church, which was built in 1874, where Mrs JW's parents got married in 1952. The coffin rested on the very spot where they exchanged their wedding vowels all those years ago. Sad but that was a nice touch too. The spot where they started their lives together & where Mrs JW's mum had her final farewell. Sorry to be morbid, but with that & then xmas right upon us is the reason I didn't get to do that last post adventure of 2018. Xmas I went over to the West Coast jet boating & bush camping. We had two days of perfect weather & then two days of light rain. The river rose 3 feet & was still rising so the next day we decided to bail. The extra water made for saver boating back down river but our launching area was under water for pulling our boats back out. We had to boat up a side river to another spot to get our boats out. The fun of it all. Of course Mrs JW didnt come over for that. So I headed back home, picked her up & we headed back to the West coast but this time went north up the coast further to see a friend & took our E bikes to do a new West coast Wilderness trail. The trail follows old gold mining water races & old timber milling tramway tracks. It was pretty cool riding through these old historic areas in the native bush. The start of a water race section The water race now takes water to feed a small hydro power station Crazy pressure That would get a pelton wheel spinning. Went past a plaque showing the Kanieri Bucket line gold dredge. There were heaps of these operating in NZ. This one continued on until 1982. Mrs JW on a section of the bush milling tramway track. Despite taking the three amigos, GB2, Gold Monster & EQ 800 I didnt do any detecting on the West Coast . Too much other stuff to do. It wasn't until the Saturday just gone that I went out for my first detect of 2019. It was a stinkin hot day & not very enjoyable. I even forgot to take my phone with me, so no pics. I managed just three small bits. All signals got with the Zed & two of those where pinpointed & recovered with the GB2. Once I had moved them & broken the halo effect the Zed lost them. After getting those three I headed off elsewhere for a bit of night detecting to get away from the flies & the heat. It was a spot where I wanted to try the Gold Monster & tiny gold on bedrock, but all I got was Simon's favorite. A pocket full of shot gun pellets. The Zed got its fair share of rubbish & damn pellets too. At least my first days detecting of 2019 wasn't a skunk. Oh....how can I not tell you that on the 22nd of December I went & saw Shania Twain live in concert in Dunedin. It was her final show of her "Shania Now" world tour of 88 shows. Mrs JW wasnt into it so I had to go all by myself. Center stage 9 rows back from the front. On that note I will leave you in peace. Best of luck out there for 2019 JW
  3. Hi guys, I never got around to posting what ended up being my last gold detecting adventure of 2018. Mrs JW had gone up north to spend time some with her aging mum & was gone for over the course of a weekend. So being home alone I made the decision to do a saturday overnight camping adventure to "Doug's Gully". You may recall in a post not long ago of a day trip Mrs JW & I made to this same gully & I made the comment that in all the years I have frequented this gully I have never seen any water in the gully floor, let alone any running water. Well that time with Mrs JW there had been two days of very heavy rain resulting in lots of flooding throughout Central Otago. On getting to this gully there was 4" of water flowing down this usually bone dry gully floor. You will notice snow on the hills in the background. Of course the grass growth had gone mental & I had been struggling to find gold here now. I have trashed it over the years but always manage to wrangle a few bits out of it. On this occasion I was betting on the wet & damp conditions to aid me on this quest. I wasn't disappointed & managed 7 little pieces before Mrs JW made noises about heading home. So I had unfinished business to do in there as I had not detected as much of the gully as I had wanted to when Mrs JW was with me. I know the hot spots & again we had had a bit of wet weather & I knew the ground would be damp & so hopefully carry on giving me the edge on the gold from where I left off last time. So with tent & gear on board & Mrs JW up north I headed off. I took with me the Zed of course & the three amigos, the high frequency VLF's. The Gold Monster, GB2 & the EQ 800 with 6" coil. I can drive right to this gully but it is a bit of a mission & has its moments. But I got there unscathed. The grass had gone even more crazy but the bonus of the damp conditions was that there were mushrooms everywhere. Ye Ha. I love those so after I had set up camp, I went for a wander & gathered a few up. I knew what was going to be on the menu for dinner that night & breakfast in the morning. After a cup of coffee I fired up the Zed & targeted that bald spot straight out from the tent. Which is an eroded old timers throwout pile from turning over the gully floor. I was going to have to target these bald spots due to the crazy grass growth. Not even two minutes into it I got a real faint signal. Digging down onto it, it lived on to a bit of depth. I tried each of the VLF's at about 6 inches. Not a peep out of any of them. Hmmmmm. You will notice an old back filled dig hole to the upper right of the scoop & also to the left of the GB2. They were small bits of gold from my last time in here when the water was flowing down the "creek" So I kept on digging & at about 8 inches there was still nothing from the VLF's. Bloody hell. The Zed was going nuts but I still didn't know if it was ferrous or not or where a bouts exactly it was in the hole. Finally I got a hit on the VLFs, well the GM & the EQ 800....just. Not the GB2 at this stage. I had to dig a bit more to get the VLF's to give me the nod of a non ferrous target. My hopes increased that it may be gold now. Finally at about 14 inches the signal was out. The scoop is 12 inches long. Was it a bloody .22 shell?? No..... Just over 1 gram. Ye Ha. I am picking that it was on edge to give the VLF's such a hard time in picking up on it. Here is a pic standing back a bit from the scene looking down the gully. You will see the long grass growing in the pit that the old timers had dug out & the resultant doughnut like circle of the dug out dirt tossed out around the perimeter of the pit. Hence they were called pot hole diggings. Along with other humps & bumps & holes up & down the gully from there activity. I would love to get a digger into that gully. Well....not two yards away I got an identical sounding signal & on getting down 12 inches & it was still in the ground my hopes were high. I didnt get the VLF's involved on this one as the digging was a bit easier & then the signal was out. You Bastard.🤬 The tip of an old timers pick. Even if the VLF's told me it was ferrous I still would have got it out of the ground just to get rid of it. BUGGER. Not far away on the edge of this bald spot up against a clump of grass growth I got another faint signal. It was getting down to about 6 inches before it was out. Pretty small for the Zed & that 14" coil. Still blows me away at the depth it gets this small gold. I got another small one with the Zed. I then thought I would give the EQ 800 a spin over that bald spot after finishing it with the Zed. I got a faint little hit with the EQ 800 in full max everything in the settings department & Multi IQ, Gold Mode 2 Down about 2 inches. Looks better a bit bigger. I called it quits for the Saturday on that one. So three for the Zed & one for the EQ 800. Had me some mushrooms to sort out for dinner. On top of a couple of bangers, baked beans & eggs. Washed down with a coffee. Doing it tough on the goldfields. I then wondered if I was the first to have camped here since the old timers. I doubt if anybody else had. to be continued: I need my beauty sleep. Good luck out there JW
  4. kiwijw

    XP Orx For Gold Nugget Detecting?

    Yes....I thought that would be the case & fair enough. 👍 I can't believe you sold your Zed....& now Northeast as well. What have you started? Of course you will have your valid reasons. I won't be selling mine anytime soon. JW
  5. kiwijw

    A New Zealand Claim

    This I believe is Paul Bennsman sniping on his claim in the Wakamarina River. Enjoy.
  6. kiwijw

    A New Zealand Claim

    Paul Bennsman wrote a book called Lost Gold, of which I have a copy. A real life lost gold story. A great read. http://www.pottonandburton.co.nz/store/lost-gold http://www.pottonandburton.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Lost-Gold-sample.pdf JW
  7. kiwijw

    A New Zealand Claim

    Quite a bit of money for a hobby & you still need the dredge & it is a long way from our area. There are a few claims up on trademe at the moment. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/SearchResults.aspx?searchString=gold+claim&type=Search&searchType=all&user_region=100&user_district=0&rsqid=07d50f2dd40a4b81b2c6bb5de2343950&generalSearch_keypresses=1&generalSearch_suggested=10&generalSearch_suggestedCategory= Our closest is the Cardrona just over the hill. I looked into getting a claim on that a few years ago but it had a sensitive fish issue & was out of bounds. So not sure how they managed to get a claim on it. Only has a 4 month season, most likely to do with the fish issue & has limitations. Has been heavily dredged in the past & even had a digger & screen operation back in the 1980's-90's. Was up for 80k now dropped to 60k. Anybody who knows anything about the Cardrona would be laughing. Still....I have found gold there detecting....but not for 60k thanks..... JW
  8. kiwijw

    XP Orx For Gold Nugget Detecting?

    I was going to mention that the EQ 800 was missing Steve from your list of over 30khz gold prospecting detectors. Northeast twisted my "arm" in now saying it. We really are very spoilt now for choices in the high frequency gold detector market & hence, is the world bored with high frequency detectors? On another note. I went out for my first detect of 2019 yesterday, our saturday. It was stinkin hot, the grass was long but drying out, but still a pain for getting the coil down close to the ground. I took my main machine....the mighty Zed & the EQ 800, GB2 & the Gold Monster. I kid myself thinking I will give each high frequency VLF its own little turn. Trouble is once I grab one of them I just tend to stick with that one. Reason being.....I find them all so close in performance.....more so that when I am mainly using the mighty Zed the VLF's are just my pinpointers. Yesterday when I grabbed a VLF to pinpoint a Zed target I chose the GB2. Mainly because it was the only VLF that had the coil cable connected to the control box & it was just a matter of turning it on & I was in business straight away. It then dawned on me that the GB2 is instantly going as soon as you turn the on/off volume knob on. You don't have to wait for it to wined up like you do with the GM or the EQ 800. I know it is only a second or two & something pretty trivial but despite technology & these latest high frequency VLF's of today, I still find myself drawn to the GB2. I find it so simple & deadly & I love its bulletproof little coil & no nonsense controls. Like I said earlier, I find them all so close in performance that it really doesn't seem to matter which one I use. My last detect of 2018 & l used the EQ 800 with 6" coil as my pinpointer for a Zed dig & it did the same job just as well as the GM & GB2 would have. In fact once I had it in my hands I went for a bit of a wander & found numerous small bits of gold with it. I didn't end up doing that post but will now. Sorry to digress from your original thread. I know I can be a bastard for doing that but I get on a roll & away I go. Someone mentioned the world being bored with high frequency detectors & I jumped on that bandwagon with how spoilt we are for choice & how close they all are in performance. I will bugger off now. Good luck out there JW PS: I found three small bits yesterday. Better than starting the year with a skunk. 👍
  9. Be nice to see a photo of it hint hint.......or several. JW
  10. That may be the case but I don't think you can come upon an "easier" way to find gold than strolling over the ground at a leisurely pace, than with a detector. The "hardest" work is digging & backfilling your dig hole or scrapping out a crevice. You don't need to spend time & money moving mountains of over burden or burrowing into the bowels of the earth through hard rock & then having to process the ore. That is the realm of the big boys & lots of money. Not your individual lone prospector. These days machinery does a lot of the hard work, unlike in the early days. I think we have it pretty easy. Look at the amounts of large gold found by the individual in more modern times when detectors did come out. Good luck out there JW
  11. kiwijw

    Your Gold Goals ? 4 The New Year...

    Damn....is that where I dropped it? JW
  12. kiwijw

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    What crime are you going to commit to get re interred to the penal colony? Be careful, they might send you to Tasmania. JW
  13. kiwijw

    Last Gold Of 2018

    Beautiful pieces of gold Chris. What a way to finish 2018. Yep....got to think outside the square. All the best for 2019. JW
  14. kiwijw

    A New Plan For 2019

    MODDED SDC Norvic.....please tell us more about the mods. Cheers. @ phoenix. I am always in awe at the large 5 cent pieces you manage to find. Love the clarity & detail of your pics on the smaller bits mate. 👍 Good luck out there guys for 2019 JW
  15. kiwijw

    Unknown Nugget

    Jim brings up an interesting point about it being melted aluminium. I may have missed it in reading the threads, but have you weighed it? There will of course be a huge difference between aluminium & lead for the size of its mass. Gold & platinum a lot heavier again than lead. Keep us posted.👍 Good luck out there JW